Home cookin

This is a tough situation to be in, but on a good note, at least we’re going home. We’ll be back in the comfort of our park with the memory of our last game there, the clinching game over the Cubs. The Phillies know they haven’t won a game there this year, so the tables are turned. We just have to take it to them. We didn’t do that here.

We’ve been down before this year, but coming back from an eight-game losing streak isn’t the same as this. This is a whole different ballgame, what’s going on here. Yeah, we’re a little discouraged with the situation we’re in, but no one on this team is really in a panic. We’re in the situation we’re in and that’s what it is. We’ve got to regroup, refocus in practice tomorrow and get back to taking the game to them. We can’t be on our heels Sunday and expect to win. We have to be aggressive and play the kind of game we played in the first round.

I wouldn’t say necessarily that the Phillies are a more difficult team to play than the Cubs, but the magnitude of the series might be a little bit of a factor. We’ve got this chance and we realize the situation is right now. It’s definitely a different level, what we’re now facing. It’s not a comfortable feeling. But there were times during the regular season that weren’t comfortable. We showed we could get out of trouble and figure a way to win. Why not now?


  1. phurrballe

    I enhoy reading your blog – I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Dodgers bounce back when you get back to your own park. As a Mets fan, I have some vested interest in you winning – first, Mets fans are genetically opposed to the Phillies and their fans, we love Joe Torre because he was shunned by “that other New York Team” and mostly because the Dodgers are a passionate scrappy team and deserve to win this series. So get tough and win the next 3 games!!!

    Good luck.

  2. amyw27

    Andre- Can’t wait to see you and the team at home. It will be good for all of us to be together again. You guys are playing strong, just stay focused and we’ve got these phillis!
    GO dodgers! There is no stopping the Boys in Blue 🙂


  3. andresfan

    it’s always great to be at home playing again..you guys did great tonight and keep your heads up high, you guys can do it, all the fans have faith in you guys..have a goodnight andre and the whole dodger team! WHOS BETTER THAN THE DODGERS? NO ONE! love you andre and god bless the team, love jessica(:

  4. diana92la

    Andre dont worry about anything its baseball anything can happen just get out there and have fun.
    LA is gonna welcome you guys back with open arms. you guys are amazing trust me you guys will go all the way.

    (check out my blog andre dianasblog.mlblogs.com)


  5. mexfreak86@gmail.com

    I have not lost confidence in you guys. These last two games were a tough pill to swallow but, coming back and winning this series is not impossible! I’ll end my comment with these two Sun Tzu quotes:
    “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

  6. bluecrewgirl

    I still feel like you guys are going to do it. After the 8 game losing streak when your backs were against the wall you responded and won the division. You beat the Phillies 4 in a row in LA during the season, so 3 in a row should be a piece of cake. Coming back from being down 2 will make the series victory that much sweeter. I have no doubt in my mind you will all feel the sting of champagne in your eyes again this season. Have a great game 3 and rest of the series. Go Dodgers!

  7. luv4dodger

    That’s the spirit!! Tough game but its definitely not over yet! Time to add another chapter to Dodgers’ History!! Lets take the next three games at home and show them we can win one in Philly!!
    Good luck on Sunday!!


  8. monicav03@hotmail.com

    LA is sure gonna welcome Dodgers home. LA luvs you guys! It’s good to hear you guys haven’t lost faith. Sure enough Dodger fans haven’t lost it either. We know you guys are winning the game on Sunday and the following games to come. Sending some Dodger Luv to all of you.

  9. trublu4ever

    I’m glad to see your attitude is positive. I believe you guys are the better team and will prove it when Sunday comes around. I for one, have all the faith in you, Andre, as well as all of your teammates……..I’ve had the belief that this Dodger team would be something special once Joe figured out who should be playing and, look, you are in the playoffs!
    Loyal Dodger Fan Forever

  10. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    love reading your posts andre!!

    come home and take care of business.. like you said, they haven’t beaten us at dodgers stadium this season.. so let’s keep that streak alive.. win 3 at home, and then who knows what may happen in the last 2 games.. eventually, we’ll have to win one in philly, but right now.. we get to play at home! so just enjoy the friendly confines of dodgers stadium with your loving fans.. i will be there and i will be loud! i promise 🙂


  11. northstateblues

    Andre, I’m not sweating the Dodgers’ chances in this series. We all know Manny’s “double” and Casey’s long fly to Victorino would’ve both been HR’s in LA and we’d have a different ballgame.

