A momentum shift

We took care of business the way we needed to tonight. The reporters were asking if we made a statement tonight. No statement. It’s just baseball. Now it’s over and we come back tomorrow and try to even the series. What happened with the brushbacks, it’s part of the game. It happened. I don’t know if it was on purpose or not. Emotions can get out of whack when games are this important. Both teams did a good job not escalating it further.

Right now, we’re in a totally different situation than we were when the day started. I won’t say today was a must-win, but we’ve switched the momentum to our side. The two games in Philly, we didn’t play our game. We weren’t aggressive. Tonight we played our style of ball.

It was great to see the fans come out tonight and stay until the end. They had a lot of energy, they weren’t down because of the two losses, they weren’t distraught. They were behind us the whole game. I hope tomorrow they’re behind us the same way.

We’ve got Derek pitching tomorrow. I wasn’t aware of that until tonight. We’re going with the three-man rotation and all three of them have been there for us all year. They’ve been so consistent. It’s up to the offense to respond and put some runs on the board like we did tonight.


  1. bruinlove3

    Hi Andre!
    first, congrats on the win tonight! that was the definition of dodgers baseball! glad that i was there to experience the great win, and will be there tomorrow again to cheer you guys on! the first inning was key, and thats the kind of dodgers that i remember! i’m glad that the little scuffle did not escalate into something big, we need ALL OF YOU GUYS and cannot afford to have anyone suspended at this point. us dodger fans will always be there for you and the rest of the team win or lose. kuroda pitched great today and i hope d-lowe is on his game tomorrow!
    see you at the game tomorrow!

    Cynthia (ethierholic and dodgers fan for life!)

  2. gopedpunk87@yahoo.com

    Nice job tonight !

    I think that your first inning single was a major momentum shifter. You put Moyer on his heels and we all know who bats after you so you really rattled him

    Great job tonight to you and all of the dodgers I cant wait untill we take it all the wayy so i can make fun of all my friends that are Angel fans ! ! ! !

    GO DODGERS ! ! ! !

  3. Dodger4life

    Way to go Dodgers, way to push them Phillies back. Lets come out in game 4 firing on all cylinders once again. Keep on fighting,we will do this!!!! WE BELIEVE!!!!GO!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!

  4. rosemary_tobias@hotmail.com

    hey Andre!!! great job tonight…..like I wrote a couple of nights ago, the only thing that sucks about this series is that your next champagne shower won’t be at dodgers stadium!!!! it’s ok though, you might even enjoy it even more being in the visitors’ locker room!!!!! : )))
    xoxoxo rosemary….one of many ethieraholics!!!!

  5. sunshine43

    Hey Andre!! Great game tonight! And even better … it’s great seeing you put up so many posts during the post-season!!! Keep up the posting and keep the post-season going!!

    P.S. When are you (or Josh) going to update your player profile? I’m sure you’re no longer expecting your first child šŸ˜‰

  6. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    hey andre! i was at the game, and had a blast.. i’m glad you felt the crowd because that means we did our job as fans! i will be there yet again tomorrow, and i’m sure the place will be rockin’ even more than it was today!! we did a good job jumping on moyer early, and we certainly need to do the same to blanton tomorrow.. let’s get out there tomorrow and even this series! šŸ™‚

  7. chillicat

    So proud of the way you all handled yourselves in a very tense situation… We were screamin’ and yellin’ all the way up here in Lompoc when they hit Russ, and when the verbal throwdown happened! lol
    Anyway, you can bet us fans will be behind you guys, even if we aren’t at the stadium!
    Take good care, and Go Dodgers!!!

  8. junkyardjamie

    Great win tonight!!! We loved seeing the fire in all of you tonight. Come back tomorrow and do the same thing and the Dodgers start from scratch 0-0. Get some well deserved rest, and best wishes for a great game tomorrow.
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!!

  9. mexfreak86@gmail.com

    I was so glad with the outcome of the game! You guys showed the Phillies that they are in Dodger Stadium now! Can I hope for more of the same tomorrow? I will be in class when the game starts but believe me I will be checking my phone every five minutes. Here is another Sun Tzu quote:
    “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
    Hope it helps. Peace.

  10. ethierndme

    CONGRATS ON TODAYS WIN! šŸ™‚ take one game at a time, and come back to win it! šŸ˜‰
    p.s. let the dodgers be the first to win at their home! woott!
    ohh and good luck tomorrow. i’ll be watching!
    your biggest fan ever

  11. trublu4ever

    Andre ~ great game last night. I knew you guys would come through……..you’ve been coming back strong all year. Please tell your teammates that I wish them a great game tonight and, you will hear me cheering for you all the way from the Central Valley!

  12. dodgerloge106

    Economic chaos, dwindling 401ks, interminable campaign for President, yada, yada, yada.

    But we got something nobody else has: we got the Dodgers! We got a fearsome line-up, pitching forever, awesome defense and Vin Scully! You guys already took us way past where we thought we were gonna end up (back in the days when we were jonesing for a hitter). Every game from now on is pure gravy. Icing on the cake! Sure, we want the prize, but we already know you guys are champs!

