I didnt get it done, we didnt get it done

To put ourselves in position to win that late in the game and let it slip away is a feeling hard to explain. A perfect example of how we didn’t come through was my at-bat in the eighth inning. They take the lead and Raffy leads off with a walk and I have an opportunity to deliver a big hit and a big RBI and I hit into a double-play. I came up in the sixth with runners on second and third and no outs and lined out. It’s a classic case of not taking advantage of the opportunity and that summed up the game for us. We have to hold ourselves accountable.

Now there’s nothing more we can do about this game. We have to be ready when the situation arises again Wednesday. We have to put this one out of our minds and figure a way to get it done. In that case, I didn’t get it done.

Tomorrow we’ve got a day off. I’ll have to try to find a way to relax and find something to take my mind off. But right now it’s sinking in that if we play this way again, it will be a whole lot worse than this. We’ll be packing up and going home and we’ll know we gave a series away to a team that is not better than ours. Nobody in here wants that.


  1. bluecrewgirl

    Andre, don’t get too down on yourself. You also had a key single and scored a run and had a potentially game saving catch. Focus on the positive. Plus, the Dodgers wouldn’t even be in the playoffs without your contribution all season long and especially down the home stretch. We were discussing on ITD that this team has been streaky all year long, so to come back and win 3 in a row should be no big deal. Do something you really enjoy tomorrow and come back ready to take it to the Phillies. I see a long plane ride east, hopefully not a turbulent one, in your future.

  2. Dodger4life

    Andre, you guys are battleing keep it up!WE BELIEVE IN YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Keep on swimming GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When your down 1 positive thought can change the world! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. trueblue55

    You’re absolutely right, they’re are NOT better than us. It isn’t over, we can still win this. If the umpires can call a fair game, we’ll be able to win the NLC. GO BLUE!

  4. junkyardjamie

    Please, please, please don’t blame yourself. You did a fabulous job on many, many things tonight. Like I have said, Andre, we are with this team, win or lose. You are the greatest, and we believe in you, and all this team has done this season already has been remarkable. I know you won’t be happy unless you win it all, but you have to know that no matter what, we love this team and all of it’s players. So, just relax and enjoy this game because we enjoy watching you play it.
    Have a wonderful day off Andre!!!
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!

  5. ilovela


    buddy, pal, you kicked *** tonight. That diving catch in the 6th was unbelievable. They even have a whole article on that on the website. This series is far from over. Don’t believe me? Ask Tommy Lasorda. He’ll tell you nothing is over until it’s over. This is Hollywood, where the good guys always win in dramatic fashion, and the Dodgers are the good guys. (Will anyone really watch a Phillies/Rays World Series???) I believe in you, LA believes in you, the world believes in you, SO GO OUT THERE AND SHOW WHY YOU GUYS ARE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. and if nothing else, take solace in the fact that i’m still picking you first in 2009 fantasy baseball.

  6. colliethec

    Hey Dre, don’t get down! This is baseball and anything can happen.
    The team may of not been in a situation where you could of won without your catch. You bring so much to this team as many of your teammates do. So don’t get bummed and dwell on 1 game or an at bat or 2.
    Without so many of your plays (& others on this team) this year the team wouldn’t even be in this situation.
    I’ve never written this on your blog but I think it might be a good lift and encouragement, in case you read your blog. On Sunday August 18th 2008. Dodgers vs Brewers. My Wifey (AKA Margaret) and I are watching the game at our casa in Northern Cali.
    The Dodgers are down and you hit a ball to right field that is carrying, back, back, back it goes & GONE!!!! Game over! A walk off by Dre!!
    Wifey in her excitement jumps up out of the couch yelling yeah Dre!! & wammm! She hits her head on our low hanging light fixture above the couch and drops back down to the couch in tears.
    I jump up and look at the top of her head and blood starts pouring out of her head. It was like the horror movie Carrie. It was gushing.
    Well we never got to celebrate that home run to much because I had to rush her to the emergency room. $300.00, 4 hours, and 2 staples later we were walking into our house to laugh about what happened and clean up the mess of blood everywhere.
    She got so excited about what you did in that game that it was a head splitter!!
    This from a women who grew up a Giants fan (Influenced by her dad so I give her a break there) but has seen the light since being married to me!
    So go out, have fun and realize that no matter what happens in the next 1-3 games we love you guys and have really enjoyed this season and all that you’ve done for this team!
    Don’t think the weight of the city and Dodgers fans are on your shoulders. They are on your side and behind you!
    Go Blue & keep the faith!!!!

