This ones hard to take

I feel that kicked-in-the-stomach feeling. After everything we’ve been through this year, to come this far and have it end like this, it leaves a sour taste and it will be tough to let it go. It will take a little time until I’m able to stop looking back at this and start getting the itch to get back at it.

We just had a lack of execution. I’m guilty. I was not getting on base in front of Manny so he could drive me in. He hit something crazy like .538 but we didn’t score enough runs. I have to get the job done a little better. I have to come back next year with the knowledge I’ve gained from this and be a better baseball player.

The writers have asked if I feel we were beaten by a better club. I don’t, no way. I’m not shy in saying that. They definitely beat us, but we also beat ourselves a bit. You can look at Game 1 and Monday’s game. If we don’t make mistakes in those games, we just as easily could have won them. They executed better than we did, no doubt.

As for next year, we’ll see if I’m here. You never know. I want to see what the off-season holds. We’ve got a lot of outfielders coming back.

As for this year, I want to thank the fans for their support, for showing up all year. It was a tough season with a lot of ups and downs. I appreciate your support and the encouraging words on and off the field and I hope to see everybody again in 2009.


  1. ladgirl27

    Heyy Ethier ! (:
    Yup! I was feeling the same way!
    I was soo nervous & scared … I was like, ” NO ! WE HAVE TO WIN, IF WE DON’T WE GET OUT THE NLCS & THE PHILLIES WIN IT !! ” I sure was scared. I had butterflies :/
    But you guys did at least well ♥ ! (:
    I love you guys so much & i’ll miss you all!
    Hope to see you next year with us ! You rockkk Andre ! Luv u!

    xooxox Brittany (: ♥ #1 fan !!!!!

  2. jeanette28

    Thanks for the great season Andre! You guys made it this far and we the fans appreciate that. Of course you will be back next season!! you have to be back! You’ve earned your spot as a starter and WE want you back!! Now go enjoy that off-season with your family and your baby boy and see you in the spring!!

  3. bluefan08

    Vin always said. It’s tough on the players, but tougher on the fans. this certainly is the case. because fans wait for a long time, players move on. but a fan stays put. This was a great season, unfortunately it came to this. You’re right Andre, on the point that a better team beat you. You guys could have easily been on your way to finish the series in your favor. Rewind keep Victorino off bases for game 1. Dodgers win. Game 2. tough for Bills. but Phillies won. [series 1-1] Game 3. Kuroda dominates [series 2-1 LA] Game 4 bullpen indecision [series 3-1 LA] Game 5 Phillies win w/ or w/o Raffy’s errors. [series 3-2 LA]…the rest is history. But if we made it this far through the troubles we went through. No doubt we will be back.

  4. ash_o_wee

    Andre you had a dope year!! you guys made us fans proud!! and your going to be here next year, the fans love you! you are one of my favorites and can’t wait for next season… have a great offseason.


    Hi Andre,

    I must say I’m surprised you actually wrote. I’m sure that was difficult. It was hard enough for me to get back to writing my annotated bibliography. I don’t know what’s worse: the Dodgers loss or typing an exhaustive paper. Joe said it best: you guys will be back here again (and hopefully with Manny), and in that time, you will have gained much from this experience. I certainly hope you come back. You will be much better for it. Do enjoy your off season with your family; that is what matters most. Be ready to start it fresh come April. Have a great one.

  6. shad78

    Yes totally agree bluefan08. This series could easy be 3-2/ Keep your head up Ethier we support this team this year and we would still support this team fo ever.

  7. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    I am not sure what to say that I have already said probably 100 times on your blog alone, but I will say it again, and make it 101. It has been a true pleasure watching you play this year. I was one of the few that knew you were coming because of the connection of a little boy who was an A’s fan.

    I have been a fan of yours since your first day as a Dodger and, I have felt, like many of your fans, that you have made a lot of people change their minds on how they look at Andre Ethier, the ball player. From all the talk at the beginning of the season with who would play left field to these last 2 months and Manny being a part of the equation, you have mangaged to shine through it all and become a mlb star. You have turned the corner, like they say, from a “potential” to an actual “here I am,” and I am glad you did it as a Dodger.

    Like I have said before, I know this industry enough to know that to think you will be a Dodger forever is pretty unrealistic, but I hope you are for a very long time. I would love to see you play in Dodger blue for as long as you can because you have been a big part of this young core that these Dodger fans feel are a part of a future dynasty in Dodger baseball. Dodger fans got a glimpse of this dynasty in the past few weeks to a month playing in post season play. There are going to be many post seasons to come if this young core stays intact and learns and grows together.

    Have a wonderful time off with your family, and we will see you back in 2009.

    Thank you again for a fabulou season of Dodger Baseball. It wouldn’t have been Dodger Baseball with

  8. junkyardjamie

    Let me finish – sorry πŸ™‚

    Thank you again for a fabulous season of Dodger Baseball. It wouldn’t have been Dodger Baseball without you.
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic

  9. trueblue55

    Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, Nomar comes to bat. I STILL had hope. I honestly still felt we were going to win. I hate this feeling. This bad, sickening feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t know whether to hide my emotion or bust out in tears. It was seriously heartbreaking. & I can’t help but think the umps were favoring the Phillies. Kent was thrown a BALL and so was Martin, but what’s done is done. I guess all there’s left to do is cut our loses and hope for the best next year. Definitely learn from our mistakes. We’re still a young team and have much growing to do. Once you bleed blue, there’s no turning back. In our eyes, the boys in blue are the true Champs. Dodger Blue for life!

    They better bring you back next year, or there will be some pretty pissed of Dodger fans.

  10. bluefan08

    I was down when the Dodgers lost 8 straight and was there when they won 8 in a row. We were down but never out. Enjoy these 5 months off. I know you wish you could enjoy them with a title but nonetheless, you got the biggest price a new family. enjoy that. next thing you know, you will be getting the lease on your apartment for 2009. [BTW: get the lease all the way through the end of October this time] and plus you’ll have all of spring training close to home. Take care this offseason and will see you next year.


    I was bummed by the outcome of the game and this series. All you can do is tip your cap to the Phillies and learn from this. I am sure it was a great learning experience and you have to admit, it was awesome to be in the postseason while it lasted. I watched or listened to every game. My mind filled with thoughts of seeing you guys in the World Series. I do hope you are wearing Dodger Blue next year. I felt you should have been playing everyday from the start of the season. Even though Manny was a wonderful addition to the team, I want to see #16 and #27 in the outfield next season. Both of you have shining futures and I want to see them unfold at Dodger Stadium!


    Well, it certainly was a heartbreaking series. We all know you were capable of taking it all the way, it just felt the guys were pressing a little and couldn’t get out of their heads. It happens; what can you do? I only hope you know we’re disappointed for you, but not in you. We believed in you all the way, and we know if everyone had been “on,” it could easily have gone the other way (and I promise you there are a lot of people who were hoping for a Dodgers/Red Sox series)
    I’d like to thank you for a great ride this season. It was so exciting to see our team get this far into the post season after such a long wait. You made so many invaluable contributions to help the team get here to begin with, and I hope you take away some of those positive memories to help wash away the sour taste.
    If the powers-that-be are smart, the core of this team will be kept together to return next October with this experience under your belts to show everyone what you’re made of. We’ll all be there with you when you do. As any true fan would say, “we’ll get ’em next year!”
    I sincerely hope you’ll be back in Blue come the Spring. You’re the favorite of so many fans, it’d be heartbreak all over again to hear you’d moved on. (Of course I’d root for you wherever you go, unless it’s SF…there I draw the line!)
    For the time being, enjoy the time with your family, and please continue “Dining with ‘Dre.” It’ll help us get through the long drought this Winter! They can keep their football, basketball, etc. Distraction by food is the only way to go!
    Thank you for everything (including this blog, especially
    considering how tough it must have been to write at times like this), and best of luck to you in all you do in the future. You’re a true gem.
    Dodger fan since ’81 and counting…


    hi andre! I just want to sincerely thank you for an outstanding season this year!!! in person at dodgers stadium or on my tv you have been sooo fun to watch…..even my 5 year old daughter knows who you are & calls you a “hottie!” : )
    I hope you enjoy your off season with your wonderful family and I am already looking forward to next march!!! please please please come back to the dodgers, but in case you don’t, I will be your fan wherever you go….that is a requirement of being a true ethieraholic!!!! god bless you andre…..& try to cheer up dude!!!! : ) we all love you!!!!!
    xoxoxo rosemary

  14. northstateblues

    Andre, don’t dwell on it too much, you and the team have had a great year, one of the greatest I’ve seen in my 27-year lifetime. You’ve come a long way in two years, and the future’s only looking brighter.

    Enjoy the offseason, but savor this moment. You’ve gotten a lot farther than the sportswriters thought you ever would. Thanks again for an awesome year!



    Andre – Great season this year. The last couple of games really hurt, but as Dodger fans we haven’t been watching the team play deep into October in a long, long time so it was a fun ride while it lasted. As you can tell by the noise level from the fans these last few games we as a group were so excited to see the team fighting to get to the series. Thanks for all the hard work and effort and for posting your thoughts throughout the playoffs online. In this day and age, it seems like like the media is so prevailing that players are afraid to voice their opinions in fear of having to deal with over-scrutinizing talking heads and opinions. I saw a promo of your blog and I thought we’d never hear from you. In any event, keep up the good work. I will be looking out for your food blogs this offseason and counting the days to spring training next season.