  13. i luv 16

    ~Andre~ It was a good game yesterday but whats up with victorino DRAMA the ball was not even close to his head but he acted like their players were getting hit consistentley. They better leave Martin alone today I didnt see Martin being a drama queen or how about when they do it to Manny Are players take it like real men If they want to give it they should be ready to take it!!!Ill be there tonight ill be the loudest one there cheering for you like I always do..GOOD LUCK DODGERS XXXXXX OOOOOO

  14. heartruss

    Andre!!! Great job Dodgers! The momentum is back on our side. The game last night is Dodger baseball at its best. We were all so into the game. I stood up most of the time, who needed a seat?? All I could think of was that there never is a dull moment at Dodger Stadium. We were loud!! I told you would would all be there and then some. I can’t believe there were 56,800 strong. Interesting since they tell me that 56,000 is a sellout crowd. Where did the other 800 sit?? Like you said, tonight is another night and there is business to be taken care of. Sweep at Dodger Stadium comes to mind. I hope that when the Dodgers are the National League Champs, that they arrange a huge rally again at Dodger Stadium so we can welcome you guys back in style!! Put a bug in Mr. McCourt’s ear please because we will be here in LA waiting for you!!! Maybe Mr. McCourt will give us all champagne!! We are so proud of you, Andre. You have showed true sportmanship throughout he season. You are a true professional. Many of us have followed you this season and are proud to be Dodger fans. Thanks, Love Cat GO DODGERS

  15. monicav03@hotmail.com

    Hey Andre last night game was great. You guys showed them. Just a note Dodger Fans ALWAYS have your back. Their is no doubt about that. GO DODGERS!!!

  16. acardona16

    hey Andre,
    GREAT GAME!!! “tonight we played our style of baseball” absolutely!!! I’m so happy the fans were loud for you guys!! they wouldn’t be dodger fans if they weren’t loud!! hehe! my dad once made a comment about dodger fans he said “dodger fans are the most loyal fans! cause no matter what happens in the game they stay till the very end and they are always screaming!!” i couldn’t agree more!!! well i wish you guys the best of luck!!! i hope i can make it to a game!! thanks for doing this “post season blog” it really make us fans feel more connected with the team!! we appreciate it! šŸ™‚ GO DODGERS!!!!

    your fan, Amy
    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!!

  17. thinkingblue

    GREAT GAME! You guys were awsome. The fans are with ya’ win on loose. They were there yesterday and they will be there today. WE WILL GET LOUD! The game was over during the 1st inning…yup you boys came with your mighty bat and the Phillies had no choice but to try a scare you guys….Sorry Phillies…DON’T MESS WITH THE DODGERS! Our Pitchers were great…KURODA, WADE & BROXTON…good job…and all our batters…well you guys were taking care business.

  18. andchanged

    It seems the first flash of action in this game has equipped the media with many different variations of the story up for option. This wasn’t really a huge deal! Quite the opposite; this became one of the most fair ball games I’ve ever seen : )

    It did sort of remind me of kindergarden, tho’.

    As for Manny, I do not think Manny is the type to throw punches. And it seems the lasting image of this game in the memory books will be the barrage around manny.
    Did they forget about Coco Crisp and Shields Sox vs. Rays already?

    *Kuroda’s ball was a rising fast ball. I talked to a friend who is into fantasy baseball and he gave me the dimensions of the pitch trajectory. There’s no way the ball would’ve hit Victorino. No matter what intent he may have had, he clearly used the logic that the rising fast ball high wouldn’t have hit him. It wasn’t windy : )
    O.k. Enough! You guys are so nice. I’m from Milwaukee, and I’d have to say the Brewers are some of the nice guys… This doesn’t mean we can’t play hard, but it’s always been sort of a Milwaukee thing (???)
    Someday, I’d like us to have more confidence like you have, while still remaining the laid-back nice-guy team. I think the Dodgers are the tightest team I’ve seen, while most people, tired, kind of fall apart a bit. Good teams like the Cubs fell apart even a few weeks before the play-offs.

    I can’t wait to watch the ultimate sinker!!! Go, ‘Dre!

  19. amyw27

    Andre- it was so fun last night. I should have stayed at home resting with the flu I have, But I couldn’t stay away from my very first NLCS home game. I wasn’t able to stand up or cheer for you guys, it was more like miming with my fist pumps in the air as I was wrapped up in my blanket and scarf. I’ve been to about 30 home games this year and there was no way that I could not continue my support for the Boys in Blue.
    I am happy that I didn’t miss such an exciting game. It was nice to see real Dodger baseball being played and showing the Phillies that we mean business.
    Kuroda pitched beautifly, as well as Wade and Brox. I am good with the 3 man rotation because of the amount of rest in between games. I love this team, I love L.A.
    See you tonight (I do feel somewhat better). I wouldn’t miss Dodger baseball for the world. If that doesn’t show you how much your Fans are behind you, I don’t know what will.
    GO Dodgers!!!

  20. luv4dodger


    Great game last night!! So many glad you guys came up with the win! Good to see Raffy back and playing like before he got injured. Take the momentum from last night’s game and woop some more Philles butt!!


  21. geologychick@yahoo.com

    Awesome job all around for you guys! Thanks again, Andre, for making me a fan of Dodger Baseball! Win tonight!

  22. mexfreak86@gmail.com

    Hey Andre,
    I guess you’re not posting tonight. The whole team played hard tonight and I cannot ask for anything more. I am proud to see the whole team played with fire tonight just like yesterday. Play with that same fire on Wednesday and I will be a happy fan.

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