  7. rosemary_tobias@hotmail.com

    andre all season long I’ve always sat in the left field pavillion and for the 1st time ever I sat in field box 52 row F. you were even closer than when I sit in the 1st row over there! remember I always take a ton of pictures of you, but even with the zoom you are not that close. well to tonight you were!!! : )) that catch that you made was just simply fabulous to watch. you played a great game….don’t even think you didn’t!!! with the way the prices are sooo expensive, I’m sad to say that tonight was my last game for this season. they just want wayyy too much for the world series tickets. I really had a great time tonight waving my towel & pink foam finger!!! the only downer was that we didn’t get to hear I love LA at the end of the game…..don’t worry, that song WILL be played on Wednesday night!!!! : )))
    loving you Andre!!!! xoxoxo
    ethieraholic for life ~ rosemary : )

  8. mexfreak86@gmail.com

    You are putting too much pressure on yourself. Yes, you didn’t get it done with that at-bat but, it will only be a wasted at-bat if you don’t learn from it! Yes the rest of the games are do or die but, don’t waste your time worrying or over thinking. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!. Show no fear in this next game! Its time to put some fear into this Phillies team! “The man who won’t be licked, can’t be licked.” – Bruce Lee

  9. bruinlove3

    dre, i know this game was a heartbreak for you, and the rest of us fans, but i know that i have not lost hope. this was a tough loss, and we all know that you guys are a better team than this game showed. don’t blame yourself for the loss. you had an AMAZING catch in the sixth inning that you should be really proud of! just relax tomorrow and go into wednesday night’s game with your head held high and play like you guys have all year long. i have faith that you guys can pull it off, even if the odds are against you. hope that you guys get a win on wednesday night and will take the series game 7 in philly and show them was a real championship team is.
    dodger fan and ethierholic always and forever,


  10. bleedinblueest87

    You and the team can’t let a game like this get to you. Yes the way it became as loss was heartbreaking, I was in my seat in Lodge 164 like I’ve been all year, this one hurt. But with the offday tomorrow lets put this one back in our minds and focus on Wednesday. Don’t put so much blame on yourself, like the others have said ahead of me, the team more than likely wouldn’t be in the postion it is now without everyones contributions including some big ones by yourself.
    That catch you made was something else, I was about to let out that big sigh of ‘Oh no!” and whe you caught it I about jumped off the Lodge deck haha.
    We the fans will be behind you guys on Wednesday, If I have to get the whole area of the Lodge I’m in to be louder than so be it. We have faith in you guys!!! Philly still has to win that hard to win 4th game, So its not over till the final out, EVER!
    Get some needed rest tomorrow… err today now and lets show them Dodger baseball on Wednesday!!

    PS: Throw a ball on the bullpen side of the foul pole up in the 1st few rows of lodge!! You miss us or land them short, here I am telling people your the only one that throws up there and you leave us hanging!! haha

  11. endlesspassion4u@yahoo.com

    Hey ‘Dre. You guys still have a chip and chair, as the poker people like to say. You haven’t been eliminated yet and I really think that the team can still win this thing. I know it sucks to be down 3-1, but this is your chance and every Dodgers player’s chance to make some history!!! Embrace this opportunity and have fun with it!!! Thank you for a tremendous season!!!


  12. phlflyer1

    Don’t worry,

    Keep disrespecting your opponent that way and you’ll have plenty of time in the offseason, starting Wednesday night, to think about how your lost to an “inferior team”.

  13. colleen313

    I can’t believe how much of a bandbox Dodger Stadium has become. The Stairs HR would have been a popup anywhere else. 😉

  14. trublu4ever

    Andre ~ I don’t think it was your fault we lost the game last night and please don’t blame yourself. You made a fantastic throw that saved runs earlier in the game. I think the pitching imploded and therefore made you guys press too hard. Now, just think of it as one game at a time. You are very capable of winning three. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team tomorrow. Whatever the outcome, the Dodgers are a great team and will be even better next season. Just look at what you have accomplished! Your fans are loyal and will still be fans, win or lose!!

  15. sammyd253@gmail.com

    I hate to break it to everyone, but the reason LA is down 3 – 1 is because they AREN’T the better team. You can constantly argue calls, you can say you gave away games, that you defeated yourselves, etc…

    The fact of the matter is, it’s baseball, it’s 9 innings. In October baseball, anything can change. Right now, the Phillies are hot, and they are playing the game when it counts.