    Cheers in a time of short gloom,

    Washington, DC


    Andre, please pass my words on to Rafael Furcal: I?m a Phillies fan, and I want to say something to you. In spite of the errors, you conducted yourself as a mature professional ballplayer after it happened. You didn?t stomp or throw your hat, you showed maturity. What a perfect role model you are. You?re a great player who wanted to play in spite of your stiff neck. You wouldn?t have wanted it any other way. Hope you have a great season next year.


    If you had the best team, you would have won!!! That’s the way the game is played. You were not consistent as a team. You cannot rely on one hitter to get you to the big series. You fell apart as a team. Own it. Give the Phillies the credit they deserve. They stuck together as a team. Someone was always there to pick the others up when they fell. Be a man about it. Go Phils!!!!!!

  18. trublu4ever

    Andre ~ thank you so much for a great season. Just like you, we fans had our ups and downs. But, you guys did make it into the championship series. I REALLY do hope you are back with the team next season. We need all the class acts we can get on our Dodger team and, you are truly a good person. It was an honor and priveledge watching you play this season. I got to meet you for a brief moment at a signing in Culver City and you were as sweet and kind as I knew you were! Take care and enjoy your family.

  19. bluecrewgirl

    Andre, Congratulations on a fantastic season. You have every reason to be very proud of what you?ve accomplished this season and you?re only going to get better. I have been a big fan since you first came up in 2006 and you have a lot of support in the Dodger fan community. You are an asset to the team on and off the field and I look forward to watching you play for Dodger Blue for many successful years to come. The future is bright with the talented young core and hopefully Manny can be resigned to complete the picture. Have a wonderful off season with your family. I can?t wait until next season, but I?m sure you?re looking forward to some well deserved rest. If you have time to give us a restaurant review or two during the off season, that would be great, but if not we definitely understand. Take care and see you next year, and I have no doubt you will be back with the Dodgers next season.

  20. eltokes

    Andre; muchas felicidades, fuι una muy buena temporada, jugaron muy bien. Espero que en el 2009 sigas con los Dodgers por que eres uno de los mejores jugadores del equipo,
    Que tengas unas muy buenas vacaciones, disfruta a tu familia y descansa.
    Me darνa mucho gusto que representaras a Mιxico en el 2009 World Baseball Classic.

    Felicidades y mucha suerte.

    Go Dodgers, Go Andre!!!!

  21. phlflyer1


    The lack of respect for a team with the last 2 NL MVPs and possibly a third in a row this year is just amazing.

    The Phillies had superior defense, timely hitting throughout the lineup, a better bullpen and the best starting pitcher on either staff. Case closed.

    Here is a good article for you Dodgers fans who still hold onto the mirage that your team is the “better” team…


    you dodgers fan are so dumb and clueless about the game. The phillies are a better team than you guys hands down. Break it down position by position. We win in every position except for manny in left! Are pitching dominates yours… how are the dodgers a better team? people in LA are so full of them selves and do not no anything about sports. I will even break it down game by game for you senseless LA fans. 1st game phillies won with spped and capitalized one mistakes made by lowe. Game 2….No comment as the phillies smaked the dodgers around……Game 3 Moyer got beat up, phillies didnt capitalize on dodgers mistakes (and there were tons) and thats why they didnt sweep…….Game 4 just showed whos bullpen was better…….game 5 every one on the dodgers rolled on their stomachs n died…..or maybe just put on their golf shoes to early….my point is you can not say you were the better team if we beat you in 5 games. errors happen, mistakes happen, GOOD TEAMS FIND A WAY TO GET AROUND THOSE bad teams cant……THE PHILLIES GOT FOUND AWAY AROUND THEIR MISTAKES, THE DODGERS DIDNT. thats why the dodgers are out golfing this morning

  23. trublu4ever

    Why don’t you Phillie idiots go to the Rays website and bother them! Just give it a rest…………you won the damn series, so what? We will all be here next season and, if your team doesn’t win the World Series, you’ll just abandon them, as usual. You are showing no class whatsoever, by coming here today.

  24. lsphilsfan

    Since apparently someone decided to delete my comments, I will state them again..

    Whether you want to admit it or not, you did get beat by a better team.

    We had the better regular season record, in a MUCH tougher division. We had the better pitching. We took advantage of your mistakes. We beat you with your hottest hitter (and biggest jerk) lighting things up.

    Sorry Andre, but we are the better team.


    Great Season! Thanks for helping the team give the fans a fantastic year.

    Tell DeWitt and Billingsley to keep their heads up — they had successful seasons that just didn’t seem to end as well as they would’ve liked. Tell em to stay encouraged.

    Love our team — the young nucleus of talent. We’ll be back.

  26. whiskeyblu

    Don’t beat yourself up over this Dre. You and the rest of the club gave us a great season. We’ll be sitting in the stands wearing our Dodgers credentials again next year. No love lost here.



    I LOVE LA…..


    I sure do believe that a team in baseball can be beat by a team not better then them….But NOT 4 out of 5 times!!!!! Get real dude!!!Phillies waxed that A**!!!!!!!! And me living in LA I loved IT!!!!!!! Ethier, you are either not smart or just REALLY ignorant….Enjoy your time off, GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!

  29. thinkingblue

    You guys gave and excellent and exciting year. We are proud of everything you guys have accomplish. Next year will be a different story. I do hope you stay with the Dodgers….we will miss you much. Have a wonderful off season. Spend lots of time with your family and I just hope to see in you Blue – Dodger Blue – next year. God Bless you and your Family. You are an excellent player….just don’t let it get to your head…LOL!

  30. amyw27

    Thank you for such a wonderful season. I am so proud of this team and all that it accomplished this year. Through all the changes and ups and downs, everyone still managed to make it to the NLCS. No, it didn’t end in our favor, but it’s been a hell of a ride and we all went through it together!! LA fans are not sad, we are thankful for the great season and all the wonderful memories we’ve had. WE LOVE LA!!!!
    Enjoy your time off and enjoy being a daddy!!
    119 days til spring training πŸ™‚ See you then my friend.

  31. dodgerdope

    To tell you the truth, I don’t see you going to another team next year. There aren’t that many outfielders coming back from what I can see. Manny probably wont be there, and the way it sounds with Andruw, they’re going to be practicing him as a back-up 1st baseman, so he wont screw up his knee anymore.I can honestly see them possibly dealing Russell or Matt. Russell’s numbers tailed way off this year, and his defense costs us some runs. Matt strikes out a lot for such small power numbers (I think Juan Pierre hit more homeruns than Matt in September and October). They’d make a great package deal for someone though.Enjoy time with your son, I have a two-year old and believe you when I say you’ll be itching to come back to the game because babies tire the hell out of you.I don’t think I’ve ever spent more money on tickets in a single season than I did this year (what with the playoffs and the “economy”), so I got to start saving for the Spring. Start working on your Spring Training Arizona Dining Guide. Every once in a while bring a camera and a notepad to some of these places you go to near home. I think what would be pretty cool is invite all the Ethier-holics to charity dinner(s) during Spring Training at one of your favorite restaurants. Auction off stuff, sign some autograpghs, take some pictures, and eat some good grub. Dinner at Andres!


    It was a heart breaker. But I want to thank you and the Blue Crew for a great and exciting season. I have lots of memories at Dodger Stadium. Especially of my Dad (RIP) he was a true fan and we keep his legacy going. 3 generations of Dodger fans in the family. He would have been so proud of his team. I look forward to next season. I’m counting on all of you to come back next year. Dodger fan for life!!!


    Andre, you and Russell are my favorite players on the team and the idea of you not coming back next year is unthinkable.

    I want to thank you and the team for such a wonderful season, one which will go down as my favorite since 1988.



  35. russmartin


    It has been said many times already, but THANK YOU so much for such a fantastic season. This was the first year I had season tix and couldn’t have asked for more heart and determination from you guys. I can only imagine what you all are going through after all work and time you put in. Torre was talking about the abruptness of the end, and it?s true and harsh. Most teams know when they are going home and have time to mentally prepare. But they didn?t get any champagne/beer/milk showers HA!- And you guys had two!! That has as to be very special. It was a blast celebrating up in the seats. I certainly expect and trust I will see you in Glendale in March. You are a great player and asset to the Dodgers. Enjoy the off season and time with your family. Be proud because we are of you and the entire team.
    All the best,
    I hope you can continue your reviews, even if they are of restaurants in the Phoenix area :0 They are fun and we love hearing from you.

  36. acardona16

    well let me start off by saying this has been an AMAZING season! i went to the opening night game at dodger stadium and i watched every game up to yesterdays game! yes yesterday was very heartbreaking.. but i would like to say that i am so very proud of all this team has accomplished this year! you have grown so much as a player and have really made a name for yourself in the baseball world!!

    like some have said before, it’s unrealistic (in this industry) to say you will play with the dodgers for your whole career.. but i hope you play with this team i love so much, for MANY MANY years to come! you are my favorite and will be my favorite for years to come! I’ve said this so many times before but, win or lose i will support this team 100%!! and the Dodgers will always be my favorite!!