    I’m glad that the team has made it to the NLCS, and no matter what, you’ve made names for yourselves on the national stage now. If you beat Philly and get to the Series, I’ll be going nuts. I’ve seen you guys come back from worse, and you have what it takes to get past these guys.

    Enjoy your off day. Brush it off, nothing you can do about the past, but you have everything to do with how the future goes.


  12. earthmama4x@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. It’s pretty special, your doing this for us. I like your upbeat tone, and I’m glad the guys are hanging in there. After the game I saw an interview w/Chad, and he
    looked so dejected I just wanted to hug the poor guy.
    He was so on, then it was like they got dialed in and exploded. The crowd pumped them up and off they went. Of course, the same thing will happen here in LA with your (even larger) crowd pulling for you. (Not that we weren’t doing so from home- hope you felt us with you!)
    If it helps, you should know that we (the fans) really want you to go all the way…but not for us; we want it for you. There’s a different feeling about this team, and I’m sure many other true-blues would agree. You, Russ, and Matt in particular have really made it more personal for us, by connecting with the fans in ways that make us feel as if we truly are a part of it all. It’s almost as if you’re our friends as well as our heroes, and we want the best for people we care about.
    You know you can have those two games back in a blink if you all just play the same way you did in Sept. Try not to think about “the magnitude of this series,” or about blowing your chance. Relax and play your game, your way.
    (I know, it’s a bit cliche’ and easier said than done, but as you said, you’ve gotten out of trouble before, “why not now?”) Anyway, we love you all and are so proud, regardless of the outcome. You’ve given us so much this season, and we’re so very grateful. Now try to have some fun out there Sunday, we’ll be with you all the way.
    PS- are you actually going to get some home cookin’ while you’re in town, or are you still living in a hotel and eating out while “home?” I find it hard to believe there’s not a single player with a cushy guestroom you could use! Better lease thru Oct. next year, o ye of little faith! lol Honestly, if it didn’t sound so “stalker-like,” I’d offer to make you & your clan a nice Italian carbo-load meal Sat… I’m actually laughing right now picturing my son’s reaction if you were to show up for dinner…that’d be priceless! (he’s a Dodger in Pony league)
    Keep the faith and let’s see some smiles out there! (Maybe you should envision the pitcher in a ballet tutu…that’d help, right?!) Now go rest, regroup, and come out banging on all cylinders.
    Best of luck,
    (sorry for the length. It’s pretty sad when the comment is longer than the original post!)

  13. acardona16

    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts after such a tough time in phillie! if its hard for us fans, it MUST be hard for you! but we all really appreciate you doing this blog! it really is awesome to hear your thoughts on everything thats going on during the playoffs!! its great to know your still staying positive!! i know you guys must be happy to be coming back to LA!! i know we are!! have a safe flight home!! and good luck with these next couple of games!! I’m still behind you guys 100% and have faith that you guys will pull out of this hard time when you come home!!

    your fan amy,
    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!!

  14. rosemary_tobias@hotmail.com

    hi Andre!!!! you have always been one of my very favorite players & before manny came to town, I always picked the left field pavillion to sit in so I could be right where you are…..I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of you, that would be stalkerish….LOL!!! : )
    I only have 2 things to say…….
    **let’s go dodgers! clap clap clap clap clap!!!!**
    **let’s go dodgers! clap clap clap clap clap!!!!**

    AND the only bummer about this series is that now your next champagne shower will not be at dodgers stadium!!!!!!! : ))))
    xoxoxo rosemary ~ another ethieraholic!!!

  15. adrii_ibarra@yahoo.com

    My name is Adriana and I am also an ETHIERAHOLIC!
    My kids and I won’t be @ the game on Sunday but once Vince Scully say’s “IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL” we’ll be cheering for guy’s. Stay strong and give us a good game on Sunday. Luv you Andre!!!

    p.s what did you name your newborn?

  16. iluvdodgrs

    I have not lost hope! I know you guys can do it! Lift up those spirits because that will definitely help you all not only Sunday but for the rest of this series! Know that we fans are behind you…..I LOVE you Dodgers – I’ve been a fan since I was 9, so that totals up to 18 years now! I know we will win this World Series. Play hard, have fun! We’re going all the way. Dodgers fans are rooting for you. It’s great to have you back home! LET’S GO DODGERS LET’S GO!!!

  17. Dodger4life

    Keep fighting Andre, one inning at a time.You guys can do this,AINT NOTHIN TOO IT BUT TO DO IT!!! GO!!!!! DODGERS!!!!!! WE!!!! BELIEVE!!!!!!!