    If you manage to win game 5 against Cole, get ready for Philly… You thought our crowd was loud in the first 2 games, you haven’t heard anything yet.

    Phillies realized last night that they have what it takes to play with anyone in the playoffs right now, you’re not striking any fear into them now…

  16. ray.jensen83@yahoo.com


    First off, don’t listen to the garbage from the previous commenter. The crew didn’t disrespect anyone last night. You guys played your butt off and should be proud of your effort. Any intelligent fan knows that october baseball isn’t about inferior teams versus superior teams, it’s about pitching and execution. And tonight, the phillies were just a little better in both those areas. At the same time, I have NO DOUBT that you guys will come out wednesday more fired up than ever to take this series back to philly for game 6. AND WE WILL! Your absolutely BALLER catch saved a for sure run and gave the guys plenty of momentum heading down the stretch, and don’t forget that. I also want to say that it was pretty awesome to have ran into you after the game at our local Tommy’s Burgers. I was like, “That looks like Ethier with his newborn….yep!”. Knowing that our stud right fielder gets fueled from a place I try to frequent weekly, well that’s just good stuff, both literally and figuratively. As I’m sure you know. I know the game was tough to shallow as a player, but last night you gave me a true perspective about some things, and that doesn’t come around everyday. You showed me that no matter what ups and downs we may go through, family and another day should always be in the forefront of our thinking. And that after a tough L, nothing is better than a Tommy’s burger with your wife and baby boy. And just as we exchanged nods as I was leaving the parking lot, we will get’em WEDNESDAY! THANKS FOR PLAYING HARD! THANKS FOR BEING A TRUE PRO!…and GO DOYERS!!!

  17. miczoodsma@roadrunner.com

    My sis and I have been huge Ethier fans since you came to LA…our friends didn’t hop on the bandwagon until recently, and always looked puzzled at 2 middle-aged women do their ritual yell of “Eth-eee-errrrrr!!” every time you come to the plate. We’ve been lucky to get to a dozen games this year – sitting everywhere from baseline boxes to the left-field pavilion to high in the reserve. But Wednesday? We get the right-field pavilion!
    We know you guys can rally…September and early October was one BIG rally, and our friends who are Angels and Cubs fans watching OUR team play after their “favorites” are all finished – well, they KNOW how dangerous the Dodgers can be.
    So we gave ’em one in LA…let’s take it back and 2 in Philly…you guys play hard, and the team is just awesome to watch this fall. GO BLUE!!

  18. sammyd253@gmail.com

    Don’t get me wrong, last night was an epic battle between both teams, however:

    I just wanted to point out that the following statement…

    “But right now it’s sinking in that if we play this way again, it will be a whole lot worse than this. We’ll be packing up and going home and we’ll know we gave a series away to a team that is not better than ours. Nobody in here wants that.”

    … isn’t true.

    They’ll be packing up and saying, “We played hard and tried, but weren’t good enough this year.” There is no “giving away” the series here… Where you “gave it away”, you were simply outplayed.

  19. dyasui@hotmail.com

    You guys played a great game last night! Watching from home was a roller coaster ride for sure. Just come back Wednesday night and do what you guys need to do. Play what my kids call “scrappy” baseball – do anything to get that hit, catch, run, etc. We’ll be watching! GO DODGERS!!

  20. firstface2006@yahoo.com

    we ain’t dead yet! stay strong! killer instinct! they still need one more win, keep them from doing it! that’s your mission! best of 3 series now, can’t change da past, forget about it, deal with the “now”, late………

  21. russmartin

    Hey Andre,

    You guys have come so far this season and no matter what happens that can’t be taken away. They have to win 4 and haven’t, so, as has been said many many times, anything can happen. And with this season/team it seems anything often does 🙂 Good luck tomorrow! We are all behind all of you!!
    Enjoy the day off,
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  22. calilove

    Big E,
    Just wanted to say to don’t get down on yourself, you guys played a really good game, in baseball these things happen, take the day off do what you like to do, come in tomorrow with no stress, play your game and have fun this thang aint over yet…

    On another note just wanted to say thank you for a fun exciting season, Win or lose Got much love for you and the Blue… GO DODGERS!!!!