    I got to do SO many things this year that i didn’t in the past few years.. one of the best things i got to do was see you and get your autograph at the AT&T store! that one deffinately tops a lot of things! another thing i am so happy i got to be a part of was going to the game the day you guys clenched the play-offs!! I’ve never screamed so loud!! you guys were all SO happy and it was awesome to be a part of that!! also, another thing i got to be a part of was the post season rally!! that was awesome!!! i had my Ethier shirt on (that you signed) and i screamed as loud as i could!! that was an awesome night!!

    have a wonderful time during the off-season with your family!! we will miss you guys so very much!! i can’t wait to have you guys back in 2009!!! Andre, you are an amazing player and this year was deffinately one i wont ever forget!! thank you for all the memories!! GO DODGERS!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

    your fan, amy
    Ethieraholic and Dodger fan FOREVER!!!!
    (p.s. I’m really trying hard to go to the “under the lights” event! i hope i get to meet you!!)


    Andre, you wouldn’t even be in the playoffs if Manny wasn’t around. You were definately beat by the better team. Man up! It doesn’t matter if you come back next year, the important question is “is Manny coming back?”

  38. may1940

    Hi Andre,
    Thanks for another great blog! I saw you last night on the field after the game shaking hands with the fans. You are a class act! Don’t even think about not coming back next year! I don’t believe the Dodger front office could be that stupid! Relax during the offseason with your family. You have a lovely wife (I saw her picture on the Arizona U site) and a baby son, enjoy them.

    I’m going to miss your blogs!!!!
    God Bless You.


  39. ilovela

    Eth, what’s with this talk about you “seeing if you’ll be here next year???” You have by far proved you are a Dodger staple in the 3 years you’ve been in the bigs. I swear to god, you better come back. When Piazza left in 97 i was near tears. You’re the first player i’ve really considered my “favorite” since then and dammit, you just better be in tha blue 16 jersey in 2009.

    Also, you guys lost, it’ll just make you that much hungrier for next year. Since i’ve been a fan(1993), this is the best season EVER for the Dodgers! So cmon, chin up, you got a smokin hot wife, and you play baseball for a living. YOU DA MAN!


    Andre, Yeah the game was heartbreaking 😦 but WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! and that just makes it all better πŸ™‚ You guys have been great with the fans it’s wonderful. See you next year.



    I was pretty compelled to read all your blogs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us fans!! I pray that you will be back next year, you are such an excellent player and not to mention a HOT one at that πŸ™‚ But in all seriousness, I know today is a tough day for you and the whole team but you have to be proud of what you have accomplished this season. Look at all the good things and just smile at the victories you had. I am PROUD to be a Dodger fan and will hold my head up high knowing I supported a GREAT TEAM. Keep smiling, enjoy your offseason and be ready to kick some serious butt next year.. I have faith in you guys and know that you CAN do it!! Can’t wait till April rolls around. Is it April yet? Love Ya!!
    Take care of yourself.. Signed: Hope

  42. luv4dodger

    Wow! I am amazed at the disrespectful comments left by Phillies fans!! These are classless comments that are unnecessary. First of all, your facts are not all correct, maybe you should go to this link and look up most of the starting players for the Dodgers. Half the players for the Dodgers are earning less than $500,000.

    Andre, we thank you for going out of your way to address your fans. Phillies did play better this series, but Dodgers are an amazing team who is young and I’m excited to see what the future has to bring. We made it to the NLCS this year, lets make it to the World Series next year. Congratulations on making it this far. Enjoy your family!! I don’t see you going anywhere! We will see you right back at Dodger Stadium next spring.


  43. ladodger86

    Hey Andre,

    I Just Want To Say No Matter What The Dodger Fans Will Love YOu And The Team. We Had A Tough Lost But We Will Overcome It And We Will Win Next Year. Hopefully You Will Be Back Next Year With The Dodgers. Don’t Worry About Those Comments That The Phillie Fans Left I Hope The Rays Beat The Phillies And Then Those Fans Will Shut-Up Lol. Well I Hope You Enjoy Your Off-Season With Your New Pride And Joy Your Baby Boy πŸ™‚ Tell Your Mom I Said Hi And I Hope To See Her At Spring Training πŸ™‚ Oh Yeah And Tell Maggie That She Looks Really Good Since She Gave Birth Lol

    Love Always,
    The Dodger Worker

  44. nryan30

    Keep your chin up ‘Dre. it was a good season, the best the dodgers have had since ’88. and Im sure you, Matty, Russ, Bills, Brox, and the rest will continue to get better and help the team to the WS next year. You better be back next year man. I expect to see numbers 16 and 27 in Right and Center Field in ’09 (possibly with #99 in left?). anyways, it was a decent series and few more inches here and there and the Dodgers are up 3-1 going into game 5. Enjoy the offseason with your wife and newborn and see you in ’09!


    You are a sore loser. The Phillies are a much better team then the dodgers. All the Dodgers have is Manny. Maybe if you and all of the fans were not sore losers and played the game as a game you might have done better. The BEST TEAM ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!


    Hey Andre,
    As a baseball fan I am disappointed in your blog. You guys lost and nearly got swept. You have to give credit where it’s due. The Phillies were the better team, because they were consistent and executed. The won you didn’t, and I know it sucks. You guys will be back next year, and hopefully will have learned from this experience. You need to learn to win with class and lose with class. Watch a player like Shane Victorino. With a World Series trip on the line, and in the biggest game of his career, he encourages a player from the opposing team. Thats class. GET SOME!!!


    Oh and one more comment Phillies fans need to learn how to win and lose with class as well. There is no reason for some of these comments.

  48. ladoyers

    First of all, thanks for a great year. Although it didn’t end the way that any Dodger fans wanted it to I think it was still a huge success and was a great learning experience for the whole team. This season we won 4 times as many play-off games as we have in the last 19 years. I think you’re doing the right thing by taking it all as a learning experience and I think that’s the most positive thing that you can do at this point.

    I also feel that the Dodgers were a better team than the Phillies and that’s not sour grapes, just my opinion. It seems like everything fell together perfect in the Cubs series and everything seemed to be working against us when we played the Phillies. At the end of the day they came out and took it to us. I give the Phillies credit for beating a great team.

    I agree with you that the Dodgers have some tough questions to answer in the near future especially when it comes to the outfield. I feel that they’d be making a huge mistake if they don’t figure out a way to get you in the Opening Day Line-up next year.

    Lastly, thanks for being a superstar on and off the field you’re a class act.

    Dodger/Ethier fan for life,

  49. trueblue55

    They’re so bored with their lives, they have nothing better to do. You don’t like the Dodgers and what we have to say, then DON”T come to a Dodger players site and read his blog. We weren’t beaten by the Phillies, we beat ourselves. We’re a young team, we made too many mistakes. Come next year, we’ll be unbeatable.
    Someone said they might trade Martin, are you kidding me? yeah, he chocked during this series but the guy is a beast. He’s one of the best catchers in the game, not to mention a two time all-star. Kemp is young with too much confidence and not enough patience. But, believe me, with experince he’s going to be one of the most amazing players.
    Don’t worry about it Dodger fans, ’09 will b our year. Mr. scully’s 60th year is going to be a lucky and well deserved year for us.
    Philadelphia hasn’t won any championships since 1983, and that was the 76ers, lol. keep on waiting, it isn’t going to happen this year either. =)
    Dodger Blue for life!

  50. cpompe1

    Hey Andre,
    You are such a key part of the Dodgers’ future, there will be no WAY that you WON’T be back next year. I think that the powers that be know now that you are WAY to important to this team to deal you away now. No, I don’t see that happening, not at all

    Have a great off season with Maggie and with your new son! I know you’ll make a great papa!!! See ya in 2009!!!

    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic For Life!!!


    Hey Andre,

    For a person who haven’t proven anything ,you talk too much.What?????You were the better team?????And yet you almost got swept???Face reality,own up to it.Give credit where credit is due.The better team will always win a long series.The better team should have 4 starters in their pitching rotation (not 3 as your team has).The better team should have a very good bullpen.The better team should go to the World Series.
    You suck!!!!!!


    Andre….Thank you for an amazing season…only one group of fans goes into the offseason completely satisfied, (Go Rays) and this year it just wasnt us. It has been an honor just to watch you play day in and day out and to have you and the rest of the boys be a daily part of my life. I’ll proudly admit that I was devastated the second the season was over; you and your teamates mean quite a bit to me, so the anxiety for next season is already growing. Next year right field will hopefully be yours for the entire season and you can put up even better numbers. So 179 days and counting until opening day of the regular season…from one Dodger to another (true fans are indeed Dodgers)….THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING and see you soon. – Steve

  53. cpompe1

    To all the Phillie fans,
    Yes, the Phillies did play better than the Dodgers. Congratulations, you are the NL Champions. Now be champions in the truest sense of the word and LEAVE ANDRE’S BLOG ALONE!!! I BARELY was able to stomach your trash talking during the series. I said to myself, “Okay, it’ll stop after the series is over.”

    But for Phillie fans to come back on Andre’s blog to trash talk more is not only the height of rudeness, but goes way beyond unsportsmanlike conduct. GET OFF ANDRE’S BLOG!!! How would YOU feel if the tables were exactly reversed and the Dodgers beet the Phillies 4 games to 1? Would you like us to come onto Shane’s blog and spew the same type of venom that you’re spewing here? Get a life.


    Hey cpompe1,

    If it is the other way around and the Dodgers beat the Phils 4-1, then Andre is right, you were the better team LOL.But in reality you are not.You both suck!!!!!

