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A sour start

It was exciting to get this series started. I know, the first game didn’t go too well. But I’ve got to say, there’s a hoopla in this city I wasn’t expecting. I felt it last night, when I went out to dinner with Hong-Chih Kuo and Takashi Saito to a Japanese restaurant in town. Had some pretty good sukiyaki. You could see this city is pumped up for this series. I was taking it all in, while still trying not to get caught up in it all. Joe reiterates through all of this how he never got the chance to play in postseason as a player and you never know how many other opportunities you’ll get, so enjoy it.

The outcome tonight wasn’t so enjoyable. Utley’s home run, that was a pop-up. But that’s the advantage of playing in a field like this. It is what it is. We made a mistake and they capitalized and used the field to their advantage. On Utley’s ball, I thought I had a good bead on it, then I looked at the fence and thought I didn’t have a chance, then it started coming down but was carrying and it snuck in two or three rows deep.

And Manny, he hit a ball to the highest, farthest point you can hit a ball here and it’s a double. That’s the way it goes here. This park is quirky. There are a lot of things about it. There’s Plexiglas that you can’t even see unless you’re right in front of it. There are balls that you don’t even know if they’re in play. Joe just told us everything’s a live ball until you’re told otherwise.

Tonight leaves a sour taste in your mouth. To score two runs in this ballpark, two runs are not enough in this park, not even when the game seems to be in your hands. We’ll have to do better tomorrow. We have to win a game here sometime if we’re going to win the series. It’s best to do it now.