  23. may1940

    Hi Andre,

    I love your blogs! You are a good writer! As to last night, please put it behind you. The entire team needs to look to the future. Anything is possible and you are not out of it yet! I am a Dodger fan for more years than I like to count and believe me, I have been through some harrowing post season games!!! I saw Kirk Gibson hit that impossible to believe homerun! You have to believe in yourselves. Anything is possible! This is a great team and you can do it!!!! And if not, remember, everyone thought this team was down and out in August, and look what you have accomplished! Not only as a team, but you, individually, have been awesome! Without you, we may not even be in the post season! Take a rest today, and enjoy being with your wife and son. You guys will regroup. I believe! You must believe!


  24. skepco

    It is time to put Rocky to rest – and the Philly Phanatic, too. The Dodgers, led by their wonderful outfield trio, including Andre Ethier, are about to shock baseball by taking Cole Hamels down.

    Every game presents a different situation and this game on Wednesday offers the most critical scenario of the year. This is the game that major league baseball players play so that the dreams of the kids in T-Ball can be born. The Dodgers must show confidence with EVERY SWING or Hamels will beat you. Somewhere, somehow, every Dodger that comes to bat on Wednesday must draw from their inner strength, their strength of will, so that they know they will not only hit the ball but that every hit chips away at Hamels? confidence.

    The Phillies must be feeling pretty smug by now and while they would just like to get this over with and move on to the World Series they are not ready to deal with a loss. That, Andre Ethier, my favorite Dodger of the 2008 campaign, will be the Philly downfall. Get in their heads. They are already thinking of the celebration.

    The Phillies have been extremely lucky grabbing line drives and producing impossible double plays. Good for them. The Phillies have hit several devastating home runs. Good for them. I hope they enjoyed what they have achieved because it is time for the Dodgers to play baseball like they know they can. Have that group hug and a laugh. Make the promise to play like there is no tomorrow ? even though there will be. Yes, it is time to forget Monday night and look forward to Wednesday.

    Despite the loss Monday’s game was a rollercoaster fun ride. I CAN’T WAIT for Wednesday’s game!!!

  25. luv4dodger


    It was a team effort and the team feel short of a few runs. It happens, it just happens to be that this series is win or go home. It is no secret that the Phillies are a power hitting team, they hit the most homeruns in the NL this season. Dodgers just need to continue to battle back and make the most out of every opportunity at the plate. Don’t let this get you down. There is three games left Dodgers need to win them all, and they CAN will them all. Good luck tomorrow. Lets show them we are not going anywhere!!


  26. bigb720@verizon.net

    all you dodger fans do is whine, whine, whine…in Philly we can do something you cannot and that is FILL OUR STADIUM TO CAPACITY…you just cannot admit when you are beaten by a better team…and Andre I will give you credit for your catch it was amazing I’m just glad that it didn’t matter in the end and I loved seeing Shane get some vengeance and Matt Stairs hit that moon shot.

  27. trublugal

    Andre- yeah it was a tough loss last night but I want you to know that even though you guys lost, I know that you still brought comfort to many people in the Valley last night. I live in Porter Ranch where the Sesnon/Porter Ranch fire is and as my family and I sat waiting to see where the fire was going to go and if we would need to evacuate, it was comforting to be able to somewhat take our minds off of things and have the normalcy of watching a Dodgers game. So just know that even though it was a tough loss, there are a lot of people who are proud of you guys and are happy that you guys are still playing cause it’s a little bit of normalcy in an otherwise bad situation. And afterall this thing ain’t over until a team wins 4 and I have faith that you guys can do it.

  28. g.a.king@comcast.net

    Andre, Andre, Andre…. Look the Phillies are an all around better team…. You guys (the Dodgers) were the best team in the worst division in the MLB… and had it not been for Manny throwing a temper tantrum and getting booted from the best situation in baseball you guys (the Dodgers) would have not made it out of the worst division in MLB. Yes you guys beat the Cubs BUT my local high school team could have beat them, way to go! You beat a team that CHOKED! sound familiar. By the way the the Phils… 2 MVP’s, #1 NL closer, #1 Bullpen (NL), Most HR’s (NL) individual RBI and HR leader…. should I keep going…. what did the Dodgers do besides move from Brooklyn and gives us the Mets to beat up on yeah thanks… Keep the whining going because by Wednesday night you will be wondering what truck just rolled you guys. Go PHILS

