Another good shower

See my headline? That’s the way I’ll remember the clinching celebrations. We’re having them once a week now, how sweet is that? To be honest, I didn’t even know if we were going to have one tonight. I mean, a lot of us didn’t know how to do this clinching stuff. We’ve never been here before. We didn’t know if there would be champagne and beer and stuff, or if we’d just play the music in the clubhouse and high-five and go home and wait to see who we play. So, that’s why I say we had another good shower tonight. I could get the hang of this.

The crowd was great tonight. They were waving towels and the noise level, I can’t remember it being like this at Dodger Stadium.

Kuroda, he was lights-out for six innings. He left Chicago a day ahead of the rest of us so he could get his normal rest and I had to give him a hard time before the game today for leaving early. I told him he’d better pitch his best game of the year, if he’s going to leave us like that, and he pretty much did. I’ve never seen him so emotional as he was after the game.

Now, we have to pay attention to the other series, who our opponent is going to be, play out the scenarios. Tomorrow, I’m going to spend some time with my family — they’re all in town, my wife and brothers and sisters and parents and grandparents and cousins and in-laws. They all came in from Phoenix. And they got to see a little history. How great is that?



    andre, i was at the stadium tonight and i had SO much fun! you’re right about the crowd, it really was electric in the stadium.. i’m glad you guys appreciated us! watching everyone celebrate.. running around the field high-fiving fans.. seeing matty and russ jump up to the LF pavilion.. spraying champagne and beer everywhere.. i mean it was amazing.. seriously, it’s so good to see you guys enjoy a well deserved celebration.. remember, we have to do this twice more, so don’t get tired of it just yet 🙂

  2. junkyardjamie

    It’s great to hear that you guys are having fun. You all definitely deserve it. Like Eric said, it doesn’t matter who you guys have to face, the way this team is playing right now, you can play amongst and beat all of them. It’s still amazing that you swept the Cubs. Chicago isn’t such a happy place right now, and may even get worse depending on the outcome of the Rays/White Sox game tomorrow. Have a great time with your family.
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!

  3. thinkingbluesince88

    Thank You! From an 88 baby who has never witnessed her boys in blue celebrate something so special! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


    I was on a flight back from NY during the first game. Wasn’t feeling well, so I told myself I’d sleep during the Milwaukee game and be up for the Dodger game. I awoke during the 4th, when Dempster was having his problems. Note that each of us on the plane has our own TV and only a headphone to hear the sound. When Loney hit the Grand Slam, you could hear it over everything in the plane – over the headphones, loud PA announcements and crying babies….it was loud. There was cheering and clapping in that plane. It reminded me of 1988 when I was at Oktoberfest at Alpine Village when Kirk Gibson hit is HR to win Game 1. We’re on our way….Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dodger4life

    Congratulation’s Andre, and all the Dodgers. Glad to see everyone having so much fun. Were all HAPPY keep up the good work.(P.S. enjoy your time with family and friends) GO!!! DODGERS!!!

  6. heartruss

    Congratulations Andre and all the Dodgers. Thank you for including us fans in your celebration. We appreciate the postings on your wonderful food blog. I was at the game tonight and it was a magical night. It was one of those standing up nights. I think I spent 95 per cent of the time on my feet cheering. And wasn’t the sweep awesome? I have faith that we will go all the way and win it all. Just keep having fun playing ball and remember we are always behind you 100 per cent!!! Love Cat


    Congrats Andre and to the entire Blue Crew; THANK YOU for finally getting a post-season series win, something I get to see in my lifetime 😀

    As an ’89 baby, the year after the Dodgers last postseason series win my brother and sister used to ALWAYS down me, and tell me that it was my birth that caused the dodgers fall from grace. Of course they were just joking around, BUT FINALLY! I hope to see at least TWO more champagne showers in the blue crew locker room in up coming weeks 😉

    The team is peaking at the right time. Quit playing with us and bring a ring home!!

