Silence is Golden

One of the writers tonight asked me what we can do for an encore after the way we won Game 1 of the Division Series against the Cubs. We just have to wake up tomorrow and get ready to do it again.

Of course tonight, we’re going to enjoy this one. It was one of those games where the score wasn’t indicative of all that went on down on the field. We had many chances tonight and we didn’t take advantage of them and earlier in the season, that would have been costly. Then all of a sudden Dempster makes a mistake and James crushes the ball to center and the game completely turned around.

And the thing I remember before that was the buzz in the stadium from the Cubs fans. You could just feel the energy. And then you could just feel the energy get sucked out when James homered and the place got so quiet. It’s a great feeling doing something like that on the road, because the home crowd gets real quiet but everybody in our dugout is going crazy.

And the Cubs still had an opportunity to come back, but D-Lowe pitched his way out of it in the bottom of the sixth. Then we added even more runs and put it away.

Tomorrow we face Zambrano and they’ll be ready to play. We’ll have a game plan, but the playoffs are a different mentality and you don’t know for sure how he’ll come at you. We just have to be aware of the flow of the game and let it come to us.




  1. cpompe1

    Hey Andre!!!
    Congrats on winning tonight!!! I wanted to watch the whole thing, but I had to go to church tonight and had to leave the house by 5:30 PT today. But I did see James’ grand salami!!! Boy, he must be thrilled as all of his ‘mates probably are right now!!!

    Oh, and I’m not sure if I left this comment before, but just in case I didn’t, congrats to you and Maggie on the birth of your son!!!

  2. bluecrewgirl

    What a great victory tonight. Everyone contributed in some way. Go out there tomorrow and go yard against Zambrano. I so want to see him kick the Gatorade bucket over in the dugout again, lol. It would be awesome to come back to LA up 2-0.

  3. dodgereric

    Awesome game tonight Andre! You guys take it to ’em! No one but you guys and us Dodger fans know what you are capable of!

    Shock the WORLD!!!!!!

  4. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    Remarkable game tonight!!! You are right, I have never heard Wrigley Field that quiet in a long, long time. I think their fans, along with the media, have really underestimated THIS Dodger team. I don’t think they are going to make that mistake again. All the best as you and the rest of our beloved Dodgers go into tomorrow’s game.
    Debbie ~

  5. chillicat

    So proud of all of you guys… Congrats on the win!
    Was sending good vibes to you all throughout my yoga class tonight!!!
    Can’t stop the BLUE!!! GO DODGERS GO!!!


    Andre :]

    Today’s win was just great. All us fans believe that our team can win the World Series. So don’t forget to silence the crowds tomorrow too. Good luck :]

  7. dodgerdrei

    Great game tonight ‘Dre. Keep that momentum goin’ for tomorrow !!! And if you have time, Giordanno’s makes a great Chicago deep dish pizza. It’s quite a pie !!! But wait ’till after the game please. GO DODGERS !!!!

    aka Dodgerdrei

  8. J.D. Hernandez


    Congrats on the win. While Wrigley Field was noticeably quiet, it was a pretty raucous atmosphere in the Los Angeles area (at least those that are true blue Dodger fans). I hope you come back to Dodger Stadium with a 2-0 series lead and wrap it up at home in front of the Dodger faithful! Good luck on game two.


  9. trublu4ever

    I am thrilled with the victory yesterday. It really was a team effort. If you hadn’t been patient at the plate, and not allowed James to bat………no grand slam. I was a nervous wreck during the game. Well, I’m a basket case during every game. But, after seeing how you guys handled the pressure of game one in Chicago, I now believe the Dodgers can go all the way! Best wishes for today and we all love you! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ……..Certified Ethieraholic

  10. thinkingblue

    Great Game last night. The Cubs and fans were put to hybernate. Loney really turned the game around and all the homeruns started rolling in. CONGRATULATIONS!
    Wish you the best on tonights games and don’t forget to enjoy game. Enjoy the peace and quiet cause when the Dodgers come home it will get LOUD!!!!!

  11. amyw27

    Great Game One!!! All of the Energy was sucked out of the stadium because everyone in LA was on their feet cheering when Loney came through with that Grand Slam! I have no doubt that your game plan for tonight will go smoothly and you will take advantage of all their mistakes and weaknesses. Zambrano can’t stop our Billz and the Dodgers!
    Now We have home field advantage! Can’t wait til you guys make it back to LA. We will be feeding you plenty of energy from the stands. Stay focused, Have fun, and the Dodgers will show the world who the best team in baseball is!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!


    Hi Ethier!!!

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing these special moments with all of us fans!