  29. acardona16

    please don’t blame yourself!! there’s no reason to be hard on yourself cause there were many plays that you helped with!! and if you didn’t help it would’ve been way worse!! this is a GREAT team and no matter what ALL us fans are still going to love and support you guys 100%!! win or lose!!! it doesn’t matter! the way I see it is we still have a chance and I have faith in this team!! so like you said relax today and put yesterday behind you! there’s no reason to dwell on something you can’t change!! so please Andre, don’t be hard on yourself! you are an amazing player! you (and many others) have contributed SO MUCH to this team all season! we’ve had our hard times like that 8 game losing streak.. and look at us now.. WE’RE IN THE NLCS!!! SOON TO BE WORLD SERIES!! 🙂 so tomorrow… KILL THOSE PHILLIES!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!! CAN’T STOP THE BLUE!!!!!!! I wish you all the best! and enjoy your day off!! 🙂
    your fan, Amy
    Ethieraholic and Dodger fan for life!!!!!

  30. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    I just want to let you know that your catch was the talk of the morning here in my classroom. They didn’t care that you lost, they didn’t care that there’s is another game to be played tomorrow. All they cared about was that it was a great game and you were part of it. So, take heart in knowing that there is a classroom full of first graders who think you, along with your teammates, are remarkable.
    Have a Ethieriffic Day Andre!!
    Debbie (Mrs. Nelson) ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and an Ethieraholic !!!

  31. sammyd253@gmail.com

    Sweet. We’ll give you another catch tomorrow, and then the Phillies will advance to the World Series, I like that.

  32. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    andre, you were no where near the reason we lost yesterday.. yes there were some key at bats, but you were not the only one to fail to capitalize in those situations.. the fact is, as a TEAM, we let too many key moments get away.. there were definitely some bad breaks, and some impatience.. and definitely some questionable pitching changes.. but we are learning every game we play.. people forget, most of you guys haven’t even hit arbitration yet.. all the true fans understand the magnitude of what you guys have accomplished so far and we are SO proud of you guys.. and are optimistic for the future.. and just as everyone is saying.. it’s not over yet!! as they keep playing in the stadium “don’t stop believing”


  33. clarabell137@gmail.com

    You boys just need to keep those heads up! If you go in focused, you can take this series. I’ll be watching every step of the way.

    Get some rest and be ready on Wednesday. =)

  34. amyw27

    being on a sports team you do have to take responsibility for your actions because they do affect an entire team. And it’s also true that the weakness in pitching with the lack of clutch hitting cost us the game. But Andre, it sounds like you realize the mistakes that were made and will learn from them and push forward. That’s what makes you so wonderful. You are able to recognize the problems, own up to it, and move on. This Dodger team is far from elimination!! You all ‘get it’ and won’t falter on Wednesday!
    Baseball is a crazy game, underdogs do win championships! Good Luck Wednesday. Play loose, play smart, play with smiles 🙂
    I am happy for each and every one of you out there giving it your all in your first NLCS. Congrats my friend.
    Love you sick fan, still making it to the games,

  35. ladodgergirl44@msn.com

    Yesterday is over and done with; my heart stopped aching when I realized this fact. The Phils certainly are not a better team, so don’t sweat it. If there is anything the Dodgers have taught us, is that nothing comes easy! You guys have fought your way to this point, even before Mannywood. Don’t lose sight of what got all of you here: the drive, the determination, the belief in yourselves. Get on your broomsticks now and do what you have done all season: FIGHT YOUR WAY BACK!

  36. monicav03@hotmail.com

    Andre, Don’t be so hard on yourself. Dodgers are a great team. We have faith in you guys. Don’t listen to all the haters out there. We know who the better team is. GO DODGERS!


  37. jillafmconstruction@live.com

    You might not think you had a good game but you played great. You had two catches that were awsome and you did get a hit. It’s baseball and you won’t get a hit everytime you’re at the plate.
    Relax today and gear up for tomorrow.
    I’m glad we have a day off because I need to let my voice rest!
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  38. magoopark@yahoo.com

    Thanks for your thought Dre,

    We did not get it done on Monday but we can still win 3. I’ll be there cheering us on no matter what. You are a great Dodger and professional and I’m proud to see you wearing Dodger blue!