  8. acardona16

    CONGRATUALIONTS ANDRE!!!! i’m so happy for you guys!!! this is just awesome!! i’m absolutely LOVIN every minute of it so i can only imagine how you guys feel!! i hope you have a GREAT time with your family!! and i can’t wait to come back to LA (i’m in hawaii on vacation) and cheer you guys on!!! congrats again!!

    your fan, amy
    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!

  9. trublu4ever

    What a fantastic series……….and it’s going to get even better now. You guys are the best team out there. The pitching has been great and the clutch hitting, even with 2 strikes and 2 outs has been right on the money. So, have a nice visit with your family and I will be looking forward to the next series.
    —Certified Ethieraholic!


    Andre!!! You are so right about the noise in the stadium. I was at the game last night and never in my life can I remember a game that was so loud and intense. My heart was pounding as soon as Broxton ran (ran!) from the bullpen to his last pitch that won the game.

    I saw your dad at the lounge area near the Loge entrance. Out of respect for his privacy, I didn’t go up to him. He and the folks with him (I assume family and friends) looked really proud of you – just like all us Dodger fans are. We believe in Andre and the rest of the Blue Crew!

    GO BLUE!

  11. amyw27

    As a fan, let me tell you that we feel that same way as you. Most of us have never been in a situation like this with this team and we are going through it with the same excitement and exploration. It was purely amazing last night at Dodger Stadium. The energy and love and support for the team was everywhere.
    Thank you and the team for letting us celebrate with you after these great games. I am so happy that there will be more Dodger home games this season. I’m beginning to really love October Baseball thanks to my Los Angeles Dodgers, NL Division Series Champions!!
    See you soon. Enjoy the entire Ethier Clan in LA 🙂
    Rest up, next stop- NLCS!!

  12. jess78


    It was another awesome game last night. Everybody did a great job. I can’t wait for the next round looks like it might be the Phillies.
    So when are we going to see you bat before Manny again??? I like you in that position, talk to Torre. I wish you all the best in the next round. Go get em’ and have a good rest in the next few days and hopefully we’ll see you next week.

    Love Jess


    An Andre Ethier BLOG!! How great!!!..don’t worry about how we found it….
    Congratulations on everything!!! We are all cheering for you back at home and so SO excited for you.

    (and Sarah and Molls!)

  14. luv4dodger

    This is so much fun!!! I am so happy for you and all the other Dodgers!! I think it is amazing how the players have gone out and celebrated with the fans. We love you guys and want to see you win it all!! You are all playing you best baseball and it is so exciting sweeping the Cubs having been the underdogs. I have been reading articles written by analyst and most commented on the curse, not very many gave the Dodgers the credit for being a good team!! I am so glad you have prevailed. Continue playing great baseball!!! Enjoy your family especially your little one!!! See you in the NLCS!!!

    Much luv,
    ~Rocio =o)

  15. vkbaker

    This is so EXCITING!! I’m not like the others here, those who were born too late to see the Dodgers win before. Don Drysdale went to high school with my dad and I was lucky enough to meet him and Sandy Koufax when I was five years old. That’s a special memory and it was also the first time I went to Dodger Stadium. As a lifelong Dodger fan, I can’t believe it has been 20 years though since we were last here! You guys are making us so proud! Honestly, MLB didn’t even put the Dodgers in the TV commercial for post-season play (they had the Mets though) and NO ONE picked LA to beat the Cubs, so winning as revenge is sweet indeed! I think this powerful sweep will remind them not to overlook this LA team! I’m convinced you guys are going to win the whole enchilada (since this is a food blog!) Stay loose, have FUN, and know we are all rooting for you!

    Vicki in Fullerton

  16. amuro113

    Congrats Dre,

    My girlfriend is a huge USC fan. I love SC also, but no team compares to the Dodgers. We had to make a deal to catch both games. We started our day at the football game and made it to the stadium by the top of the 3rd. I want to thank you and the team for what you guys are doing. You guys seem like you are having a lot of fun. Keep it up. Enjoy your time with your family, friends, team, and your city. I Love L.A. Go Blue! Go Dodgers!

