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That was the longest flight of the year. We ran into 110-mph headwinds that made the flight six hours long. I had a whole row and had three TV screens going and one of them has the in-flight status and I’m playing a puzzle and it seems like forever and I look at the screen and we’re not even over Nebraska. I finally fall asleep and six hours after we take off I’m bounced awake by a very turbulent final approach. I mean, I started saying my prayers.

But here we are at the workout and I’m glad we’re home. I’m not happy with the situation, we didn’t win a game back there in Philly, but we’re back in our park and they haven’t beaten us here. We know we can beat them here and get this series back on a better note.

On the flight, there was some discussion about the way we played in Philly. There was some venting and some frustration, mainly that we didn’t execute and take care of business back there.

We need to come out tomorrow night with the swagger and the chip on our shoulder and know we can beat these guys and know we’re a better team. We believe that and we have to have that in our minds. We have to show no doubt, show that we’re not intimidated or fearful. We have to play like it’s zero-zero, even though it’s not. What’s happened in the past is over.



  1. parajess

    Yeah, its a situation im sure no one is happy to be in, but like you mentioned, they havent won at good ol’ chavez ravine this year, and why change that now? winning all these games at home would turn the series completely around and im confident you guys can make some magic happen. Good luck Andre to you and the team, see you sunday night. -Jessica .O [Los Angeles]

  2. littleluna02@hotmail.com

    It sounds like you had a tough flight, but I’m glad you and the team came back home ok. lol. I know you guys are going to do an awesome job. You guys are great plus you have tons of fans behind you, including me, ha ha. Good luck tomorrow and have a good night! :o)

  3. bbarragan1@csu.fullerton.edu

    Andre the Giant-
    You guys got this. Everything comes down to pitching. We need to keep putting the press on there pitchers to throw strikes, dont chase pitches. Meyers pitching was’nt to impressive, got some lucky hits….. we got home field advantage now. YOU GOT THIS …..

  4. leahthinksblue

    Hi Andre – I just discovered your blog and it’s great. That sounds like a crazy flight. I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow and I think you guys will turn things around back here in LA. Good luck!

  5. rubella

    I’m glad you guys are back. The last two games were heartbreaking, but as the saying goes “Things have gone wrong, but let us go on.” Y’all have the potential for greatness, so chin up! And hey Andre, give Chad a big gay hug and kiss on the cheek from me to him– Friday ended poorly, but I know he tried his darndest. Good luck, and just win, baby!

  6. heartruss

    Andre..you are back in LA where you have the best fans in baseball. We believe in you. I know that the Dodgers are capable of winning, especially in our ballpark. I missed you but now you are back and all of you will do your job and win. I thought it would be a struggle in Philadelphia since we were swept before there but they have not won here either. So tomorrow they will succumb!! We will win all three games and then on to the World Series! I know that you will see how much your fans support you tomorrow because we will be loud and on our feet just like the game where we clinched the division. I never sat down. This year has been exciting. Thanks to you Dodgers for playing your heart out all year. I am so glad that I am a Dodger fan.
    Love Cat

  7. heartruss

    oops, Andre, I know we have to go back to Phillie and finish the series but by then we will be on a roll and win!! GO DODGERS!

  8. relmsq@hotmail.com

    Andre GO GET THEM on Sunday !!! I’ll be rooting for my boys in BLUE from home!
    I’ve been an ETHIER fan since day one and I actually just discovered the blog, I love reading every post!!!
    Best wishes!!!!

  9. dodgers16ethier


    You’re back home. Glad you boys made it here safely!

    I know the past few games have been tough but I know you guys are capable of beating those Phillies! Especially know that you’re home, where the most amazing fans are.

    Good luck tomorrow!

    – You’re biggest fan, Michelle!


  10. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    aww.. sorry to hear about the rocky flight.. that’s no fun 😦

    the ravine will be rockin’ tomorrow.. i know you guys will make us proud. i’ll be there screaming for you boys! good luck, play hard, let’s beat those phillies!!

    love, SARA

  11. cpompe1

    Hey Andre!
    That sounds like a very scary flight back home. I’m glad that everyone is okay. Just relax and have fun. Remember what Joe told you! Enjoy yourself; not many players get to play in the playoffs!

    Go get them Phillies!!!