  39. thinkingblue

    You guys played a great game. And no matter what…I am (you fans are) proud of you and the whole team. Too many things contributed to the loss, and there were a lot of chances to score, but that happens in every single games. It was not your fault. You had a great catch! Just relax and enjoy the game. Dust off the dirt from Game 4 and get ready for Game 5. The Series is not over yet. Good luck with Game 5.
    PS ?To relax, instead of eating out…cook something or try inventing a recipe for future cooking. This should get to stop thinking of yesterday?s game. Also when you are up to bat, pretend your grandfather is pitching you…relax…..and the BAM…get the ball out of the park! Also God is with you all the time!
    Rose ? Ethieraholic-Dodgeraholic!

  40. Dodger4life


  41. one_and_only_rana@yahoo.com

    “We’ll be packing up and going home and we’ll know we gave a series away to a team that is not better than ours.”

    there is so many wrong things in that sentence. lets start with they are a better team then u guys. not even because they are up 3-1 nope because they play with more heart ,they dont give up , they have chemistry, and they are most definitely more classy and also the phillies dont rely on one player to carry them .second if they do win u need to know u didnt “give” them nothing sweetie they took it and most defently earned it.

  42. jaredd@bankcardmail.com

    Martin and Dewitt choked way more than you did. They combined to go 0 for 8 with 13 LOB. Tell Martin to stop over swinging and drive the ball to the right side for once. And I personally think it was a big mistake to take Kuo out. Especially after Wade pitched 2 innings the day before. You guys definitely have an uphill battle. In order to pull it out, everyone needs to contribute. I’m willing to overlook the fact you do not have a single RBI this post season since you have scored some runs. But there are others who just have not stepped up yet. We can’t rely on Ramirez & Loney alone. Smack some people in the dugout around, pull your chins up, stick your chest out and play the proud, aggressive Dodger baseball we loyal fans expect and deserve. I was there Game 3 & 4. We believed until the last out and there is a reason for that. We know what you guys are capable of, especially you.

  43. rhenry@realtyselect.com

    Yeah, look at the regular season record. How about the post season record. Phillies ARE the better team!!!! That’s why the Phils will be in the World Series and the Dodgers won’t. GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. colin@colinmlenton.com

    Andre, you played well but you need to learn some class. Regardless of how strongly you want to win, you should at the very least be a good enough role model to show respect to your opponent.

    Beyond that, they have given many people legitimate reason to believe they are in fact the better team. Your comments come off as jealously, and pure good old fashion unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Consider this, the Phils were tops in a much more difficult division this year. They lead the league in many important categories. They have 2 recent MVPs, and a potential third. They’ve got an amazing closer, and everyone on that team plays their heart out.

  45. iluvdodgrs

    We are all behind you…..I believe in this team winning! I know we can do it…We came back from an 8 game losing streak to win 8 straight! We can do it! I know we can! You have my support. Go blue! LET’S GO DODGERS LET’S GO!!! (clap clap clap).

  46. joe4dodgers

    andre, i’ll be there at the game to cheer you guys on, unlike some others i strongly believe we are the better team, enjoy your day off and forget yesterday. as they say it ain’t over until the fat lady sings and she won’t be singing until the third out of the bottom of the ninth of game seven.

  47. lou232


  48. lou232


  49. andresfan

    wow these phillie fans are really immature. whatever. you guys are thee better team, all the fans know that. andre you made a great catch last night, it was amazing. you guys had a losing streak before and you recovered and i know you guys will redeem yourselfs wedsday, you guys will prove the phillies wrong, you guys really are; the better team. god bless you guys. love you andre (:

  50. violesent@hotmail.com

    Wow! I went into this series thinking great things about the Dodgers and respecting you guys as a strong, talented opponent. You are not a better team then the Phil’s, not on paper. Hell, if it weren’t for Ramirez’s batting average you guys would likely be S.O.L… I thought the Dodgers had heart and a respect for the game. Instead you’ve shown yourselves to be a bunch of angry, whiny, Gatorade throwing losers. Here in Philly, we’ve approached every game with a respect for you guys and your roster. The Dodgers on the other hand have done nothing but run your mouths on how you’re the superior team and you don’t understand what’s happening. So screw the good sportmanship… I hope Cole and the Phightin Phils take down your boys in blue. I even hope you win on Weds. so we can take our well earned victory here in Philly where it belongs.

  51. lplmonique@sbcglobal.net

    Andre, baby don?t be so hard on yourself. You played great last night…. the Dodgers wouldn’t be in the playoffs without your contribution all season long. Oh yeah and I just want to say how handsome you are! mmmuuuaaa!