  55. trueblue55

    maximusmalixi, shut the hell up and go get your ***** beaten by the rays. Wow, what a boring world series it’s going to be.


    Dodgers and fans,

    I am a Phillies fan, but I am not here to be rude or immature as so many of the Phillies fans have been here. I can understand their frustration at what they percieve as a lack of class, but I think they’re misinterpreting you somewhat.

    I want to say that I’ve gained a lot of respect for Dodger fans in this series. After we went up 5-0 last night I thought for sure the crowd would be out of it pretty quickly… but you weren’t even with 2 outs in the 9th inning. You guys really showed this team a lot of support, and to be honest I like everyone on the Dodgers with the exception of Manny Ramirez. You guys have a lot of good young players with a lot of potential. From the perspective of a Phillies fan whose city has a history of problems with big name players, I think you need to get rid of Manny… he really hinders the potential of this good young lineup to be confident in their own ability to drive in runs. Plus, he seems happy now, but who’s to say in 2 more years he won’t be picking fights in the Dodger dugout?

    Good job, guys, and good luck next season. I hope we meet you again in the playoffs, and, if we have to lose next year, I would rather lose to the Dodgers the Mets.


  57. cpompe1

    Malcolm – Thank you very much. At least we know there is at least ONE Phillie fan that isn’t rude or immature. That is very gracious of you. Good luck in the WS.

  58. colliethec

    Nice post mec2182. It looks like you get it.
    Dre wasn’t disrespecting anyone. He just believes his team is better. Nothing wrong with that & that isn’t being poor loser.
    Yes the Dodgers lost and yes they were outplayed. That is obvious. He just feels the Dodgers could of played better and they could of.
    If Dre was on a Phillies blog saying that, then yes I could see some of you being upset. But he’s talking to the fans of his team not the Phillies.
    Some of the Philly fans need learn how to be good winners such as mec2182 has been.
    Go Blue!!!!

  59. princesblm

    hey there Andre!
    I feel so bad for you guys… we’re bummed too… as I said in another post, you’re still our Dodgers! its been a total blast watching you this season! keep rockin’! we’ll be devestated if your not with us in ’09… but I for one will still be a fan! enjoy your off season with your family… to ’09


    To: –> You are praising Victorino and all of that but dude he is a cry baby. He did not even get hit and he’s all complaining… –> “I HATE THE DODGERS!!!!!!!! IM GLAD U LOSSES ANDRE ”
    First of all fix your grammar! If you hate the Dodgers then why are you reading this Blog? Just goes to show you are interested with us! –> FYI : Manny has been a great help and I hope he does come back next year but we have a lot of great players in the field. –> i really don’t have anything to say to you. you’re weird! –> why does Andre have to go back to school to learn basic math? You don’t make any sense. You go get your diapers and leave this blog alone. Thanks for your time though … you go here and read the blog and read about the DODGERS. Are you sure your a Phillies fan?

    lsphilsfan –> biggest jerk? who Manny? do you know him? You are a jerk! Get outtta here! You’re just jealous because his GREAT! — You are senseless! You know why? coz you go to a Dodger blog, read about it and talk crap! If you really hate the Dodgers then why do you waste time talking about us? And oh, your email says “jeter rules”? Who’s that? Oh yeah! A Yankee player? Oh too bad you did not even make it to the playoffs! You can now cry!

    phlflyer1 –> we really did not need your comment.

    Anyway, THANK YOU TO ALL DODGER HATERS for having the time to read about Andre’s blog. Thank you for giving us attention and time. Don’t you just love us???

  61. vl4ecc

    Andre ~ Try not to get too down, especially on yourself. Take some time to reflect on the best season you’ve had in your career. Enjoy the off time with your family.
    I don’t mean to sound off like a Cubs fan. Pardon me.
    There’s always next year! You have alot of great baseball left to give. Thank you for such a memorable season! Once again, I hope to see you in Dodger Blue for many years to come. Take care & God Bless.
    E4E = Ethieraholic Forever!
    VL4E=Vatos Locos Forever! (For my gang of ‘brothers’ that worked in Iraq with me)



    ohh trublue55 it was a good fight… admittedly it would have been a completely different game had furcal not made so many errors… but you have to admit that the phillies would have won this game with or without those errors. Hamels pitched a lights out game and even when he did get into trouble he was able to get out of it.

    It was a lot closer of a series then the record shows but in the end the PHILLIES are the NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!


    Michellef… Victorino isn’t a cry baby. He complained because Kuroda threw straight at his head, any “classy” baseball player wouldn’t do such a thing. We all knew an inside pitch to hit the batter was coming, it’s baseball, it’s defending your teammates (tell that to Billingsley, I swear he didn’t throw at us in Philly because he was intimidated by the crowd), Victorino knew it too. He simply said throw at my chest, I’ll take it, but you throw at my head, and we have problems. That’s how players get seriously injured.

    Go ahead and argue this all you want, you’re simply bitter because your team lost. As far as I see it, Shane spoke much louder with his bat, baserunning, and defensive skills.

  64. vl4ecc

    mpetruzzelli ~ Hamels had alot of help with his defense, and with some VERY questionable calls at the plate! You guys won. Good for you. You had a good year. Embrace it. To come on an opposing players blog to rub it in is ludicrous, shows lack of respect, and class.
    MOVE ON!


    ok vl4ecc me and this trublue guy had a long conversation over this yesterday and was actually being nice so shove it *******! I am sorry I got excited!

  66. vl4ecc

    So childish! There’s no need for profanities. Show some dignity, and respect for others. I feel pity for fans like you. I can only imagine how hard you would be on your own team if they had lost. Rollins was right about the fans in philly. You just proved that in spades.
    Goodbye. I will not engage in this any longer.



    I sure hope you are here next year! You are my favorite Dodger. Always there for the fans and great in the community.
    Yes, we have too many outfielders but you are the future of the club.

    Have a great off-season and we’ll see you in Dodger blue in Glendale AZ and then in right field at Dodger Stadium until you retire from the game.

    What will I tell my 2 year old son? He wants to run out to get your autograph on the field.

  68. thinkingblue

    Hello all Dodger Fans & Phillie Fans,
    Phillies FAns CONGRATULATIONS you guys won! But one thing I have learned about Phillies Fans is that you guys & girls have no class and no respect for others and yourself (well atleast the one posting in this blog and over at INSIDE THE DODGERS).

    “The thing we have to remember about Phillies phans is, they have to try and make other people as miserable as they are so they can feel good about themselves.”

    By phan52 on October 14, 2008 12:37 PM
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    And you know what, Victorino is a great player but all that fame will get to his head. Victorino will bring problems to THE PHILLIES. He is already become a DIVA….crying cause he ALMOST got hit…booo hooo hooo… Martin got hit and did not cry, he kept playing like a pro.


    Hey dodgers fans, You should be proud of what your team accomplished this year. They had a good year and swept the cubs. The dodgers should hold their heads high. We simply are a much better team in all aspects. There’s no question about it. We made it in a much tougher division. If they were in the nl east they wouldn’t even have made the playoffs. So you have to look at that, but they shocked the baseball world by sweeping the cubs. You gotta give it to us ethier. We were without a doubt a much better team.


    vl4eec.. you have no clue what you are talking about. You come in and intervene when no one was talking to you. No one mentioned anything to you or about you or said anything that gave you an means to intervene… the only thing i proved was that the Phillies won and you are an a hole! thats it! you are the one being childish.. even though you are trying to sound all tough and cool by not engaging in this anymore. You are the instagater in all of this!

    SO SHOVE IT! Leave real adults like trublu55 and myself to our fun hearted debating!

  71. mrs55

    Dre, please come back next year. Pierre and Jones may have time left on their contract, but you and Kemp are the heart of the outfield and will be the every day starters. I watched you hit two homeruns in Vero in March this year (one against the Cards and one against the Red Sox) and I knew you were going to have an amazing offensive season. You didn’t disappoint. You should know that even if with Manny, we would not have made it this far this year without YOU hitting in front of him. Please come back next year.


    Thank you Andre and the entire Dodger Organization for a wonderful season of ups and downs! I wouldn’t have it any other way except to keep going of course:) Nevertheless this team is a true example of teamwork and Joe Torre at the helm only solidifies winning seasons years to come! Have a wonderful offseason, enjoy your family!!
    xoxo – Mo πŸ™‚

  73. dodgerblue415

    Dre, the last two games were definitely hard to stomach, but overall you guys had a great year and brought the fans hope and excitement that have been missing for way too long. After everything you’ve done for this team, I hope the Dodgers finally have realized how valuable you are as an everyday starter and make sure you’re in the starting lineup next year. I’ve got to believe the team will be even better next year and take it all the way to the World Series.


    I’ve been bleeding Dodger Blue since 1977. I remember watching Tommy John pitch that year at Dodger Stadium and wanting to be a pitcher just like him. I was there when Valenzuela pitched the season opener in 1981. And I was there when we clinched from the Mets in 1988. Being a Dodger fan has been filled with many great and some sad memories. I can now add clinching the Cubs in Game 3 of the NLDS as one of those great memories. And you will always be a part of that.

    Thanks, Dre, for the memories. And I only hope that you will still be a part of many more great Dodger memories to come.

    God Bless you and your Family.