  12. trublu4ever

    Andre ~ I’m so glad you guys are okay after that awful flight. Intersting that you were discussing the two Philly games, on ITD so were we! The Dodgers are a better team and you will prove it starting Sunday. Cpompe1 is right, just relax and enjoy yourself. Every other team in the National League West is on vacation and the Dodgers are playing for a chance to go to the World Series. I am always behind you guys. Just want to say again how I appreciate you taking the time to write all these intersting observations.
    ……..Certified Ethieraholic

  13. ethier16

    I’m so confident that you guys will for sure take the next 3 at home. The home crowd will be cheering you guys on, im sure that’ll pump you guys up. And like Pac said “Smile, keep you head up”. Cus it aint over till its over!!

    Ps. Lets say a fan were to get a tattoo of you or something to do with you. Would you feel honored? Or would you think that’s ‘stalkerish’? I really need to hear your thought on this……..


  14. junkyardjamie

    Sorry about your flight. I hope you were watching something fun, and what kind of puzzles do you do to pass the time? Suduko and Cryptograms are my favorites. Speaking of TV, didn’t you do a segment for the Chef Jeff Project on the Food Channel? That show starts tomorrow, and it sounds like a very good show. I can’t wait to see it. Anyhow, I wish you and the Dodgers all the best in tomorrow’s game. You will have a house full of Dodger fans who bleed Dodger blue, and then there is the rest of us who will be there in spirit shouting to the rafters in our homes. Go out there and have fun Andre!!!!!
    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and an Ethieraholic!!!!!

  15. acardona16

    hey Andre,
    sorry to hear your flight wasn’y so good! i know exactly how you felt!! I’m in hawaii right now (i’m coming home/LA tomorrow night) and the flight over here was terrible!! 5 and a half hours!! i was stuck by a window with two strangers sitting next to me who didn’t speak english, and i had a little boy kicking the back of my seat!!.. ALSO it was the worst turbulence i’ve ever experienced on a flight before!! so yeah when you say “saying my prayers” i know exactly what you mean!! haha!! but I’m glad you guys are back in LA and i can’t wait to come home and cheer you guys on!! keep your chin up!! and thank you for shearing your thoughts on everything!! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!! GO DODGERS!!!!

    your fan amy,
    Ethieraholic and Dodgers fan for life!!!!!

  16. cpompe1

    Sorry Andre, I have to do this again…

    Okay, to Philly fans. Instead of posting a comment on Andre’s forum where it is TOTALLY inappropriate and then leaving, come over to the Dodgers’ OFFICIAL blog, Inside the Dodgers, and talk to us. I am normally a very positive person, but if you want to spew your rhetoric, then do so on the Dodgers’ official blog:

  17. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Andre– Tomorrow will be the day we look back upon and say it was the day we turned this series around. You guys have faced adversity all year just to get to this point. The D’s have the right stuff to get to the WS!!! Good luck tomorrow night!! All LA and ITD are behind you!!!

  18. bluecrewgirl

    Andre, glad you all landed safe and sound. Good luck to you and the entire team tomorrow. Life goes by fast, so just relax and enjoy every moment of the experience. You guys have what it takes to go to the big show, just take it one at bat at a time. We’ll all be cheering you on every step of the way.

  19. junkyardjamie

    Please forgive these Phillies fans from acting like the first graders I teach, which in most cases the first graders have more class than this. You are the type of person who would do that – forgive them for being such jerks. Once again, have a wonderful night, and remember we are all cheering to the reaches of the heavens for this beloved Dodger team. Win or lose Andre, you guys are the best!!!!!


    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and an Ethieraholic!!!!

  20. acardona16

    wow!! i just read those posts that those phillie fans left!! how immature!! Andre, don’t pay attention to those guys! they’re just scared cause they know we’re gunna KILL them in LA!!!! GO BLUE!!!! i can’t believe they did that!!! that was just a low blow!! trublue, cpo, Dnelly YOU GO GIRLS!!!!! ANDRE we’re all stickin up for you guys!! like i said they’re just scared!!!

    your fan amy,
    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!

  21. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    andre, like all the girls have said.. don’t mind anything those moronic phillies “fans” posted.. they’re on you and our boys today.. but we win a game or two, and they’ll be back to screaming at their own players! they are the most fickle fans ever.. and who would want to play for a city that’s ready to jump down your throat for the simplest mistake.. they might sound supportive of their team now, but wait until they lose to us at home, they’ll be back bashing their own team.. they’re NEVER satisfied..

    you already know how we all feel about you and the rest of our team, and you know that we aren’t abandoning you because of a few mistakes or losses.. we will win at home! we believe in you 🙂

  22. dodgereric

    Now, now, now. All of us dyed-in-the-wool Dodger fans are just a little impatient. After all, it’s been 20 years since we won it all and that’s been a dreadful dry span for us. We’re used to success and I think we have to give our Philadelphia brothers a little slack here. After all, how would you feel if OUR team was the first team in MLB history to LOSE 10,000 games? I know that the Dodgers still have almost 1,000 losses to go before we get there, but you have to remember that we’ve only been a team for 124 years, not 125. So we do have an advantage there.

