A good exhausted

Back in town after two of the most unforgettable games of my life, this was a day to decompress after what happened in Chicago. We got back late, didn’t get to sleep till about 4 in the morning and I got about six hours sleep. My wake-up call was room service. Yes, I went from one hotel in Chicago to another here in Los Angeles. The lease for the place I was renting was up at the end of September.

My body is sore and exhausted, but it’s a good exhausted. We had a workout at Dodger Stadium today. This club is relaxed and ready to take care of business tomorrow, at home, in front of our fans.The Cubs will come out fighting. There’s no reason for us to get tense or uptight. We’re in a good situation.

But that’s what the Cubs thought when the series started. I can imagine how they’re feeling now. In ’06 it was like that for us, when we fell behind the Mets, 0-2. You have a great year and just like that, your backs are up against the wall. It’s not a good feeling to be in. But nobody feels sorry for you.

When I leave the stadium, I’ve got dinner plans with some friends at Park’s Korean BBQ in Koreatown. The best. Spicy beef soup. I’m hungry just thinking about it.


  1. jeanette28

    wish you guys the best for tomorrow’s game! I have tickets for Sunday’s game but I don’t mind not going! 🙂

  2. trublu4ever

    A nice dinner and some relaxation with your friends will do all of you a world of good. I can tell when they take camera shots of you in the dugout that you are totally having a great time. Speaking of Koreatown, my son is a 4th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and when he was doing most of his training, he spent quite a bit of time with one of the masters who has a studio in Koreatown. I’m not sure if that particular restaurant was there at the time but, he developed an appetite for Korean food. He also trained for a year in Seoul and really enjoyed his time there. Sorry, to ramble on and on, but I’m so excited for the team and this is how I’m coping with you guys having a day off.

  3. bluebeard129804

    Dude! I am so proud of this team, and it been amazing to see you come into your own. Go take a broom to the Cubbies!


  4. parajess

    Yum, sounds good! Hey Andre just wanted to say you’ve been my favorite player since you came over from Oakland. Even through all the tough times I could see what a great player you were and would be, even when people doubted you. I always got scared when a trade was about to happen because I knew if you were involved, the Dodgers would be making a huge mistake. I’m so glad they didn’t and are finally seeing your value and what you bring to this game, this club, and this city. I wish you all the best on and off the field and look forward to seeing you with the Blue Crew for many, many years. Go get um’ and good luck in the rest of the playoffs! I know you guys can bring it back to L.A. Your biggest fan, Jessica .O- Los Angeles

  5. iheartgigi@yahoo.com

    Thanks for your blog, ‘Dre. It’s really great hearing about the mentality of a Dodger during these times.

    I’m so excited for the team I have grown up with. I feel like I have been through all the ups and downs with you guys, and this is definitely an up that has no signs of coming down. The Dodgers are playing quality ball right now….every run is deserved and every pitcher is throwing a quality game. Every player is stepping up and most certainly you are!

    -Eric J

  6. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    hey andre! glad you guys all made it back safely.. hopefully you’re all rested now and geared up to go.. this weekend is going to be madness and so much fun!! i will be there to support~ you’re right that all the pressure is on them, and you guys are in a good situation.. stay relaxed and take care of business.. you guys have been playing so well at home lately, and there’s no reason for that to change in the playoffs.. two chances to take care of business.. i believe in you boys! 🙂

  7. amyw27

    Hopefully you and the guys will get all the sleep that you need tonight to continue to play loose tomorrow. Like you, we are all glad that you are back in LA! It’s so good to know that so many ‘young’ guys on the team get to experience going deep into the playoffs. We can tell that you are enjoying every minuet of it.
    Now- home Field advantage!!! Can’t wait to see you guys clinch at home this weekend.

  8. amadisonr@aol.com

    Greetings from up north, we live in Giants territory and were lucky to see ya on Saturday evening. Its not always popular hanging out to see ya’ll in the City by the bay. But we love sportin’ our blue when you guys come to town. This season has been great. The whole team is awesome, but your one of my favorites. Remember to give a thumbs up to those of us up north, keep the sweet swing and smile, and swwwweeeeeep the Cubbies.
    Peace to you all,
    No. Ca Luvs U 2.

  9. junkyardjamie

    I am having a hard time keeping up with this. I am truly appreciative of you keeping us in mind throughout this post season journey. I have truly enjoyed reading your posts. I even read the one from yesterday/last night to my class this morning. They have kind of taken a liking to you too, which has nothing to do with their teacher, of course – lol!! They ask about you and the Dodgers everyday, and of course, I just have to show them the highlights before we start out school day. Well, thanks again for keeping us in your loop. This is such a pleasure to be able to be part of this journey in some way with this Dodger team we have loved for so long. Silence won’t be so golden tomorrow, but the cheers and craziness sure will be. Take care and have fun!!! We will be cheering up here in Nor Cal so loud we will make sure all those Giants fans know “We Love LA”
    Debbie ~
    Dodger fan forever and Ethieraholic!!!!