  17. chillicat

    And I thought i was psyched when you guys clinched the NL West… Last night was awesome… Congrats to you and all the guys… Still proud, still hyped, and ready to cheer you all on to the next round!!!
    Take good care!!!

  18. makanani

    Congrats Andre! How amazing it must have felt to have your family there to witness something amazing! Thank you and the rest of the team for all of your hard work. Last night was indescribable in that stadium. Thank you for coming out onto the field for the celebration it really means a lot to us fans. Rest up, can’t wait for the NLCS. We support you guys no matter what!! = )



    Congrats to you and the team!! You all deserve this success so far…four more to go! It was just as fun and exciting and emotional watching out here on the east coast. Enjoy the celebration and rest up. I’m going up to Philly to watch you all play on Friday. Keep up the good work.

    Washington, DC

  20. parajess

    Thats sounds awesome =] Im so happy and excited for the first time in my life I get to see you guys move on! =] First time since 88′, thats awesome. This team is incredible and im confident in you guys having 2 more showers ;] Thanks for all the excitement you guys have put back into Los Angeles, keep it up and good luck Andre the rest of the way =]
    -Jessica .O [Los Angeles]

  21. Kylie

    Congratulations, Andre. As much as I am a Rockies fan I should really hate you guys, but that’s too difficult. Between rooting against the Cubs, loving Joe Torre, and having to deal with my Dodgers-obsessed branch of the family tree living in LA, it’s been impossible not to fall in love with the Boys in Blue. So congratulations and “go Dodgers,” as my niece runs around the house saying.
    Kylie —

  22. cpompe1

    Hey Andre!!!
    I have been a Dodger fan since the 60’s. I wasn’t lucky enough to go to any of the postseason games in ’88, but I was at the 1978 WS game when Bobbie Welch struck out Reggie Jackson (I know, you weren’t born yet, but I’m sure you’ve heard about it. If not, just ask Tommy!) Well, I was at last night’s game and the atmosphere was so electric. I’ve never seen Dodger Stadium like that before!!! The only thing close was on August 1, 2008 when Manny made his Dodger debut!!! Have a great day off today with your family!!! That’s great that they were here last night!!! Go get the Phils starting Thursday!!! Oh, and thanks for annihilating the Cubbies!!! 🙂

  23. andresfan

    hey andre! (: im jessica im fourteen years old, last year at my first dodger game, i saw you on the scoreboard and i was like ‘he looks like a great guy’ don’t ask why i tought that..but i did! haha and ever since i have been a huge fan of you! before that i thought baseball was boring and now i cant turn off the tv, dodgers make baseball exciting, you guys really do! and its amazing how great you guys have done, and andre you really are an inspiration to me, your someone great to look up to, and i appriciate everything that you do. your the best



    I’m a transplanted Dodger fan (45yrs) because of my 20 years served in the U.S. Navy. I just wanted to let you know that a great number of us who Blog on the Times website w/ the Kambrothers had pulled all season long for you to play outright. Well we have had a Live Blog during the homestands during the season and every game of the playoffs. The overall record including the playoff is 23-4 with 2 loses coming at the end of the season when the games didn’t matter. There are many Dodger fans from around the world pulling for you and the guys to pull off. I have all the faith you guys will do it. Have fun, I love your restaurant reviews (love to eat)

  25. russmartin

    Hey Andre!!!

    Wow! What a crazy wonderful the last few weeks have been (well last 7 months actually). After traveling out to Vero and spending a week at Dodgertown I was so excited for the season to get underway. Meeting many of you friendly guys makes all this even that more exciting. Last night was absolutely electric, and I feel blessed to have been one of the 56k screaming fanatics who where there. I can’t wait for what’s to come. Thanks for the unforgettable memories. Three down eight to go!!! GO DODGERS!!
    All the best,

    During the off season I am looking forward to trying out the restaurants in your review w/a friend.