    And you all know how anxious we are after our 20-year dry spell. How would you feel if we had only won ONE in 125? Why, you’d probably be as bitter and miserable as……….THEY ARE!!!!


  23. ninig17@yahoo.com

    Hey ANdre

    Like the the girls said ….the philly “fans”… are so imature and they are jealous….. dont listen to them…. they are so scared because u guys are gonna kill them at DODGER STadium and shut them up and win in there park …. They should be scared of u guys right know and they should be because the DODGER FANS will give u guys confidence and energy u guys need to beat them….just take things on at-bat at a time and just relax and play baseball like u guys have all year…!!!! and the most important thing is to have fun ….. when u guys are having fun …. EVERYONE HAS FUN….we will be cheering for u guys all the way even if we are not at the game… we will be on our feet the whole game.. DODGERS R THA BEST TEAM EVER….. ANd they have the best supporting fans in all of BASEBALL….
    WE ALL BLEED TRUE BLUE… and we are gonna sweep thses guys out of town….
    DODGER FAN FOR LIFE……. no matter what we support u guys 100%….
    go DoDgErS!!!!….. hugs to all DODGERS…

  24. ninig17@yahoo.com

    hey Andre
    PS… We will defend u guys against anything and everyone…… GO dodgers…..u guys are the best team in the World with the LOUDEST FAnS Known to man.we will show u guys how loud we can be and how much we support u guys..^_^…

    DODGERS all the way

  25. i luv 16

    Andre~ Good to hear you guys are back safe.Good luck tomorrow.Im sure its been a exciting year with the birth of your son and now the championship.

  26. chillicat

    Hey Andre… I wish all the best for you and the guys tomorrow. Hope you all had a good practice today and are able to get some good rest for tomorrow night!! Go Dodgers!
    Can’t Stop the Blue!!!

  27. andresfan

    i love your guys set of mind. thats how im thinking of it, zero-zero. the line up was great in phillie put all the best batters in the middle then get everyone on base, and hit a few rbi’s(: you guys did great that way. were all rooting for you. good luck tonight, at the end of the night it’ll be 2-1 for suree. god bless you guys and good luck. love you andre(:

  28. dmcadams@ymail.com

    Sorry you had a rough flight back. Glad you and the
    team are back o.k. Can’t wait for the game Sunday
    night! I know The Dodgers are going to win it Sunday
    night!! GO DODGERS!!! GO!!! GO DODGERS!!!
    I read in our sports section that Nomar will be playing
    Sunday. I wish I could thank Joe Torre. Nomar is a great
    player. He can help you win this game. I’m glad he’s in. Also, once again I wanted to thank you for writing down your thoughts for us fans. I think if I had a rough flight, I would have thought, the heck with it -I’ll do it sunday. You do so much for your team and the fans. Take Care. Donna

  29. colliethec

    Hey there Dre! No worries from Philly fans popping off on the blog. They haven’t won anything yet and I’m sure you heard worse there at the stadium.
    Down 0-2 is nothing. You didn’t have to split there and that is in the past anyway!
    Just remember we only need to win today.
    Focus on today and know that you have your fans behind you!!
    We love you guys! Go get em Dre & the Boys In Blue!!!!

  30. homesbuybrent@yahoo.com

    Sad, you erase other peoples messages. Have any dodger fans looked at the stats for 0-2 series defecits? Not very good at all. Hey Dre, there is always next year. The dodgers are frauds. The Phils own them and will be in the World Series! Phils in 5. Dodger fans are looking out of blue shaded sun glasses. Once the Phils take a 3-0 lead I look forward to your excuses.

  31. luv4dodger

    I had a dream last night about the Dodgers!!! I have a good feeling and know you all will bring your A game. Lets take the next three in LA!! Good luck today!! Hit a homerun!!!


  32. colliethec

    Hey there Brent. Stats for teams being down 0-2 really doesn’t matter at all. Just past stats.
    What does matter is it isn’t over and you’re popping off for a team and city that hasn’t won jack!
    I know you guys are all just bitter because of that. But thanks for the chatter.
    Why don’t you come on over to Inside The Dodgers as that is where there is more discussion and you’ll be able to reach more Dodger fans with your comments!
    Go Blue!!!!