  18. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    What is there to say that hasn’t already been said. You guys are truly awesome. I am sure you don’t feel it at times, but your fans think the world of you and the rest of this Dodger team. You have come so far, and anything beyond the division title is just icing on the cake. There are 26 other teams sitting at home wishing they were playing right now. Like you said, you are coming home to a crowd that loves their Dodgers, and I still think this series is yours for the taking. It isn’t over until it’s over. It’s been one heck of a ride already, and I am sure there is much more of this ride to go. Get some well deserved rest, and be ready to see your hometown crowd at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. We will be cheering from Nor-Cal so all of you can hear.
    Take Care Andre, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us – it is truly a priveledge.
    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!

  19. heartruss

    Hi Dre, welcome back home!! Missed you. Now you are back with us true blue Dodger fans. We will make the Phillies miserable on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. We will cheer and scream and make it known that we are the greatest fans in all of baseball as Tommy would say. We will sweep at Dodger Stadium. I hope that you will consider continuiing your blog through the offseason so we can keep up with you. Maybe a food critique sometime, a Dodger update another. Please think about it. You have many many fans who follow and support you. No matter what happens this post season, we are proud of you and the other Dodgers. I know in my heart you will play in the World Series and get that ring. What a great year for you then…a beautiful son and that world series ring!! How perfect would that be. Just play hard and smart. You will be the hero and make the world look. Our team is absolutely awesome with Manny and Casey. You guys look so strong!! There is power in the lineup from top to bottom. The opposing pitchers should fear all of you!! I will be at all the remaining games to cheer you on. I will be the one screaming the loudest and taking the most pictures!! Mark my words we will have something to cheer about!! GO DODGERS!! BEAT THOSE PHILLIES! Love Cat

  20. ivan_spac@hotmail.com

    Dre, I’ve been watching you guys all season and know you can pull this out. You obviously know more about your own teammates’ emotional fortitude than me, but I believe you guys can do this.

    On a side note, so which cheesesteak place did you end up going to? Pat’s? Geno’s? Somewhere else?

  21. dmcadams@ymail.com

    Thanks so much for the posting. It’s a wonderful baseball
    thrill for us fans to read what your thinking while playing
    this series. You are so positive and confident it’s a pleasure to read everything you write.
    Your right! The Dodgers have come back before and you
    can do it again-even if it’s on a larger scale. I love the
    way this team has come together. I love the comments that Mets fan left. Even other fans of other teams want the Dodgers to win! GO!! DODGERS!!
    Take Care. Donna

  22. bruinlove3

    Hi Andre! I love reading your blogs, they are a great way to start my days. I have faith that you boys will bounce back in no time. I’ll be at game 3 and 4 cheering you guys on as I have all season long. I’m a devoted fan and I know that you guys will win this series when you guys go back to philly! i love your faith in your team, that is great sportsmanship and shows how much of a devoted player you are. So just go out on the field tomorrow and play as you guys have all season and you will do great!
    P.S. i love your food critiques and plan on visiting a couple of your suggestions because you make the food sound sooooo good! especially pizzeria mozza!
    See You At The Game,

    ETHIERAHOLIC for life!

  23. lalapaloosa24@aol.com

    I would say sorry guys , but I think if the Phils win even
    one game out there ( LA ) your goose is cooked .
    They didn’t get to where they are by being push overs .
    And if Howard ever wakes up……forget it .

  24. phan52

    You saw what it was like in Philly when real phans show their support for the home team. Now, THAT’S home cookin’!!
    Laid back LA doesn’t have it in ’em. You better hope you don’t fall behind so the LA faithful doesn’t sit on their hands all night, because we do know that a good portion of them will leave early to beat the traffic.

  25. cpompe1

    Sorry, Andre, but I have to tell Phillie fans that this is not the Dodgers blog…

    This is Andre’s journal of what it’s like to be in the playoffs. Inside the Dodgers is our official blog. This is the wrong place to bad-mouth our Dodgers………come to ITD and do it where we can fight for our boys in blue. Below is the link for our official blog; go there and spew out your garbage.


  26. cpompe1

    Thanks for your POSITIVE outlook! It’s not over; not by a long shot! I remember when the ’81 Dodgers lost the first two games in Yankee Stadium in the WS but then came back to win the next four in a row to win the entire thing!!! I KNOW that this team has the right make-up and can do the same thing!!! Stay positive!!! Home cookin’ is just what the doctor ordered!!! 🙂

  27. trublu4ever

    Andre ~ copmpe1 is right about the classless Phillie fans. We had to straighten out a few Cubbie fans also. I guess they were afraid to come to Inside the Dodgers where we could take them on……..so, they spewed their venom here, on your journal. ITD will take care of our Boys in Blue.