  26. dodgerdave

    Awesome Andre!!
    I was 5yo in ’88, and I’m told that I watched the championship, but I sure don’t remember. I was there for the clincher last night and couldn’t have asked for a better game. I already got my tickets for Game 3 of the NLCS and I know you guys will make it a good one!!! We Believe!! True Blue Thru and Thru!!

  27. dodgers79

    Though, i couldnt attend sat night’s game; my friend and i did watch it at a local resturant/bar, and let me tell you; we sure screaming and high fiving each other!
    like you said, i have never seen so many white towels at dodger stadium! Let’s play hard, and prove these non-believers wrong!
    you guys proved to the baseball world, that reg. season records means zip, once the playoffs start!

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
    bring on the phillies!!!!!


  28. thinkingblue

    Andre ? that was one Ethierrific game, full of excitement & energy. Everyone was just very very loud and up on their feet. I had chills of excitment. I was not at the game but enjoyed every minute of it through tv. I did have relatives & friends that attended the game and got to see great pictures. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND ALL OF THE BLUE CREW. You guys are closer to becoming CHAMPIONS. Kuroda, Martin, Furcal & Broxton all of you were wonderful. I?m glad to hear that you are spending time with your family (Dodger?s Fans form Arizona). Enjoy every moment with them. Good luck on Thursday?s game. Have fun, relax and enjoy the game, you will be Ethierrific on Thursday!

  29. djrblu

    Hey Andre…my husband and I were at the game Saturday….what a perfect night! I am still exhausted from all the jumping and screaming and yelling. And I wanted to tell you how beautiful your mother is. Apparently, we were sitting in the Dodger family section and the minute she sat down I knew who she was. She must be so proud. Oh, by the way, congratulations on your new baby. I’ve always thought you were a great kid. You signed a picture of yourself with my granddaughter last year in Florida for me. It was for her 16th birthday and you circled your number 16 and wrote happy sweet 16. And then you helped get Russell Martin to sign the picture of them. You don’t know how much I appreciated it and how much she loved it. I love our Dodger team right now….I can’t wait for the games to start this week….


    You have been my favorite player all year! Thanks for making me a fan of the Dodgers again! Good luck and beat the wholly crap out of the Phills! This is where champions are made!


    I wish I could’ve been there! My friend’s wedding was early afternoon on Saturday here in Bakersfield, so I didn’t get to go. My cousins were there and I watched from home. As the last batter for the Cubs came up in the ninth, I was on my feet with all the other Dodger fans in the stands, except I was in my pajamas.
    Good luck with the Phillies…I’ll be watching again from the couch because the games at home don’t have any two seats next to each other. My cousin and I checked, cause we were going to even miss work to see this piece of history!


    Andre!! Thanks to you and all the Dodgers for an awesome celebration on the 25th! (I know it’s a little late) It was my birthday and I got to celebrate it with all of you!! What an amazing experience. Watching Park and Berroa running on top of the dugout with Moet and Bud Light spraying all over the place…Martin and Kemp….having the time of their lives. You and DY spraying each other while we all cheered and celebrated. I took some great pictures of you guys! What a perfect night! And then…another wonderful celebration after the Cubs got swept by You boys in Blue…Amazing!! Seeing the absolute joy on each of your faces is priceless. There are sooo many true blue Dodger fans rooting you guys on to the World Series!! The electricity in the stadium these days is just magical!!! The cohesiveness of the team is so evident.
    Thanks for keeping us posted on everything.
    Each of you should be enjoying every minute of this!!! You’ve all worked so hard, and you deserve it!
    Looking forward to hearing about how the ring feels on your finger.


  33. dodgerdope

    Hang in there, bro. I know the last series was a little bit of a struggle at the plate, but I know you’ll show that patience at the plate, and shorten up that swing of yours and foul off a million or so pitches before whacking a double off the wall. You kick butt tiring out all the opponents pitchers with your plate discipline.
    Man, I bet your wife gives you tons of grief after she’s read all these letters of adoration by all these women that right to you. I bet she never lets you hear the end of it. Lol.


    hi andre!!
    i am a huge fan of you and so is my brother!! i was at the game on saturday night and you were totally awesome!! all the way this year, right?? good luck!


    hi andre!!
    i am a huge fan of you and so is my brother!! i was at the game on saturday night and you were totally awesome!! all the way this year, right?? good luck!

