November 2008

Back in the saddle…

Well, it has been a while since I last updated my blog with a new review, but you’ve got to understand that it was a hectic last two months of the season. From us chasing the playoffs and holding on to be the NL West champs, to us starting playoffs and being on the road to start both series.

The season was a lot of fun we did have many “downs,” during but definately had more “ups” when it counted and just came up a little short. This was my second playoff experience and the first that I got a full taste of what its like to play on that stage.

The Cubs series was a blast. Many people doubted that we could go in there and take care of arguably the best team in baseball, but we were not lacking confidence when we marched into wrigley and won that first game. You could say it was our momentum from ending the season that helped us, but I’ve got to give some of the credit to T.J. Simers for reminding us everyday a month prior to the playoffs that “this organization had only won one playoff game in the last 20 years” (no pressure). It was nice to come back home with a two-game lead and win the series in front of our home crowd and allow them to enjoy the accomplishment.

Next up was Philly. I know it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but what can you say? They were the hottest team at the right time and played unbelievable ball in the month of October. They made all the plays they had to and the ones they didn’t. They deserved to win that series  with the way they came together at the end. There are many things one could say we could of done differently, but we ran into a buzz saw. But for those of us returning, we are a year wiser and playoff tested to try a make another run in ’09.

Now that I am out of breath, I would like all my faithful readers and ones who might occasionally glance to know I will be starting soon a Spring Training review here in my hometown of Phoenix —  some of my fave spots in the desert to grab a good bite. I’ll try to make most of them around other Valley Spring Training sites, but btw I don’t do Tucson.

Hopefully this will give you guys a chance to plan ahead and get excited for the ’09 season. I’m not gonna lie — I love the off time and being at home but the itch to put on those Dodger blues is growing in my belly already. So let me be the first to welcome everyone to my hometown, where I grew up and the best place for Spring Training. Can’t wait to see you guys in February.