  10. iluvdodgrs

    Congratulations on all you have all been doing! I’m so excited!!!! Wow a 2-0 record! :D. YAY!!! I have to tell you that I’m really proud of how far you’ve come this season, hitting 20 HR and all. You’ve contributed so much to the team. I was just telling my co-worker (who by the way is another great Dodgers fan and you happen to be her favorite player :P) – I was telling her what a great team we have. There is so much talent, and so many reliable players like Loney, Kemp, Manny, Martin (my favorite player :P), Blake, Garciaparra, DeWitt (who’s done some amazing offensive plays!), etc. etc….but you know this already, after all, you are amidst all those greats practically every day, right? Know that I and every Dodgers fan out there are cheering you and the team on! “LET’S GO DODGERS LET’S GO (Clap, clap, clap :P).” Alright, keep up the good work!!! And goooooooooooooooooooo Dodgers! We can do it!

  11. cpompe1

    Hey Andre!!!
    Great to have the team back in LA!!! It?s gonna be electric tomorrow!!! Can?t wait!!! I plan to leave home early to pick up my mom and get to the stadium early!!!

    Oh, and on one of your first postseason posts, I asked you to annihilate the Cubbies!!! Well, you and the boys sure did that in Chicago!!! See ya tomorrow!!! 🙂

  12. libeans

    Best of luck to you and the Dodgers and to you and your wife. Met you back here in NY in May after a Mets game. After seeing you mingle with the fans for a long time me and my friend thought it was a class act. Some players we have seen just walk by and dont bother. Ever since then we have been checking up on the Dodgers and you and the team just started to explode onto the scene. We thought we had something to do with that.lol. Our NY teams are out and we are rooting for you guys all the way. LA and DRE ALL THE WAY! Id like to repost our picture and say yes, thats World Series Champ Andre Ethier and me.

  13. dploverxx@yahoo.com

    Woahh!(: Good Job This Season Ethier

    So YOU Should Come To My Parents Restarant! Best Mexican Food Ever! I Promise!! PLEASE Come Ethier, It would Mean The World To ME,And My Family.

  14. rubesmoody@yahoo.com

    whats up Eith,
    i am a life long Dodger fan the way my daddy raised me, living in OC. surrounded by angel fans. even my own 9 year old son is an angel fan. Well he is a Dodger fan until you guys play the angels. so he knows everything about the Dodgers, since the angels aren’t allowed on my tv. you have been my favorite player ever since i found out we have the same birthday, (4-10) and my son has the same birthday as Loney (5-7). anyways, SUPER EXCITED about you guys bringin it home. good luck,


  15. luv4dodger

    Go out there and sweep those CUBS!!! I’m so glad you are keeping us fans updated throughout the series. Nice to read what you are thinking because I could never imagine what would be going through your head. Good luck and lets go big!!!
    ~Rocio =o)

  16. red83

    Andre!!! I had no idea that you wrote these, so it was a good thing that I was passing through here, or I may have never known. I hope that you really do get a chance to read the comments that everyone leaves on here (not just b/c of mine), because there are some very supportive fans writing in that really care about you and the rest of the boys! 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to write these…it’s great to hear a player’s perspective, especially when you’ve had a second to sit down to say it, rather than the media throwing a microphone and camera in your face. Also because I know you could be spending your time differently by relaxing, sleeping, or talking to your family. (Congratulations on the new addition, btw!!)

    I’m rambling and I apologize. I want to make sure that I give credit when it’s deserved, and you and the rest of the boys in blue deserve it more than words can say! You guys have done such an outstanding job this season!! Through all of the ups and downs, you guys have pulled through, and as a team!! There is so much heart in each and every one of you…I see it in every game you play, regardless of the outcome. I’m fortunate to have a dad that grew up in S. California, a Dodger fan for life, that instilled the thrill of the game in me, which has led me to bleed blue too.

    So I guess what I’m trying to say, is thank you! I’m so proud of you all for working so hard and being so great! You Dodgers have a solid team and have made it through so much together. I’m so excited about tomorrow night’s game and for what the future holds for you all. Thank you to Torre, the rest of the management & staff, those that are hurt, but helped to get you where you are, the new guys that have helped you to glow, and to every other Dodger that has put everything they have into the game to make this season so damn unbelievable.

    ♥ Amy B., 25, Chico, CA

  17. rollerskateskinny6@yahoo.com

    Let me state the obvious. You haven’t beaten the Cubs. You’ve won the first two games, but you haven’t beaten the team who has won 97 games this season. You ought not to be patting yourselves on the back too hard.

  18. chantal55

    Hey Andre! Good luck with the last game of the series tonight (well at least we hope!) You have been doing amazing and I’ve been watching you! Beat the Cubs!