  36. ladgirl27

    Hey Andre!!!
    Omg (:
    That is SO awsum! I am sooo proud of u guys! We are going to the world series!!

    & yeah it was TOTALLLYYY awsum when you guys clinched again! 😀 I SO LOVED IT! That’s like my favorite part!

    You rock ANDRE ETHIER!!! (:

  37. i luv 16

    Andre Congrats ! I LOVE YOU !!!! You are my favorite player since last year im always trying to get your attention when your on the field.I hated when I didnt know what side of the field you were on. Hope to see you next year in blue. Keep kicking butt..

  38. diana92la



    the phillies must be scared right about now


  39. paula_teamblue

    Hey Buddy:
    I am soooo happy about us arriving to play in OCTOBER! You are going to have a great series and I know you will pull off something huge at the plate and leave everyone talking about you for years to come. You guys have allowed me to brag about my “boys in blue” all season and now this the “Philthy Phillies’ better get out the way beacuase here comes Big Blue and Dre’! Luv ya- check out your my space comments-sent you a funny one.

    PS- Where is the Baby pix????????


    Hi Andre,
    I am a huge fan of you. I never care about baseball until I saw you play with the Dodgers in 2006. I always enjoy all your games. Hope to see you play at the Dodgers stadium someday. You are the BEST.

  41. attstick

    yes, Andre, att and candlestick….the old days when I spent 30 days a year in the ’60’s fighting the cold , the wind to see LA vs SFO……

    My brother played against you : he was all-freshman Stanford 3rd baseman- he saw awesome baseball sense in you right away. I continued to watch you in the Texas League. wow!!

    I admire your patience( I know it was tested many times) when you have Juan, Matt, andruw, and YOU fighting for the playing time. I have talked to the owner and his wife( I am best friends with La Russa and he gets me on the field when the cards come in town) and other coaches and I know that Joe wanted you on the field all the time. Joe knows that you are the balanced pure ballplayer for the Dodgers. Joe gets frustrated with the huge SO/BB ratio of Matt….. with knocking anyone- even andruw- anyone that knows baseball- like my brother- knows that you have the instints and gifts ….. Player of the year in Texas League!!!
    I love the way all of you fit together. With Russell having a bit of a struggle offensively this year( has been wonderful over the years and still has a great eye- like you do- and can steal bases!!), I feel that inserting him IN FRONT OF MANNY(what can one say about MANNY that has not been said?) is the best lineup. Of course Jeff and you would love to be in that spot, but Russell needs the boost and you can hold your own BEHIND Manny. Actually, Andre, the pitchers and managers all know that you are the real deal and they ACTUALLY HAVE TO PITCH MORE TO MANNY WITH YOU BEHIND HIM. You will have tougher ab’s, but your value is huge in any spot, but especially behind MANNY.
    I had a question: it looks like Rafael is just fine( amazing) and I think that the clincher to going all the way( to beat Tampa Bay in the series- dont you agree, btw, that it is time to stop saying “the surprising , the shocking Rays?”- they have the best young manager in baseball- Joe Maddon is strict- sat bj upton down for 2 games for lack of hustle!!–and, tonite, BJ rewarded his manager with 2 HR’s)….. as I was saying, the clincher to going all the way would be if Saito can still add his magic like last year to the fantastic efforts of Broxston(sp?)????? We cant expect both furcal and saito to return magically in early 2008 form can we?

    You may not be able to comment on Saito. He is awesome.

    Andre, sorry for the length… my first time…. but do you agree that postseason poor performance ( over 100 ab) cant be just excused with “anything can happen in a 5 game series, or, the 162 games really shows who is best, etc????

