No debating, its a tough series

We’ll have four days off between Saturday night’s clincher and Thursday night’s opener of the NLCS and we’re ready to get going again. These two teams are pretty even. We split the eight games we played. We got swept here and they got swept in L.A. We didn’t play well here and they didn’t play well there. We just need to come out with the same intensity as the first series in Chicago. The Phillies are tough in their ballpark.

The weather was perfect for the workout today. I won’t really be focusing on the game until I wake up tomorrow. For me, I just can’t keep the concentration up for that long. I’ll relax tonight, maybe walk around the downtown area near our hotel. You hear horror stories about Philadelphia, but the area we’re in has some nice shops and I’ll be exploring for a new restaurant, although I won’t be spending that much money with the economy so bad.

At least, that’s what I got out of the debate last night. I know we’re having some tough times right now, but the way they were talking, it sounded like the world was going to end. It’s sort of comical to listen to that. I’m sure some people are struggling with their house payment and that’s serious. But I’m not feeling sorry if some hedge fund managers have to find a job. This is my second presidential election and it sounds like the same old story.




    Thats so great that you like to explore new cities. It is one of my hobbies too. Finding restaurants is the greatest part of going to cities. Good luck in the game, I WILL BE CHEERING MY *** OFF!!!


    Hey Andre….

    Dont worry about the Phillies….. just relaxe and take things day by day… but i have confidence that u guys will do well….. For u guys to be coming this far shows that no matter what record u guys had… means NOTHING..! U guys are going to do very well


    Andre- you guys have done sooooooo well so far…….NO WORRIES!! You guys will do great! I am so looking forward to cheering for you guys tomorrow… Good luck…even though you don’t need it!!

  4. andytseng

    Hey Andre
    How bout a post about the foods you’ve been checking out in the great cities across America. Or do you guys just end up eating at the hotel all the time.

  5. bluecrewgirl

    Andre, best of luck to you and the entire team tomorrow. It seems like it’s been more than a few days since Saturday. Keep the confidence going and we’ll all be cheering for another sweep.

  6. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    It sounds like you aren’t having too much trouble relaxing. That’s good!! Well I guess if you are in Philiadelphia, the thing you should be trying to find is the best Philly Cheesesteak, which might be a task in itself. I’m sure there are many places who claim they have the best.
    As for the series, we are all wishing you and the rest of the Dodgers the best as you head into this series. If you come at them like you did the Cubs, there will be no stopping you from taking this series too.
    Best Wishes Always,
    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!

  7. ethier16

    Ehhh, just stay in your hotel room, we wouldn’t want anything happening to you!
    πŸ˜‰ haha jk

    Stop on those Phillies, show ’em what you’re made of, remember you’re Christopher Columbus, they’re just the pilgrims. Haha πŸ™‚

  8. ethier16

    Ehhh, just stay in your hotel room, I wouldn’t want anything happening to you!

    Stop on those Phillies, show ’em what you’re made of, remember you’re Christopher Columbus, they’re just the pilgrims. Haha πŸ™‚

  9. andchanged

    Hey, Andre! I cannot wait to see these games. In fact, I wanted Anaheim to win that game over the Sox so that I could have one more day of ball…

    *How this ties in to the debates – I was disappointed. They weren’t exciting! In 2004, I was not yet into the game of baseball. This year, I’ve watched every post-season game and was expecting more of a sporting event! “Pick him off, Barack!”
    No… it wasn’t that extreme.