  28. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    Besides being a fantastic ball player, you are a wonderful person. I have respected your privacy all along, and a true fan understands that boundary. You have been an outstanding role model for children and adults alike. Please don’t let these comments from non-Dodger fans keep you from this forum. You are wonderful at it, and who cares what they think. Your real fans are here for you 24/7 win or lose. Have a great evening!!
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic

    cp and trublue – way to go girls!!!!!!!!!

  29. biddyboo

    I think actual fans of any team are not generally waiting for them outside of their hotel. Generally, those are autograph collectors like yourself Bill who choose to make a profit. Actual fans are at the games or the store signings that are set up for real fans who want nothing more but to wish their team a good season and get a photo to keep for themselves! From what’s been said on t.v. by many commentators is that Philly fans are just plain awful!

  30. martin55

    andre anything can happen!
    have faith and you’ll see everything will turn out great! (:
    you guys are great players and we are going to come right back and win! so dont worry.
    i have faith and all of the other dodger fans have faith too.
    just play like you always play and relax all us are going to be here cheering you guys on.
    love always,

  31. wenka100

    Hey philly fan remind me again when the last time any team in your city won a title oh yeah it was 1983. don’t forget only the worst fans in sports boo santa clause and cheer when the other teams players get seriously injured. philly fans you are the scum of the earth. dont worry andre dodger stadium will be packed and philly fan will get to see what good fans look like and before you know u’ll have won the game and manny will have this on loop on the clubhouse radio.


  32. heartruss

    Andre…you can see how those Phillies fans are misinformed. It is wrong to go to a hotel and hunt down a team. This is your privacy and these nasty people are stalkers of the worst kind. And they expect autographs?? Talk about ignorant. I have seen all of you Dodgers sign autographs every home game. You are especially kind about signing. But there is a time and place for everything. I suppose Phillies fans are different from true Dodger fans! We are the greatest fans in all of baseball! We know the truth and we respect your privacy.

  33. phatazz

    Mr. Ethier and Fans,

    First of all, I would like to apologize for the autograph seeking idiot that embarrassed us all as Phillies fans. Now that’s out of the way, I would like to say I am tired of the excuses. All I am hearing from Manny, Lowe, and now the only player I legit liked on this team is how our park is helping us win. Ya’ll are playing in it too. Manny hit a cheap homerun in this series too. Your player just admitted to not being able to play under pressure. I wouldn’t say necessarily that the Phillies are a more difficult team to play than the Cubs, but the magnitude of the series might be a little bit of a factor. Wow, how does it feel to know your team can’t handle the pressure of the series? Good luck being louder and more passionate than what we showed in Philly. Good luck hitting a lefty Andre.

    Phils in 5…

  34. ninig17@yahoo.com

    Hey Andre…..

    dont worry about these philly fans…(booooo!!) they are just hattas!! they are just jealous of us TRUE BLUE DODGER !!! we respect the privetcy of all DODGERS…they are just worried and scared because the dodger will show them whose best..!The fans will be the loudest ever..!!!! and they got nothing on us…. No matter what the out come is we will always support the BOYS IN BLUE…!! the dodgers have proven them selfs to the world in many time ,, hard times where people thought it was the end for us all …. we proved them wrong and showed them that we will not go without a fight thats what makes the dodgers the best team in the World …. the fans will not leave before the game is over because we will show that we are the best…… Andre relax and take things one at a time…. U guys are having fun and the cheer of us fans will energize u guys and show u that we are behind u guys 100%… well just wanted to show the love and to any philly fan reading this go to another blog and say anything u guys be hatting on us … cuz this is DRE’s blog and DODGER blog only….
    …. Ps ….. Sorry for all the drama…….
    u guys are the best no matter what….. GO DODGERS…!!!
    LETS GO DODGERS LETS GO..(clap clap clap clap clap)
    LETS GO DODGERS LETS GO..da da datata

  35. dodgers16ethier


    I just wanted to say congratulations on making it this far in the season! Tomorrow is going to be amazing, I know it!

    Thank you for having this blog and keeping us Dodger fans informed on what’s going on in your life.

    And I can’t believe those stupid philly fans had the nerve to come on your blog and give you crap. That just means we have to shut them up and win this series!

    Good luck tomorrow in front of the best fans ever.

    Go DODGERS. Think BLUE.

    -Your # 1/biggest fan EVER!

    PS Congrats on being a daddy!

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