  75. gobluegoblaze

    Thanks for a great year, dre. Remember this feeling.

    The youngsters like yourself, Martin, Loney, Kemp, Bills, Broxton, etc. need to remember you’re not the youngsters anymore. You’re the vets. This is your team, and you need to be the ones to take us all the way.

    I have faith you can do it. Let’s see a Dodgers championship in 2009.

  76. missjo

    You guys had a great season and I am proud to be a Dodgers fan! I know it sucks to have it end like that…
    but I’m sure the team will come back stronger then ever next year! Thanks for always letting us know how much you appreciate us. We love you!

  77. 4mjj

    Thanks for taking the time to give the fans the inside scoop. Hold your head high………….you and your mates made it to MLB’s version of the Final Four. Enjoy your off season with your family and your new little one.


    Nothing to be ashamed of, Andre.The Dodger nation is disappointed, of course, but you took a couple of giant steps forward. Think and build on that.
    Looking forward to seeing you in right field next April.

  79. whiskeyblu

    This goes out to all you Philly fans talking smack to my boy Ethier. I’m going to grab the first Phillies fan I see and beat him to a bloody pulp, film it, and put it on YouTube. Check back to this page for the link.

  80. trueblue55

    Oh,mpetruzzelli, I knew I’d be hearing from you again. As I said before, I can’t help but think the umps were favoring the Phillies. But, again, what’s done is done. Congratulations, dude. Most of these Phillie fans don’t deserve best wishes from us. They’re disrespectful. After the loss with Cubs, I never rubbed it in anyone’s face. I know what it feels like to root your team on for so long only to lose. It really is heartbreak, it hurts like hell. For some of these so called fans to come in here and disrespect like they are, shows they have no idea what baseball is about. No true love for the game. You guys should focus on the World Series, not come here and try to start conflict with heartbroken fans. With all that said, best of luck to you and REAL baseball fans. Can’t blame me for wanting the rays to win, though=) It’ll put some pieces of my broken blue heart back together. Enjoy it now, because it’ll be true blue Dodger fans soaking all the glory for next year πŸ˜‰

  81. andresfan

    andre, i’m really going to miss you guys playing. it was always great to watch, but next year, you’ll do even better and make it to the w.s. you guys have experianced a lot and it really made you guys stronger as a team. dodgers win gracefully, because you guys are all great people, all the players. i couldnt be prouder. i love you andre and the rest of the team, can’t wait til next year. have a good time off(:

  82. nylost

    Dude what? That is baseball. Don’t you play it? I think I saw you on tv. Anyway, mistakes are made. The Phillies capitalized on them like any GOOD baseball team should. You were not the better team, get over it. Manny Ramirez was freaking amazing though, and no he didn’t get much help. I would venture to guess though, if you truly were the better team… he might have had the help and you would have been a true force. Seriously, he was frightfully incredible, but it just goes to show a one man team isn’t going to win it.

  83. bluefan08

    The Dodgers didnt work hard to get to where they were? On paper and looking at the record. The Dodgers should’ve been eliminated by the Cubs. Dodgers had critical injuries, lost 8 straight but never gave up. and they didnt work hard? that just shows you watch too much ESPN and not enough studying. You might have won this LCS, but i dont expect the Phillies back in it next year, because this is all they go, Dodgers have a better chance. Plus the last team to win the NLCS and go back the next year the Braves ’95-’96…So chances seem slim as we continue. Plus the Rays are gonna clobber the cryin’ Hawaiian…Dodgers didnt execute but the Phillies are going to go back to ANGRYVILLE and be favored to win the East in 09 only to be 3rd place….enjoy it.


    Hey Baby,
    I know what you mean about that sick to your stomach feeling (I feel that way too, but it might have to do with all that drinking at last nights game). Anyways, hey your head up. There is always next year!! Love ya, and hope to see you as a Dodger next season!

  85. trueblue55

    Seriously, get the hell out of here. Phillie fans don’t get the point? You guys are not wanted here! Make us your enemy? Are you kidding me? Who is this kid. We have 6 championships to show for our greatness. How many do the Phillies have? yup, that’s what I thought. Shut your mouth, idiot. When it comes to baseball, you wish you had our history.

  86. trublu4ever

    Hey gamble ~ I’d suggest you go back to school and get an education, proper grammar is not difficult to learn. If you insist on bashing, it would be nice to decipher what the hell you are saying! Don’t waste our time and space. Go bother the Rays fans for a while.

  87. jeanette28

    gamble…dude..RELAX…its over and done with..if that’s how Andre feels..ohh fu**ing WELL! this is his blog! and…………don’t want to become enemies of you guys?! lmao..please grow up kid!

  88. trueblue55

    Look here, kid, I don’t take kindly to “warnings” on the internet. They’re for losers. Maybe you need to grow up some, yes. I don’t know why you keep bringing Tyrone Lue up, in case you didn’t know, The Lakers beat Philadelphia for the Championship that year. Stop bringing that up, though, I don’t care. I’m a baseball fan. And, again, in case you’re confused or something, this is a Dodger blog. Phillie fans come here and look for it, so we’re defending our team. NL, AL, I don’t really care. In this case, I want the Rays to win. I appreciate you being a true fan and all, but you get in what you put out. Come here disrespecting our team, players, fans etc, you’re going to get harsh words in return. So, just leave it at that and don’t come at all, if you have nothing nice to say. That goes to you and all others disrespecting our team & players. Dodger fans are not the ones to be messed with.

  89. dodgers16ethier


    Once again, I am very proud of you boys for making it this far. It does suck that the season had to end early but one team had to go down and unfortunately, it was us. Just know that you the Dodgers are ALWAYS number one in my heart and I am sure to all the other Dodger fans, just not on paper. I honestly believe that you were the best team out there.

    I know it’s hard to swallow something like this considering you came so far from an up and down year but everything happens for a reason. And it sucks that you weren’t doing as hot as you were during the season but you weren’t the only one so you can’t put the blame on yourself.

    Enough baseball for now, go home and get your mind off of this and relax with your wifey and new baby! :] I REALLY hope you come back to the Dodgers next year because I honestly never loved a player as much as you! Haha! That may sound a little weird but it’s true!

    I hope to see you next year as a Dodger and I know we could do this all over again. If not, make it all the way to the end.



  90. 23dodgirl


    Again I can’t believe what a great player and classy guy you are. Thank you for writing this blog. I know it can’t be easy after last nights lost. As a true dodger fan I appreciate what you do for this team. I just hope that You,Manny and Furcal are there next season. I know your hurting right know but please don’t say that you might not be there next season. Its going to be such a long winter for me, wondering what will happen next year. I shed some tears last night but I reminded myself that you boys had a great season. In August so many people had written you off after you boys lost 8 in a row and you guys came back and played some of the best baseball I’ve seen in a long time. I wish I could of been at all the games but I can’t afford season tickets. I have a 27 game package and was able to watch some great games. I was there when you guys beat the Cubs and I couldnt believe how exciting the crowd was. It was crazy. Remember those moments. Don’t get down on yourself. Keep your head up. Believe in yourself and your team. Know that you guys will come back next year and win it all. Hope you enjoy your winter and Congratulations on your baby boy. He is so cute.!! The picture of you holding him in the dugout is just precious.. See you next season.


    andre, you’re right. in this business, you never know. but i do know that you’ve more than earned your spot in this outfield, as a STARTER. management would be foolish not to want you back. trust me, the fans want nothing more than to rid ourselves of other outfielders to make sure there is room for you! you have beaten them out for the spot, and you should know that you deserve it! the ending was disappointing, but that doesn’t take away from the incredible season you boys have given us. next year will be even better! i know you all will grow from these postseason experiences and we will be better going forward because of it. i love the young core of the dodgers so much, and i want to watch you all play here together for as long as possible. i look forward to seeing you next year!! remember how much your fans love and appreciate you! πŸ™‚

    take care..

  92. colliethec

    Gamble-It isn’t disrespect to say that he wishes they could of played better and he feels they could of won.
    That belief is what all successful competeters feel. They are the best.
    You need to realize that he’s speaking to his Dodger fans. Not on the Philly blog or a Philly website.
    If the Phillies lost I assure you I wouldn’t be popping off on their website. I’m sure the Cubs players felt that they were the better team even though they lost to the Dodgers but you wouldn’t find Dodgers fans rubbing it in.
    It’s baseball and meant to be fun.
    There are wars, unemployment, people losing their homes, and much suffering around the world. I myself want to try to make it a better place for others. I can’t save the world but I can be decent to them and I’m sure you can to.
    Good luck to you and have a great day!

  93. lcmr85

    Mr. Ethier,

    I’m a die hard Phillies Phan, and have been proud to say that for more than 40 years now. However, I’m perplexed about why you don’t respect my team. This past season showed statistically, that we beat you. The scoreboard showed that we beat you. You and your teammates (except Loney and Ramirez) beat yourselves. I’m not about any hate or bad feelings about my comments or thoughts.

    Anyone who calls themselves a Phillies Phan ( a true Phan) had the utmost respect for the Dodgers going into this series. Reading some of your comments, I’m not so sure you (individually) deserve any sympathy, and because of you have lost much respect towards a once proud franchise.