    But I don’t feel as though I’m too far off the mark here. I think that debates are a test of endurance. Who can answer the “what would you do if (fill in the blank) happened.”
    At least, I think this is the idea behind a debate. My friends in high school told me they were clocked and docked!
    So, I want to see some liveliness in the next one! I gave the event a C+, averaging the two candidates. My guy pulled it off, but not by much. Loosen up…

    At least Biden came to a Brewer game (watch out for Joe Blanton…though we were not fit for playoff, he did doctor the ball).
    But it was neat to see Biden talk to Braun. Have you seen “Baseball’s Golden Age,” a special on aired on some of the fox sports networks? Presidents, VPs, Senators, members of symphony orchestras, nuns, etc… so many different people in all walks of life came together for these games.
    I’d love to see more of this; a baseball debate, as well!
    The sport may help them hone their “chops” as “pitchers.” Billingsley and Lowe have such a quick pace at the plate and the two candidates could really learn from this.

    That restaurant idea is interesting, though Milwaukee and Chicago seem to push these hybrid dishes. Raspberry sushi? Oyyyyy… my bro is in Japan and had been there before. We went to San Francisco and he said “even this stuff is too expensive!!!”

    There is also a restaurant serving Ethiopian food, but curry and hummus?
    Love the idea of bringing different food cultures together;
    Just don’t give me an upset stomach.

    *did you have a favorite eating venue in Milwaukee? This entry is way too long. No journalism for me. I really love watching your team. Even when we played over at your park, I was so into it that I’d think “Nice play!” “Wow… pitching, offense.” And all the while, the Brewers were getting swept. So I had to re-focus.
    Can’t wait to see the game, and I loved the Sports Illustrated issue featuring the Dodgers!


    Just flew home from Philly yesterday, (with all their Philly baseball balloons in terminal F, whatever!) and you are right the weather is great! You are smart to relax and take one day at a time.

    As for politics, it’s old, it never changes and it’s everywhere! The issues are all the same the faces just change, eventually. I think I heard the world was ending soon too! (y2k) Yes the economy is bad, but buying dinner makes it better, at least that is what I have my husband convinced of. ;0)

    There is a baseball debate going on too, That one I’m hoping you and your team mates will win and let all the media know that the National Division is valid and
    competitive, That the environment does count, Manny in Boston -vs- Manny in LA, and that your leaders are important, Steinbrenner -vs- McCourt and that good management when respected produces productivity, Torre. I could go on, but I won’t. Aren’t you glad??

    Just a little humor so that you can relax and not think too much about the game. Good Luck tomorrow, we’ll be cheering from here!

  11. amyw27

    Andre- it’s my second election too and it really scary out there right now. That’s why I’m only spending extra money on NLCS tickets and nothing else. haha. The Dodgers in the playoffs is my number one priority (after my bills are paid, of course), because unlike voting, this is also my first time with the Dodgers in the NLCS. See how much we have in common πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your time in Philli. No doubt that the Dodgers will be relaxed and focused tomorrow. Most of the team has never been in a 7 game series before, so enjoy every moment and know that collectively we are good enough to go all the way!
    Stay safe. We’ll all be glued to our t.v’s tomorrow.
    See you in LA!!!!!

  12. acardona16

    This is for sure going to be a tougher series but i have faith in you guys and we are all behind you guys 100%!!! good luck to all of you!!! like Amy^ said “we’ll all be glued to our t.v’s!!!” I’m actually in Hawaii right now on vacation but i’ve been coming on here every day, reading all the resent news on my boys!! i can’t get enough of my Dodgers!! πŸ™‚ well like i said i wish you guys the best of luck!! GO DODGERS!! CAN’T STOP THE BLUE!!!

    your fan Amy
    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!!!