    Yesterday I was at a viewing party in Pasadena with friends and let me tell you, as you can imagine, we were a SUPER ROWDY crowd!!!! So the quiet you heard in Chicago when James hit his Grand Slam and HR’s by Manny and Russel, we made up for it here at home.

    We love you guys!!! Looking forward to tonight!!!

  13. acardona16

    Wow what a game last night!! arn’t grand slams just beautiful!? hehe! even though we started off… not so good… we came out of it and you guys came out with the win!!! my next door neighbor was driving down the street yelling “let’s go dodgers!!” my brother stuck his hands in the air and yelled right back!! also quite a few of my other neighbors were cheering too!! it was like dodgers stadium right in front of my house!! haha. that just shows how MANY people are behind you guys %100!! i wish you guys the best of luck in tonights game! and the rest of the playoffs!! GO DODGERS!!

    your fan, Amy
    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!

  14. selltheteam

    Andre, that was a supreme team effort last night. Congratulations to you, James, the rest of the offense, Derek Lowe, the bullpen, the bench. Everyone was involved in a great victory. This is the team we have been patiently waiting to come back around for the past twenty years. You guys rock! Good luck tonight, it would be great to come home to the Ravine already up 2-0!

  15. luv4dodger

    I love it!!! So many analysts are favoring the Cubs, but little do they realize this is a different Dodger team from that who they played earlier in the season. I bet Cubs fans didn’t see it coming, and I’m so glad you won big!! Loney has came through with bases loaded many times throughout this season, but this one was so sweet! Lowe was amazing, definitely apparent his experience kept him calm and didn’t let the early Cubs lead get to him. He did his job and left it up t the offense to take care of the rest. This Dodger team is awesome. Lets do it again tonight!! Good luck!
    ~Rocio =o)

  16. booboochen

    Andre!!!!! Just keep cool and we’ll keep on rolling! Zambrano gets all flustered if the other team scores early so let’s get some runs in the 1st and 2nd inning! Love your food reviews and congrats on the baby!

  17. duckdodgers

    This is the most exciting Dodgers baseball I’ve seen in 20 years and I believe you guys can go the distance this time!

    Now, since you’re in Chicago, you have to get a flame broiled steak at the Weber Grill (yeah, sounds touristy, but the quality is excellent) and a stuffed pizza at Giordano’s – just don’t have the pizza for lunch before a game. The batboy would have to carry you around the bases in a wheelbarrow.


    What a great game. You guys are flying under the radar — the media is pulling for the Cubs, but you are best team in baseball right now, in my opinion. Just keep it up — go out and have some fun: play Mannyball! Wrap it up in LA!

  19. Dodger4life

    Way to go boy’s, great game.There’s a lot of positive energy in Dodgertown.Last night was fun,lets go out and do it again.Game 2 WE BELIEVE!!! GO DODGERS !!!

  20. dodgerdope

    Andre, I really felt for you when you struck out with the bases loaded (in the 3rd?).
    I couldn’t bare to watch anymore of the game after that. So I laid my son down for a nap and started to do what I do to take my mind off of the score– I started to make some killer hickory smoked marinara sauce from scratch with some grilled smoked sausage and fettuccini (this is a food blog after all). I had Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday turned waaaay up so I could hear the play by play as I diced the sausage and threw it in a pan of olive oil, chili powder, brown sugar and paprika. My other pan of chopped yellow onion, garlic, roasted red peppers, red wine, beef stock, diced tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, brown sugar, worchester sauce, some bullseye hickory and brown sugar pork bbq sauce, salt and pepper was reducing just nicely.. .THEN BAM, TWO-STRIKE PITCH SLAMMED OUT OF THE BUILDING!
    Best meal I had in months.

    Keep us updated on the Spring Training in Arizona Food Guide. You just get with the Dodgers Communications people and have that guide formated in PDF form, so we can print it out and staple it together like a brochure, dude.

    See you Saturday at the Stadium when we go for another win.

  21. junkyardjamie

    Silence is golden once again Andre. Not only is it silent in Wrigley Field, it is silent where I live in NorCal. Giants fans and media are just as stunned, and it is priceless. I happened to know first hand because I live with them and work with them.


    Congratulations!!! You guys made it again! I bought tickets for Sunday’s game in LA but i think you’re gonna sweep it! (i’m praying!) You guys are unbelievable, i still get goose bumps! =) Good Luck!!! GO DODGERS!


  23. lagirl8

    you guys were awsome i was lovin that grand slam keep it up guys were proud of you guys. lots of luck 2 you guys peace

  24. bigpapi72

    Find the v


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