    After all our teams split home at home series, it seemed to be an even match once the postseason started. None of our players trashed you or the Dodgers or took you and your team for granted, but you showed no respect towards us. I ask this in the deepest sincerity to you, what happened that caused you to disrespect the Phillies and their Phans to such a degree? Tommy Lasorda may be a Dodger fixture. He may seem like a cheerleader to you. I wished he had been apart of the Phils’ history because of his love and respect of the game. You have the luxury to learn from him. You have a lot of growing up to do before you can consider yourself a true professional of this game. Remember, the Phils beat you and the Dodgers in this series 4 games to 1. We outscored you in 4 of the 5 games. One person on our team didn’t beat you and your team. It wasn’t Victorino’s field play or bat, it wasn’t Hammels by himself, or Ryan Howard. The entire Phillies team did. History will forever record that, and it will never change the box score and the outcome.

    Learn to respect the game and your opponent, and maybe you’ll be great one day. Think about this, and enjoy your off season now.

  94. jeanette28

    seriously though, how did he disrespect anyone? Phillies were NOT superior than the DODGERS, they weren’t a better team, they played better, I feel my dodgers gave up ( i mentioned it in shane’s blog). I will agree with you that the Phillies played more like a team because for the most part, everyone contributed. But in Andre’s defense I don’t think he’s disrespecting anyone, plus…this is his blog and he has the right to write whatever he wants. If you are going to take that as disrespectful I feel sorry for you cuz you must me a very touchy person.

  95. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    I know, it’s me again -sorry, but I had to share this story. As I was picking up my students this morning from the playground, they ALL heard or watched the Dodgers loss, and they were heartbroken. I am not sure if they were heartbroken for me, you or the Dodgers, but nonetheless, I have created a passion for Dodger Baseball.

    Anyhow, throughout the morning, my songwriter, Elaina, would come up to me crying. She kept saying she was sad that she wasn’t going to be able to watch Andre and the Dodgers play baseball, and that she was worried you were going to be sad. I explained they will be sad for a little while, but then it’s like their vacation. Think of it as their summer vacation. They are going on vacation and they will be back in March/April to play again.

    So, we get through the morning, and in she comes from lunch crying again. I explained it to her again, but this time I showed her a picture. I showed her the picture from the photo gallery of you holding your son, and I told her he is going home to Phoenix to be with his family, and to take care of his new baby. It actually made her cry more, and then it was my turn. I think I was crying because she was so heartbroken. I am not a 6 year old, and I know you are coming back. Anyhow, we made it through the day, and she is determined to finish the song she started. So, come Opening Day 2009, expect a song.

    If you get the chance, keep posting. You are a wonderful writer, and your food/restaurant stories were fun to read. I am planning on visiting some of these restaurants when I get a chance to go to LA. Any recommendations from the Bay Area would be great. San Francisco is only two hours away compared to 4 1/2 to get to LA.

    Once again, Andre, it was a pleasure watching you play this season, and I wish you, Maggie and your son the best during this off season.
    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and an Ethieraholic forever too.

  96. lcmr85


    I’m not touchy, but when a player on your team tells me the better team didn’t win, it makes me check the facts. If the Dodgers were better, then explain to me why the Phils won? There were 5 games, and we played better than the Dodgers. We led the NL in most of the offensive categories. We have a closer who’s been perfect all season. We have one of the top 2 bullpens in the league. We are undefeated so far leading after the 8th inning. I think the Phils deserve more respect than what you’re willing to give. When Mr. Ethier makes comments about “the better” team, he’d better have his facts before him. Last point I’ll make. The Phils won 92 games in a tighter, and more competitive division. The Dodgers won 84, but only after Manny showed up. Can you honestly tell me that the Dodgers’ would’ve been in this chapter of baseball history if they didn’t make that trade? Again, I had much respect, but when I read some of the things Mr. Eithier wrote in this blog, I wonder who he’s playing for? LA or himself? It’s about the team and the Phans who get represented on the field. NOT INDIVIDUALS! Respect the game or the game will humble you.

  97. jeanette28

    You led in HR and RBI’s with Howard in the NL, but then again he has not done anything in the post season, goes back to the saying what you did in the regular season does not matter in the post season. 92 games in a more competitive division? hmmm Chicago had 97 W’s in an even more competitive division than yours, then again, we swept them…so yeah the regular season doesn’t really matter which makes your point less credible. Regardless of how we got there….we got there…respect the game? well respect the fact that the Dodgers got there, regardless of the division they were in……… Your team won, congrats! Focus on what they can do to beat the Rays and forget about the Dodgers and Ethier or do you just really love coming on here?

  98. tootrueblu


    I know it’s hard to think about the season ending the way it did, but think how far we came in the last month and a half. Who would have thought the Dodgers could rebound after that miserable 8 game losing streak. It wasn’t just Manny….everyone suddenly started truly playing together as a unit….. hits came when we needed them, the pitchers did well, and the defense was great. Baseball is a crazy game….you’ve got to get the right combination of players, and they’ve got to all contribute to win. There is really no rhyme or reason to it…how else can a team lose 8 in a row and come back to win 8 in a row? You certainly made tremendous contributions this year, especially during this crazy run at the end. Enjoy your off-season with your wife and your darling baby boy. We will all be at the stadium or glued to the tv when you come back next spring!
    As far as these Philly “fans” who apparently have nothing better to do with their time than trash others…. your team obviously did have a better series than we did. However, we were the National League West Champions. In the end, it doesn’t matter what your regular season record was…. everything starts anew with the post season. (Having the best records in baseball didn’t do a thing for the Cubs or the Angels). The Dodgers and the Phillies both equally deserved to be playing for the National League Championship.
    I’ll probably watch a bit of the World Series (it’s hard to go cold turkey off baseball), but based on the hate-filled posts I’ve read here, I “nothing” the Phillies (but you won’t find me on your blogs trashing anyone)….. Go Rays! – and we’ll see you next year.

    Still thinking blue,

  99. chantal55

    Hey Andre, Don’t feel so down on yourself! You did a great job. and yes it sucks that you guys did not make it to the world series, but just feel proud that you were one of the four teams to make it to the semis. You did fantastic and i will be very upset if I do not see you out on the field next year!

  100. lsphilsfan


    I don’t have to know Manny personally to know what he did to Boston. Intentionally not playing hard. Faking injuries. Making Comments such as “This team does not deserve a player like me.”
    He will not even commit to wanting to re-sign with you next year.
    Class AAA Jerk!


    Don’t be so hard on yourself. I personally think you’re awesome. It was sooooo nice running into you. Don’t leave LA!!!!

  102. nylost

    So… Jeanette, is basically saying.. the team that plays better is not better. That’s a good one. I had always thought of it the other way around. I’m pretty sure if my team lost, I would concede to the fact that the better team one. I mean, this is when it counts right? If you are so calling it “giving it away” now (even though we out-played you on every aspect, really) Why do you deserve it? Why are you the BETTER team? WHY ARE YOU GIVING AWAY CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR FR33?

    Fr33 NL TITLES? YAY! SEE U NEXT YEAR. I’d like another. You guys sure is nice.

  103. diana92la

    ^^^^^uumm to the comment above^^^^^^

    well we DO deserve it cause we are not a cocky team like the phillies and we are a better team trust me the phillies got to the world series with luck not talent.

    love you andre see you next season and thank you =D

  104. jeanette28

    I never said the team that plays better is not better, you need a little review in reading comprehension or something? All I said was that the regular season has nothing to do with the post season. dude was trying to give us a little fact check and I had to return the favor…#s in the regular season really are worth crap in the post season…I never took away the fact that the Phillies beat us! of course they did…dude wanted “respect” regarding your team and all I asked was for some back regarding MY team..

  105. nylost

    LOL the Phillies are so freaking level headed.. COCKY? Manny. YOUR TEAM. This guy. MARTIN. Acting like babies.. flipping in the dugout, throwing things at the wall. THAT is ridic. The phillies are a great group of focused guys right now that aren’t taking anything for granted. I’m glad you find it to be luck that we totally outplayed you.

    Manny should be cocky though. Bejees. He’s awesome.

    Don’t want him on my team, but he’s awesome.

  106. jeanette28

    That’s showing emotion, all players do it..from high school baseball to the majors….they are not the first ones to do it…just cuz your team has not done a little “scene” like that in the post season does not mean they don’t….they came running out like wild beast in game 3 so i’m sure they get “emotional” too….ohhh..and don’t talk about MARTIN…because….just don’t… πŸ™‚

  107. trueblue55

    nylost, when have you ever seen any of our pitchers verbally attack the manager for taking him out of a game? Exactly, don’t be a hypocrite. Like Jeanette28 said, it’s showing emotion, mostly all players do it.
    As quoted by Torre. Maybe the better team doesn’t win it all. You can never tell in a best of 5 or a best of 7 series. The best team, however, does make it in a 160 games.
    gamblecompanies, grown up,kid. You’re making yourself sound foolish with your empty threats. How old are you, like 12?