  13. booboochen

    I too am not spending any money other than the essentials and Playoff tickets! Go Blue and Let’s quiet down Citizen’s Bank Park just like you did Wrigley. Stay focused and you will come back to LA 2-0!


    it’s WAY too long in between games~ i’m having dodger withdrawls 😦

    i absolutely cannot wait until the game tomorrow.. let’s come out strong in game one and show those phillies we are for real. we already proved in the cubs series that what happened in the regular season doesn’t matter.. so let’s keep that going and make what happens in october the only thing on everyone’s mind.. i will be there to support at the home games!

    keep playing hard.. and remember, HAVE FUN πŸ™‚

    love, SARA

  15. andresfan

    i cannot wait til the game, dodgers have this. you guys tottaly desurve this. your doing to well. i cant wait to see you guys playy. my dad is so so so excited, he remembers being in church and hearing the dodgers win in 88′ and he was so upset because he couldnt see it! all of us fans can’t wait to see history be made by you guys, andre your the best

  16. lai lai


    I like LAD.
    I think you are a great player.
    Enjoy games and release yourself in next series.

    encouragement from Taiwan


    Hey good luck this series have a good one, I have a feeling your ganna come up with a clutch hit this series. Dont stop here, Bring us A championship!I love the Dodgers and i love Andre!Bring us one home!



    Hey good luck this series have a good one, I have a feeling your ganna come up with a clutch hit this series. Dont stop here, Bring us A championship!I love the Dodgers and i love Andre!Bring us one home!



    Que onda Andre? just take it easy man, you guys got this. relax and have fun out there. GO DODGERS!



  20. broxrockz

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeth!!!! I never even knew you had a blog thing going, and ta think i’ve been checking out everyday this season.

    Anyway, that stuff about these stupid politicians was funny lol. Yer a funny guy, it’s good to know.

    Anyway, make ’em pay tomorrow.

  21. luv4dodger

    Hi Andre!!!
    Like all the other postseason games, I will be wearing my Dodger blue tomorrow to show my support! You are awesome, eat great food, stay focused, and play hard!!! Good Luck tomorrow!!! I can’t wait until 5:22pm PDT.
    Go Dodgers!!!

    Rocio =o)


    Goodluck tomorrow! (well today now) You guys will do great. Philly is wonderful hope you have fun sight seeing if you get the time. Hopefully you’ll get to do another food review “on location” Have a great game and can’t wait to see you guys in LA!
    Have fun!

  23. dodgerbluu

    Whats up Andre? Firstly, I appreciate you bringing up the debates :), nice touch. I wasn’t disappointed with them, because I have zero expectations of them. This marking my 3rd election, as an active participant, the one thing truly disappointing is that the candidates STILL do NOT answer our questions. They preach their rhetoric and are only concerned with THEIR talking agenda.

    Now onto Dodger baseball :). I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this team come together this season. I was abroad for most of the season, living in Australia, but I watched all the games on Manny came aboard just as I came back stateside, and he and Blake really seem to be the veteran glue you young guys needed to really become a consistent TEAM to be reckoned with. Having Furcal back, and healthy is amazing and wonderful, both for morale and for his obvious abilities. Good luck tomorrow and throughout the series…and don’t stress about the crowd…just leach off their energy and use it to pound them into submission :).

    GO BLUE!


  24. trublu4ever

    The wait for this series to get started has been pure agony. No Dodger baseball for so many days, I’m not a happy “Kemp” er. I do want to wish you guys the best and, I too think it will be a tough, entertaining series. GO DODGERS!!!

  25. heartruss

    Hey Andre…best of luck today. I predict this will be your big game. I noticed each game produces a different hero. You are my hero every game however. Sweeeeeep. Love Cat

  26. i luv 16

    Andre Good luck Today in Philly!

    I said a pray for the team last night not like we need it but of coarse it couldent hurt.See you back in LA!1 !!!! When we take it at home.
    Love You Lots Good Luck!!!!your craziest fan whos always screaming at you….

  27. thinkingblue

    We it has been a long time since we’ve seen you & the guys on tv playing. WE MISS YOU! LOL!
    Yeah the economy is very depressing right now. Can’t afford to go to the games but my TV is still working and I’ve been enjoying the Dodgers games, not enjoying the debates. Just like Phillies series will be tough, choosing our next president will also be tough, atleast for me. I have not made up my mind on who to elect. Don’t have so many choices to pick. Just pray to God for the better of the two to win.