    – Love Mrs. Ethier

  52. lny4loney

    Andre, I just wanted to join the others here in letting you know how proud we are of you and the Dodgers. I’ve had more fun watching the Dodgers the last couple of weeks than I’ve had in a long time.
    I beleive in this team tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. I also believe that this season, regardless of how it ends, is the beginning chapter in a dynasty (The last couple of seasons have been a preview). With you, Matt, James, Russell, Chad, Clayton, Brox, and a few others at the core of this team, I see many post-season appearances and at least a couple of World Championships over the next decade.
    To me this season from Spring Training was always the equivalent of 1974, the first year that the Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey team went to the post-season. That was, in the words of Don Sutton,”The culmination of something that’s been coming for a long time.” This too is the beginning of a Great Era in Dodgers history.
    GO BLUE!!

  53. chillicat

    Guess I’ll just echo some of the sentiments above, and say that no matter what we’re proud of all of you. You all were doing your best last night, and your catch last night was spectacular!
    I wrote this to some friends on a message board last night and i’ll put it here to hopefully boost your spirits as well… hope you’re having a restful day today, and we’ll be rooting for you and the guys tomorrow!!!
    “Kids, I implore you to not to give up hope… not yet… Our guys have worked so hard and we’ve rooted so hard for them all year… we owe it to ourselves and to the team not to throw in the towel… so.. even if we have to go out.. lets go out screaming our guts out for our guys!”
    All the best… and GO DODGERS!

  54. bluecrewgirl

    Phillies fans, if you read Andre’s comment, he said the Phillies are not better than the Dodgers, not that the Dodgers are better than the Phillies, meaning they are equals and that the Dodgers are not inferior like some of the media has inferred.

  55. gammahombre

    I believe Dre…we all believe…i was there last night and seeing those two homers go over the fence hurt like hell…nothing a fan can feel will ever compare to a player….dont blame yourself…do the best you can and you will have no regrets…YOU CAN DO IT DRE…we will be here for you we all are…..SI SE PUEDE GO DODGERS!!!

  56. violesent@hotmail.com

    I’m sorry, find me the media that has inferred that the dodgers are the inferior team! For gods sake, I feel like any minute now they are gonna cut back to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to show them waving Dodgers pennants and wearing Ramirez jerseys. I haven’t heard anyone in the national media name the Phil’s as their pick for the winner of a single game let alone the series. I think all that sunshine has gotten to Dodger Nation.

  57. bluecrewgirl

    You’ve got to be kidding. The two of them have done nothing but rip on Manny and what went down before he left Boston. They brought it up again last night, but regardless, the place to discuss such things is on the official Dodgers blog, Inside the Dodgers, not on Andre’s personal blog, which is supposed to be a place for him to give Dodger fan’s an inside look at the playoffs.

  58. ljahn7@hotmail.com

    dude… you have been the cement of this team all season. I am FLABERGASTED at what i just read.

    Last night, I was watching up here in Seattle in the back of my design studio class on mlb tv and almost broke my pen tab the game got so intense. YOU BOYS BATTLED. And how many times have you heard baseball and life compared in a metaphor. Well dear, you battle in life too, and sometimes things just don’t work out even though you tried your damndest.

    So what I’m saying is get out there tomorrow night and try again.

    And if you guys fall a couple games short of the pennant- you’ll at LEAST have me cheering you on for taking us THIS DEEP into the playoffs. I’m 22! I turned 22 the night you boys clinched the NLDS, meaning you’ve given me the gift of the most dominant season I’ve seen in my LIFE! Thanks for that.

  59. the rad

    Andre, I am a devout Dodgers fan. I literally felt sick after last nights loss. After a few drinks with a few buddy’s, I suddenly felt ok with this loss. I actually have a very, very weird feeling about the way this series can and will play out. I feel this team is special. I will not give up belief that we can take the game tomorrow night. I also think you guys are better than you played in game 1 and 2 of the series and can at least send this thing to 7 if not take it from them. So, please let your teammates know we are standing strong behind you. Lets all unite to get this series done and move on to the biggest stage.

  60. ethier16

    If you’re going to come in here and talk trash, please don’t embarase yourself by using all caps and poor grammar.

    Go Andre!
    Go Dodgers!


  61. monicav03@hotmail.com

    For all those Phillie fans that say that The Dodgers need to show some respect, let me just inform you that The Dodgers do respect their FANS!