    My theory: I notice that good regular season players with many k’s and few walks and poor OBP but a good # of HR’S often do poorly in the postseason. In fact, I spent one whole day researching such players who have played in many post-season games with the above stats during the reg. season, and it seems that I am about 90% right about this. With all of the computers , forward scouting of the main hitters to be faced in each playoff round, the holes and the weaknesses such as lack of patience, 3.14 pitches per at bat( during the reg season), not able to consistently handle curves on the outer edge, and postseason PITCHERS who are the best and can listen to the scouts and observe the computer results and, thus, spot their pitches into this type of hitter’s holes and shut them down due to the importance of each pitch and the knowledge of such holes. Such hitters make their living in the 162 games on fastballs and mistakes that are obviously made by even the best pitchers due to the long season and of course having off days.

    Such players do not “choke” in postseason………. they are overwhelmed since almost every pitcher that takes the mound in postseason has a computer in his head of where to throw almost every pitch to these type of hitters. Kuroda is a perfect example. Over a long season he must be a different pitcher than in the postseason( like every pitcher- impossible to on each inning for 162 game season) than he is in postseason. Kuroda is the type of pitcher who , due to his pinpoint control, can spot the ball as the scouts and computers have shown him how to, to consistently dispose of these type of hitters ….. your thoughts?

    But, hitters like you, like Manny, like 1st baseman, hero, grandslammer, have excellent patience, walks close to k’s and excellent OBP, WITH THE HR’S, and, imo, will consistently do well in postseason( meaning no 34 hits in 200 postseason ab’s, or 9 walks in 200 ab’s……..with 53 k’s- all in postseason with reg season hrs of 40 , but postseason hrs in 200 ab’s in postseason of ……4!!!????… Andre, 4 hr in 200 ab in postseason career vs an average of 38 hrs during regular seasons……. not just nerves….!!!!!!!!!! right?

    thanks for your time- good luck in the games to come, Phil Pitchford, Palos Verdes

  42. princesblm

    congratulations to all the Dodgers! and congratulations to you Andre and your family on the birth of your baby! wow what an awesome season! we are life time Dodger fans… we bleed Dodger blue! its been a long time since we’ve had such post season VICTORY! and such a Dodger team with great personalities that us the ’10th man’ can feel close to and part of… though I’m a girl I grew up at the ball field and learned everything I know from my semi pro dad… he went on to be a minister; but, gave us the love of baseball! we’re with you guys all the way! you happen to be my favorite Dodger and what you do for the community is awesome! keep up the good work on and off the field! may God bless you n yours!

  43. Kaysie

    GOOOOOOO DODGERS! I am so excited about this post season! Andre, good luck to you in the NLCS! Win us a championship! Lets go Dodgers! oh and congrats on the baby!


    Congrats on beating the cubby’s. It seems like just yesterday you were playing summer baseball for the Swamp Bats. I have an autographed ball from you. I think I was about 9, and I had the biggest crush on you 😛 You were my favorite player then and now. 🙂 Cant wait for you to play the Red Sox (hopefully!). Good luck vs. the Phillies. GO DODGERS.

  45. karmabad

    I took my Dad to this game, and it was THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! The crowd was nuts, Kuroda was on top of his game and Broxton K’d Soriano in the 9th to eliminate the Cubs! The crowd was soooo loud! Yes, there were a few Cubs fans obviously disappointed, but their team was outplayed and out pitched each game!


    hey dre whats up. I played baseball with you at ASU. My name is Angel Ramirez hope you remember me. I like to go to restaurants around the L.A area when i go and visit some family. Usually we end up going to Dan Tanas cuz we know some people there. keep up the good work and beat thsoe phillies.


    I just want to say thank you for being such a great player on my favorite team, I went to my first dodger game at 6 months old and I have been bleeding Dodger Blue ever since. I love you guys and I’m so excited to see you in the playoffs!! Keep us the great work and thank you again for being a part of such ana amzing team


    As far as I see, The Los Angeles Dodgers have come up with a novel way to bring the crowd and players closer together, while also getting people active and raising some funds)) Andre Ethier is a great role model for sports personalities, showing that as well as being a great player you can also be an ambassador for your club, and make changes for the good in your community through charity projects. This is so great!

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