    Do what you have been doing all season long and you will be fine!!
    Funny you should bring up the economy!! It will get worse before it gets better!! But, I don know this, ALL the TRUE BLUE DODGER FANS WILL


    ALL the TRUE BLUE DODGER FANS WILL BE AT THE games cheering you on!!!

    Let’s Go Dodgers Let’s Go
    P.S. I got a beer shower up in the Reserve level!!!

  30. paula_teamblue

    Hey Andre! It’s game day! Hope you woke up feeling confident and excited. We are so proud of you guys, Everyone is waiting until first pitch and we plan to go down to Anaheim and sport Dodger blue at ESPN-Home of the ‘wanna be- LA team.” you guys cannot give up anything tonight, play hard, agressive and make every at bat count and as you always do, make some great catches in the outfield. We are sending good thoughts and prayers your way. How is the Philly Cheesesteak??
    Love ya! Paula

  31. cpompe1

    Hey Andre!
    You and the rest of the guys did a GREAT job with the Cubs!!! I was at Saturday?s clinching game with my mom. Now my son will be going with my mom to game 3 on Sunday at the stadium! I asked you this before the Cubs? series, and since it worked so well, I?ll ask it before this series: Annihilate the Phillies!!!

  32. lagirl8

    Hey Dre
    dont worry bout the phils Im sure you guys can handle them just keep up the pitching and hitting and we’ll keep on cheering and believing in you guys we know you guys will have 2 more showers and a parade. Let us know if you find any good food out there, good luck and have fun,


    I am so proud of you guys! I’m so happy you play for
    the Dodgers! I hope you win the Clutch player award.
    You’ve done a terrific job. I know all the fans thank you,
    as I do, for taking out the time to write this blog for us.
    I remember the Dodgers win in 88. I feel the same kind
    of excitement as I did then. Your team so deserves it!
    The sweep over the Cubs was awesome!!!
    The Phillies are tough but the Dodgers are tougher!
    You guys can do it! This is your year! GO DODGERS!!
    (I like the way you tied your blog in with the debate.
    I can’t wait to see pictures of your new food finds.
    I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!) Take Care. Donna

  34. vicdodger

    Hey Andre….
    Thank yo for the great Blog! You are probably my favorite player on this current Dodgers team. I love you plate discipline, your knowledge of strike zone, able to hit with two strikes, able to hit to the opposite field, and also I love to watch play Outfield with your glove. My son’s dream is to one day play for the Dodgers as he is working hard at his Little League level (he is 11 yrs. old) I pray that if he can be close to being a player like you since I consider you a COMPLETE PLAYER.
    I know that Park’s Korean BBQ place (on Vermont… right?) since I too enjoyed dining on that restaurant. Let me know if your have urge to go there in the future and I will treat you to the complete Full Course Korean Meal. Actually I had that Spicy Beef Soup (Yook-Gye-Jang) this week to get rid of my Cold.
    Anyways…. let’s go get those Phillies.. I FEEL THAT YOU WILL HAVE A HUGE SERIES!!!!…. GO DODGERS!!…. GO ANDRE!!!


    No need to panic!! You had a lot of time off and now that the loss is over…go get um!!! We had some bad breaks but can’t let that get you down. The Dodger’s are awesome and I know that each of you will go out there tonight and show them how it’s done!
    Dodger Fan for Life!!!

  36. sanchez56

    Andre””repesenting up here in norcal Dodger blue all the you guys all the time thanks to DTV, you guys are awsome keep up the good work I will be watching you guys the entire series with the other LA team good luck, lets kick some butttttttttttt. John

  37. 0949

    Hi Andre! I believe I saw you dining at Momofuku Ssam Bar Monday night with your wife (I was seated a few seats to your left). Considering how busy your schedule is, have you had the chance to explore the culinary scene in New York during your previous trips? What are your go-to places here in the city? And what did you think of Momofuku?

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