  19. biddyboo

    Andre, it has certainly been one heck of a season for the fans and the players as well. I have watched for many years but never have I seen a team quite like this one. The team rose up from so many challenges from beginning to end and certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations. My mantra throughout the year whether we were winning or losing was “We don’t celebrate or claim defeat until the last out!” With the Dodgers, you never know what kind of tricks that they can pull out of their mitts! When we became the N.L. West Champs my brother mused to me that it was pretty cool that I stuck with my faith in the team even though he and pretty much everyone else I knew told me I was dreaming big. He said I could rest assured that I was a true fan rather than a bandwagon fan. There are many of us in Los Angeles and throughout the country that have always had that steadfast faith in our Dodgers no matter what. Every year we proclaimed at the start of Spring Training that THIS was our year! Every year we believe. I think that this year for my memories of the Dodger teams that I have witnessed, not too many as I am still young, I have not seen a more steadfast and passionate group that supports one another to no end. I’ll be watching tonight from home from beginning to end and cheering all of you guys on! Good luck tonight to you and the rest of the boys and thank you for an awesome season!


  20. jillafmconstruction@live.com

    I hope you and the rest of the team have gotten a lot of rest and are geared up to sweep this thing! I was lost yesterday with no game. My family and I just kinda looked at each other last night and sighed…so what do we do? Can’t wait for tonight to bring the house down! The staduim will be electric! So glad I have the opportunity to be there in person. Oh boy…here goes my voice again!
    Thanks for the opportunity to let “The 10th man” feel like a part of the team!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!

  21. noahtoysmom@yahoo.com

    I’ve been a fan my whole life. You can say, when you’re born into our family you’re a Dodger fan. So that makes me a 3rd generation fan. I even have a dog named Dodger! Good Luck tonight. I have friends that are going to be there, wish I was!!! Unfortunately I’m in the midwest, but I’m watching on T.V. Can’t wait for the next series=)….Olivia

  22. thinkingblue

    Great to hear that you are back in L.A. Parks Korean BBQ is a great place. My friend (she is Korean) has been there so many times and recommends it. I can’t wait to hear our experience.
    Tonights game is going to be LOUD!. Dodgers fan are full of energy and are ready for tonight. Wish you all the luck and enjoy the game.
    Rose ~ Ethieraholic-Dodgeraholic!

  23. rlm9@sbcglobal.net


    You’re my favorite player in all of baseball. You have been dynamite in clutch situations this season. I was thrilled to see that you are taking the time to blog. I can’t wait to read to each one.

    I am 62 years old and have been a Dodger fan my whole life, although I have never had the pleasure to watch a game in person. I grew up in New Mexico and I could get the night games on KFI back in the 60’s.

    Then my family moved to Texas and I lost the broadcasts, but never stopped rooting for the Dodgers.

    I am so excited for you and the team. Go Dodgers! Blast the Cubs tonight and end this thing. One more memory, I remember Vin Scully saying on the radio after the Dodgers won the World Series the previous year, “Let’s pause for station indentification, this is the world champion Dodgers radio network.”

    Andre, it’s going to happen again!!!! Hit a home run for me!!!

  24. jess78

    Hi Andre,
    I wish you all the best in tonight’s game, wish I were there, but I’ll be watching from a friends house, we all bleed blue. Go Dodgers!
    Love Jess

  25. trublu4ever

    Sorry, Andre, but I have to tell some people that this is not the Dodgers blog…………this is Andre’s journal of what it’s like to be in the playoffs. Andre does reviews of restaurants in the L.A. area also. Inside the Dodgers is our official blog and we have set a record of over 1200 posts in one day. Today, we are way past nine hundred. This is the wrong place to bad-mouth our Dodgers………come to ITD and do it where we can fight for our boys in blue.

  26. ashley619

    hahaha I love korean food! the spicy beef soup is my favorite too! What if everyone goes to that place to see you after the game? lol

  27. karl.ev

    Good luck in the NLCS (hopefully against the Brewers!), and thank you for sweeping the Cubs. It is officially NOT going to happen!

    It’s amazing to show what a little bit of drive can do to shut down a team – great year and I’m hoping for great things!

  28. rickw

    One of the best things about the Dodgers sweeping the Cubs is they were not supposed to be there. Living here in the northern part of the state and in giant country, IT IS AWESOME. GO BLUE

  29. bluecrewgirl

    Andre, Congrats to you and the Dodgers for winning the NLDS. Best of luck in the NLCS. I have a feeling you are going to come up big in the series. Like Manny says, just relax and have fun, be in the moment. You have one of the sweetest swings in the game, just let it flow. I was telling a fellow ITD’r that I had a dream that you hit a walk off grand slam to win the World Series. You never know what can happen and I have a great feeling about this team.

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