    So don’t dwell on the loss too long,s**t happens then we accept it and move on. There was a lot of good to look back on this year, 50yrs. in LA, the Coliseum game, and the playoffs, you got to be a part of all of this. As Dodger fans we are used to defeat as well as success and no matter what we will back our team always. We boo out of frustration an cheer with appreciation. I cried on and off all last night, it was tough series but this is LA and we can overcome anything. We are a young team who will grow,hopefully together, this season has been a tremendous learning experience as will the seasons to come. Take what you have learned and use it to better yourself as a ball player. I have to laugh as I read some of the comments from Phillies fans, if my team had just won the pennant I would not be leaving hate mail on the opposing teams website. Way to celebrate your victory guys, are you sure you won cause you sound pretty bitter.
    Andre thank you guys for all you have done this season,you all have put many smiles on our faces and I look forward to 2009. Do not worry you will be in blue for years to come so if I were you I would look into buying a house here, you are a Dodger and you should never have to stay at a hotel when your in LA. Wear#16 proudly its a good number.
    Enjoy your time off, clear your mind and come back ready to win. Once again thank you all, I love the Dodgers and could not imagine life without the team.

  109. hpcom

    Hey Etheir. i khow this one was a hard one to take. We could of easily beat this team if it wasnt for those errors.Dont BLAME yourself.Look at the positive side.You are gonna be a better player because you already been thru this. Right now you shoud spend time with family and friends and look at the future.

    For Philies fans why bother to come and read a dodger blog? You just come come to talk **** about the dodgers and Etheir. No wonder you guys are the worst fans in baseball. Heck, even your own players cant stand you guys. Just ask Jimmy rollins.

    Etheir keep your head up and dont listen to this clowns.


    i’m sick of all you phillies idiots. you’re in the world series and all you want to do is whine on andre’s blog. leave andre alone. leave us alone. what exactly are you accomplishing? oh right, immature people with no self-confidence pump themselves up by kicking others when they’re down. stop embarassing yourselves and get a life.







  112. trueblue55

    Oh, please! Like all Phillie fans are perfect little angels right? I truly am sorry that you had such a bad experince at the game but generalizations are only made by fools. There is a bad seed in everything. The “majority” right, whatever, chuck. I have news for you, buddy. We’ve been Dodger fans before Manny and we’ll remain to be so after Manny. It isn’t a one man team. L.A just appreciates what he did for us especially after our experince with Jones. As you can see from Mr. Ethier’s blog, we love ALL of our Dodger players.


    Ok everyone will you Stop already with all this back and forth nonsense already. Do you think Andre wants to read all this. He’s feeling bad as it is we need to be positive and stop all the negative trash talking.

    Andre if your reading this far i just want to let you know you we appreciate you and we had a heck of a ride. My family and i enjoyed getting out there to the games and cheering you guys on. Win or lose you did your best and that’s all we as fans can expect. The memories of this season will take with us are priceless.

    Enjoy this time off with your family . Alittle time away will help take your mind off things. Just remember everything does happen for a reason you’ll come out of this stronger and better than before. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us and don’t kick yourself your an awesome player and be proud of your accomplishments. One day you can share those special moments with your son. This season you were on fire. From those amazing catches to your walkoff homerun. Give yourself some credit. We look forward to seeing next year!


    Hey Andre,

    There is only one thing that is absolutely right in this series, a star is born in Shane Victorino. The way he played in this series
    and made things happened is just something for the books.All of the Dodgers just choked except for Manny.All of a sudden, as good as manager as Joe is, he just looked so bad in making all those decisions.But can you blame him?He got starting pitchers that can’t even make it past the 3rd inning.He got clean up batters who can not produce a run,he got a bullpen that’s coughing up runs after runs.And yet there are some players who questioned Joe’s decision- that is after they lost the series.Truly this is a team not short in supply of crybabies.And to you Andre, for all the tantrums that Martin has shown at the plate, he is a better man than you are coz’ he knows you got bit by a better a team.And truly, by going over the Phils clubhouse after game 5, Joe showed what a class act he really is.Learn from your manager Andre,accept defeat with humility.And by the way ,how many runs did you produce in the series?Just asking.I got no further.


    I love it, I really do. All these Phillies fans can look at this as a “disrespectful” post all they want. (When in fact Andre did give props saying that the Phils out executed the team and just flat out played better), but no you little babies want to keep going on saying that you’re better simply because you won in a quick five games.

    Keep making fun of the Dodgers home crowd. (You Phillies “fans” should check these out: and Some arrive late, some leave early, but hey the fans SHOW UP. (Credit to for the references πŸ˜‰ )

    Seems that you guys are losing focus. Fact is for you Phillies “fans” your team has to now face either a VERY strong Red Sox (1-2 during regular season) or Tampa Bay Rays team… so yeah.. good luck with that and keep bragging here all you want because maybe some of you realize that this is as far as you’re probably going to get so you want to cherish it by bragging on a players blog. Good job guys, good job.

    Whilst on the other hand for the Dodgers. This is a very young team with a nice core from top to bottom. A young competitive team from the bullpen to the dugout, all these guys are going to do is continue to grow. Ethier, Kemp, Loney? The oldest one out of those guys is the one that runs this blog and he’s only 26. I’m VERY optimistic about next season regardless of weather Manny comes back or not because I know that you guys have learned plenty from him. Hell, even if he doesn’t get resigned there’s still a lot of money to play around with this offseason, Sabathia? Teixeira? Burnett? Sheets? Griffey Jr.? Abreu? Cameron? Dunn? take your pick. I’m fine with any. The Dodgers have surged with Ramirez and I expect them to do nothing, but to continue to improve going onto next season (that includes you Andre, you came outta NOWHERE this season and I’m thankful for that). I know that McCourt is an idiotic cheap piece of crap, but one thing he loves doing is filling up those seats at Dodgers stadium. Hes seen what it takes, I have no doubts that he’ll pay up for next.


    Whisper… We weren’t supposed to make the playoffs, the Mets were. We weren’t supposed to beat C.C. or the Brewers. We weren’t supposed to beat you guys. Now, we’re not supposed to beat the Red Sox OR the Rays… It’s more fun this way, that way when we defy the odds, we appreciate it much more. If we lose, then oh well, great season on our part. Fact of the matter is, we won the NL pennant, you didn’t.

  117. iluvandre


    Despite what anyone says you ALL played your butts off. I’m sure I speak for all Dodger fans when I say we are all proud and happy of how far you guys got. I must say it was hard to watch Wednesdays game, but as tough as it was I never lost faith. I will always support my boys in blue. It was a great season!! I love going out to Dodger Stadium. I love screaming hysterically every time you come up to bat. I love wearing my Andre shirts. Keep your head up and know that us fans are always pulling for you!!! THINK BLUE AND BLEED BLUE GO DODGERS!! I LOVE MY BOYS IN BLUE =-). I pray that you will be back next season. I love you Andre!!!




  119. may1940

    You both make references to a picture of Andre and his baby son. Where is the picture? I looked thru the galleries but couldn’t find it. Can you help?

  120. dodgereric

    Whoa, hold on.

    1 – The best team does not always win. There are too many examples for this, but I’ll use just one here. The 1988 Dodgers. No one in their right mind would say that we were a better team than that A’s club, especially that team full of subs that took the field for Game 5. But we won, and in 5 games. Go figure. You can examine it until the cows come home but the A’s had a better baseball team that year.

    2 – No matter what stadium you go to, you’re going to have a mixture of classy baseball fans and classless baseball fans, people who just want to watch their favorite team and people who are looking for trouble, people who are offended by seeing the other color in “their” ballpark and people who remember that it’s a free country, and people that will treat their neighbor with respect and people who couldn’t care less about anyone else’s feelings. I’m like just about everyone else who cares enough about baseball who would be reading this post in that I’ve been to hundreds of games. I’ve sat next to drunken, crude slobs with Dodger hats on who I wish security would remove and I’ve sat next to great people who have the other team’s hat on their head and managed to have a great conversation with them.

    3 – I’ve never met Andre Ethier and I’m willing to wager that not one in 100 people blogging here has either. But from what I’ve read, he’s a nice person with a nice family. And he probably appreciates the words of encouragement and is either laughing his butt off at the crude, ignorant comments or skipping them entirely. If the writers think that bothers him, they are even less intelligent than their bile makes them sound.

    4 – Threats are meaningless and not worthy of a 3rd grader. For those of you who make them, and you’re soooo tough, why not type in your address? Maybe you can get together and settle it with the police.

    All this is just my opinion, of course. I’m entitled to it. I thought going into this series with the Phillies that both teams were pretty well-matched. Nothing the Phillies had concerned me too much, with the exception of Utley and Howard of course. But we had a couple of pretty hot players ourselves. They were the two hottest teams in the league going in and the layoff wasn’t going to work in either’s favor. The Phillies won. Well done. You outplayed us in just about every facet of the game. Congratulations. Shane Victorino can play for me anytime. I like just about every player on your team. Except Myers. He should have paid for throwing at Manny’s head in his first at-bat. That first pitch to him should have been at his head, instead of something he could hit for an RBI single. But that’s all over and done with. And Felix is an ex-Giant so I’m not sure about him. Everyone else is OK.

    To all the great Phillie fans out there who can win with class, I say congratulations and I hope the Phillies can bring you happiness. To all the Phillie fans who are only here to spread filth and disease with their disgusting language and empty threats, go pound sand.

  121. junkyardjamie

    rnapoli ~ Did you find the picture? I noticed someone over on ITD told you where to find it. It’s also in the photo gallery on the homepage. Click on the gallery with one of the Dodgers sitting in his chair in the clubhouse. The picture is just precious.