  33. homesbuybrent@yahoo.com

    We shall see…. Looks like the Dodgers cant get it together and clearly the Phils are the better team. Look at the records. Also lets not forget how your top 2 pictures were shelled by the Phils. Phils have better relievers and better offense. Phils in 5! I look forward to talking to you after the Phils are up 3-0 but im sure you wont be back like a true Dodger fan.

    GO PHILS!!!!

  34. crzblue2

    Good luck Andre and to the rest of our Team!
    Go Blue! Go Dodgers!
    We Love our Team!
    Getting ready now to get to the stadium. I will be there outside waiting for the gate to open as usual with the rest of the fans that I regular fans I see there arrive early. Media should take pictures at all the entrances to see that lof of us arrive early.


  35. trublu4ever

    Brent ~ if you’re a believer in your fantastic Phillies, why 5 games……….you must think we are capable of winning at least 2………not really much confidence in your own team.

  36. homesbuybrent@yahoo.com

    Hey Trublue,
    I think the Phils are better as proven so far in this series. I also am realistic and think the dodgers will win 1 of the next 3. The Phils will however, be in the World Series! Better luck next year Dodger fans!!!!!

    GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!

  37. trublu4ever

    Brent ~ you are right about the series so far. But, it is only two games. This is the best of seven and remember we know how to bounce back after losses. We also have two things your team doesn’t……….Manny Ramirez and Joe Torre.

  38. homesbuybrent@yahoo.com


    I will give you Manny, he is a great player but he is only 1 player. The Phils have better relievers and better offense. Phils win the series!

    GO PHILS!!!!

  39. trublu4ever

    Brent ~ you are entitled to your opinion. I do believe, however, our outfield — Manny, Matt and Andre will prove to be better in the long run than yours. And, Russell behind the plate is an all-star. I know you support your team, and I admire that. But, I love my team and I think you’d have a better time discussing this series on Inside the Dodgers. It’s actually a lot of fun and, for the most part, pretty polite and well informed.

  40. junkyardjamie

    This is just unbelieveable that these Phillies fans keep showing up here like this. Anyhow, the difference between Dodger Fans and Phillies Fans is that win or lose, Andre, we stick by our boys through thick and thin. Not all of us have the luxury of living in Los Angeles and going to the games as often as we would like, but there are a whole lot of Dodger fans across this country and even in other countries that have been die hard Dodger fans for years and years and years. On the ITD board alone, there are fans from all over California and throughout this country.

    Yes, we are passionate and we do have our issues when it comes to how the team is managed at times, but when it’s all said and done, Andre, people live and breath Dodger blue and it is one of the true pleasures in life.

    As our dear friend on ITD Dodgereric says: Dodger Baseball is our toy store, and boy do we have fun in it, but it’s just a part of life, and there are many things in life that should be more important – family and friends, and I am sure you have gotten a strong taste of that with the birth of your son. However, you have always been grounded with your family, and that is evident on how well you protect them, and I really admire that, especially in the industry you are in.

    Like dcollins said, I am sure you have heard worse at visiting ball parks, but we just want to let you know that there are many, many true Dodger fans who love and will support this team through winning and losing, and the bleeding of Dodger blue will never end. As far as ITD, these are real Dodger fans, and they will be posting in the off-season just as strongly as they are now. How do I know, I am one of them.

    So, Phillies Fans, win or lose, come back and visit us in December and we will still be on ITD going strong. We might even write you a song.

    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!!!

  41. mexfreak86@gmail.com

    I’ll be watching the game tonight. Please, by the 9th inning don’t have me on pins and needles. As much as I enjoy watching close games I want to see a blowout tonight! Let the Phillies know they are in OUR house for these next three games!

  42. blublood03


    We’re so glad you and the fellas are home! We’re 100 % confident that the best team will prevail…DODGERS of course! World Series here we come!!!!!
    For the record, you (and the rest of the team) have a HUGE following here in Colorado primarily Denver. It might have to do with the fact that most of us are Cali natives and so keep in mind that not only is California rooting for you but the entire country!!! GO DOYERS!!!!! Love You Andre!!!!
    Silvia F.

  43. amadisonr@aol.com

    Looking good tonight. Keep up the aggressive style and we will all be happy. Our team is the best, gotta learn from the rough games and never let it get you down. No. Cal. has a blue streak running through it, best wishes to the team.


  44. ariellealinsod@yahoo.com

    hey andre!! i was at tonight’s (sunday’s) game and you and all the rest of the boys in blue owned it!! i will be at tomorrows game as well and i know you will win :]

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