  122. mrsrussellmartin



    First of al thanks for a great season, we gave it a good ride. And this is just the start. I am proud of al the Dodgers. Second of all srew al the PHILLIES, there fans and the city……. They got lucky and they know it. I read some of the abuse those phillies fans are throwing at you like (} what the hell does this guy know about our Dodgers. His team got lucky. Couple of swings here and a couple of pitches there and it would have been a differnt outcome. Anyway i dont like the way that guy was talking too you. I know the Phills will crumble in the big game because its in there nature thats why they only have one ring. GO DODGER BLUE …………….have a nice off season.


    Hey Blue fans, I just had an Idea. Since all the loudmouth Philly fans want to come on our boy dre’s blog and talk smack, I say we get them back. Since every post has an email address attached, why not sign them up for every junk mail newsletter you can think of??? So between playoff games they can desperately try to clean out their inbox. Anyways just a thought.

  125. iluvdodgrs

    What you have contributed to the team is more than words can express. I admire you and am proud of you. Although we did not make it all the way, there’s one word that describes how I feel – SATISFIED. I am satisfied that we made it this far (NLCS) and I am proud of my Dodgers. :). We came a long way this season and I am thus SATISFIED. I love my Dodgers and you all have our love and support as always. Let’s go Dodgers let’s go – always!

  126. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Dre
    It always hurts when you come close, the unfortunate thing is next year, losing will hurt even more than it did this year because we are going to expect to win more often.
    In the years when the Dodgers use to get into the postseason practically ever other year we hated to lose.
    I have a feeling even if we don’t have Manny next year we’re still going to be a better team because of guys like you.
    There’s going to be a big determination to get back to postseason and do better, in it, than this year.
    I think we just ended 20 bad years and we are just about turning the corner.
    I hope I’ll catch you again, this summer, this time outside Citifield, the Mets new ballpark which is a replica of good old Ebbets Field. Next time your in New York, visit Brooklyn.

  127. DodgerGirl5516

    As much as i love the Dodgers…!
    I’m very dissapointed !Why would u leave all your fans behind! I’m very proud that you guys have made it this far.You guys worked so hard and got so far ut just not far enough.I love you guys so much that if i were to miss a game i would cry…No Joke!We need you ,Kemp,Pierre,Furcal,Martin,Loney,Blake,DeWitt,Kent and so on!I know you guys will come back in 09 and WIN THIS!
    Don’t think Negative…Think Blue!Please stay with the Dodgers we need you…Us Fans Bought Andre Jersey’s Bobble Heads,Pictures because we love you! And La…Please!Oh and i have a picture of you kissing your baby in the Dugout …Awww…How Cute!

    Bye…Sammy a.k.a DodgerGirl5516


    i appreciate your honesty and certainly hope that you come back next season. it was tough to go like this, especially for all of us lifelong fans who have been waiting too long to go to the show. for me, we went further than i thought we would at the beginning of the season and the run we made at the end was golden. the way we disposed of chicago will go into the record books and will replay in the minds of the poor cubs fans forever. your bat helped us get into the playoffs and i’ll never forget that. enjoy the off-season and i hope you continue blogging.

  129. ethierndme

    ahhhhh don’t leave the dodgers!!!!! 😦 i still need to buy your jersey. ! (if you didnt see the comment i left you in your last entry) i’ll cry my freakin eyes out. no seriously! if you do. san diego would be a good one. cause i live there πŸ˜‰ haha but no ! stay in LA! i loveeee ya eth!
    ps. post a pic of your baby! i want to see. haha
    lovee, Hannah xoxo


    Enjoy the off-season & the time with your family. Enjoy being a dad!! “As for next year, we’ll see if I’m here.” Don’t make my heart stop like that!!! Looking forward to seeing you in a Dodgers uniform for a long time to come……



    It has been refreshing to read about the team and games from a player’s persepective. It helps when it comes from my favorite player, hehe. But, to see the postseason through your eyes has been quite an experience. Obviously as a fan, I’ve seen things very differently from the Top Deck all season πŸ™‚

    It was a hard loss to swallow. But, know that your true fans are proud of you and the Boys in Blue for the season that you had. It was quite a season, especially for our 50th anniversary!

    We don’t know what lies ahead for next season, but I hope to see you in Dodger blue again. You’ve made this past season an exciting one. I couldn’t imagine not seeing you out there in right field. I guess I’m what you’d call another Ethierholic!

    Always Bleeding Blue!



    All come out next spring in glendale AZ to thank you guys for a great season. It was so much fun last spring when the team played some games in phoenix grapefruit league here we come! See you at the chandler mall dre or on mill

  133. lacindy

    First of all Andre, you rock! We love your blog and that you have taken the time to write.
    I was so sad about the loss, but overall, it was a great ride and thank you and the rest of the team for the fun.
    For those rude Phillies fans, someone else made the comment that if you hate us so much it’s amazing that you have taken the time to make comments. I know the reason is because you are actually jealous of our great city. Isn’t everyone? Please think of us when you are shoveling snow out of your driveway this winter while we are wearing shorts and flip flops. Most of you Philliy fans write as if you only have a 3rd grade education. Oops! I’ve probably insulted the ones with a 5th grade education.

    Go Dodgers!!!

  134. iluvandre

    Hey Andre,

    Well to everyone saying this and that about Andre, I can honestly say that he is a very nice person. I have met Andre twice and both times he was extremely cordial. He was not supposed to take pictures with fans but of course he didnt want to let his fans down and did so anyway. He is also very down to earth he showed to a signing unnoticed by many people (not including me =-)) he didnt need to make a “grand entrance” so to speak. Anyway just thought id share that with everyone. I LOVE YOU ANDRE!!


    Hey Princess,
    I don’t like the Dodgers or the Phillies. I really just love to watch the game. The Dodgers threw at Victorino’s head, and all he was saying was “hit me anywhere else but my head” That can cuase serious injury,, and makes the Dodgers look bad. I understand the situation called for him to be hit, but not in the head. I don’t agree with Phillies fans making the comments on this blog. You are not representing your city or team very well. Princess I did say before that the Dodgers have a great team, and will be back next year, but they cry more then the Phillies.



    I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    It’s October 21st and I’m still wearing my Dodger t-shirt today. It was tough to see the way the season ended, but I am so proud of the whole team. You, Andre, have been my favorite this whole season. You have a lot of class in the ups and downs of the game.

    I am looking forward to the first game of next season, I’ll be there rooting on the Dodgers once again.

    Enjoy your time off with your wife and new baby!

    Denise Ramirez

  137. dannyator



    I have been a Dodger fan my whole life, along with my family who has all grown up in LA. I love watching the games and love going to the games…..and appreciate and respect all the players on the team for their hard work. I too was super bummed after the NLCS loss, but I am very hopeful that the next few years (at the very least) will be great years for the Dodgers!

    I don’t usually get involved in these blog things, but I was soo appalled at the horrible, rude, and mean things people were posting (especially knowing what a great organization the Dodgers have always had). It’s hard not to take those awful comments personally. I’m not writing to fight back, but I just ran across this article online and got a kick out of it and thought some of you Dodger fans might enjoy reading it:

    For the record…..I’ve never seen an article written like this about Dodger fans being so mean.

    Great season Andre! Great season to the whole team! Already looking forward to April 2009!

  139. colliethec

    Dre–don’t you eat anymore???
    We are missing your reviews! I mean come on man, if we can’t get some of you playing ball we’d like to get some good food tips from you! It’s tough enough not being able to watch baseball right now.
    When Wifey & I took our trip down to see you guys in September we made it to Pizzeria Mozza due to your photo’s and tip.
    Great tip! We loved it!! You review was dead on. That crust is awesome and I sure could use a piece right now! We ate healthy tonight and only had a small salad so I’m dying for a late night slice of pizza!!
    I hope your having great times with your family as I’m sure it’s tough during the season to spend the time with them that you’d like to.
    Take care and have a great Thanksgiving!!


    Andre~ Thanks for giving it your all in 2008, and I hope to see you in Dodger Blue in 2009!

  141. dodgers16ethier

    Just wanted to let you know that you had a great 2008 season and I hope to see you in Dodger blue for many years to come!

    Have great off season and enjoy your time with your beautiful family.

    I miss my Dodgers. I want to go to more games already.

    Please post a blog soon, cause I miss you the most!

    Love, Your Number One Fan!

  142. junkyardjamie

    I hope all is well with you and your family. It would be a lie to say I don’t think about the Dodgers and the players everyday, but today with the NASCAR race being in Phoenix, I couldn’t help but wonder if you might have been there. I hear you are a big NASCAR fan. I enjoy watching several drivers (Hamlin being my favorite), but I was pulling for Jimmy Johnson today and/or Jeff Gordon today (to keep his streak alive). Once again, thanks for a wonderful season (my students are still talking about it non-stop), and I hope you are enjoying your family and friends.
    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan and Ethieraholic Forever πŸ™‚


    Yo Dre,

    I guess it’s your day in LA all over again now huh? Great job putting last years disappointment behind you and killing it to start this season. Your the man bro. Take us home!

    Chuck In Vegas



    I enjoy watching the Dodgers, even though, I live in Houston. I catch every Dodger game I can just to catch a glimpse of you’re adorable face!!Shame on me . I can DREAM!

    I think you”re a great player and the future is bright for you. I will follow baseball and whatever team YOU play for.

    Hope your new baby boy is as CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, as YOU are.

    GOOD LUCK! Hope you win a world series wherever you are!

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