  62. lagirl8

    Dre dont beat yourself up over a few at bats you guys should have never been down in the first place, but that is not the point you guys have to focus on the task at hand and that is just extend the series and have your season live another game. Ignore the past and focus on fixing what went wrong last game so you guys pull out a win. All of LA is pulling for you guys we are proud that you have made it to this point but we know you are better than the Phils and we believe you guys can pull of an upset, just take it on an at bat basis and you guys will be fine.

  63. 23dodgirl

    You are an amazing player but more so you are a classy guy. It takes a lot of guts to post the blog that you just did. I can’t believe the lost last night. It was hard to watch. I believe you guys can come back. You have given us a great season. A season of ups and downs. In August I didn’t think you boys would make the playoffs and look what happen!! You boys swept the Cubs. You played smarter and harder then them. Bring that mentality back. You have a whole city rooting for you. Thanks for a great season. Thank you for great memories and remember you boys are not done. Not trying to take anything away from the phillies but you boys are a better team. You boys need to bring it tomorrow night.!! Good Luck tomorrow night. Dodger nation is behind you. GO BLUE!!!

    P.S. Philly fans don’t leave your ignorant comments on this blog. Oh by the way each game has been sold out!! Game 4 might of had a few empty seats but southern california is battling fires. Reason I didn’t go. I had to evacuate. So don’t leave your rude comments.

  64. y.salmeron23@yahoo.com

    I think you guys played a great game. It was tough. I was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time. I never did stop believing in you guys and I know you guys can win this. You’ll get’em next time. Awesome catch by the way!! Totally loved it!!

  65. colliethec

    Hey Dre you gotta love Philly fan being so upset that you feel the Boys In Blue didn’t play to their potential. Why are they so upset that you feel you should win.
    It’s not disrespect. It’s the way it is. You should feel you can beat the Phillies because you can!
    Oh and Tampa is just about to beat Boston meaning they will of won 3 straight & the last 2 on the road.
    All you have to do is just win tomorrow!

  66. colliethec

    Also when Wifey & I went to LA in September we hit up Pizzeria Mozza based on your review.
    Thanks it was awesome!!
    I was wearing my Dodger jersey & cap as was Wifey and the waiter there was going on about what a great guy you are and how classy you are. He was a Brewers fan who was bumming at the time.
    Anyway great tip! The next time were down from San Francisco we’ll be eating there again!

  67. rabbit20@hotmail.com

    Well your right you did not deliver,but neither did the other eight guys in the line up. Baseball is not about an individual it is about the team and last night the team did not perform to it’s caliber. Lets get off the pitty pot, pick ourselves up and focus on what we need to do to ensure a win. Now it’s time for your offensive game and your defensive game to come together. You have an intensity for the game and it shows, try and stay out of your head and concentrate on what your job is at that time. You gotta get the ball before you can get an out, and you gotta hit the ball and get on base before you can score a run. We are an awesome team and have the ability to be the 2008 World Series Champs, but if you keep focusing on the errors instead of what you can do to turn it around it throws off our groove and we lose the momentum. Don’t get down on yourself, Martin and Kemp need to find a pitch and hit it cause swinging for the fenses is not working. Remember to always THINK BLUE!

  68. paula_teamblue

    First of all, all you Phillies fans need to step the F*** off the Dodger sites!

    I know that it must be really difficult to understand the love and support that, We Dodger fans have for our “Boys in Blue”, Since you guys will never experience anything like it. Thank goodness our boys made it home safely after spending a few days in your pathetic town.

    The Dodgers will win 3 in a row, We are the miracle team, who never gives up. We will play our best game on Wednesday and win! This is our year.

    Andre you know I love you on your good days and bad ones too. As I said before, You are the golden boy of LA, the game winner! Prove me right! Love, Paula

  69. oldbrooklynfan

    Hey Andre
    I just wanted to congratulate you on those 2 fine catches you made, especially the sliding catch.
    All you guys have to concentrate on is winning what could be the last game in this year of celebration, at Dodger Stadium.
    The prize is keeping that reservation on that flight back to Philly.
    Another is it will stop them from celebrating on our turf.
    Don’t even think any further.

  70. jess78

    Hi Andre,

    Like everyone else has said, don’t blame it on yourself. Clearing your mind of EVERYTHING is one of the best things you can do and win that game tomorrow baby! I have faith in you, don’t get me wrong I’ve had butterflys and have felt sick since yesterday, but this is the team that got back on their feet and made it this far (remember August…ugh!) I have seen the Dodgers win 8 in a row this year so 3 in row should not be that hard to fathom, IT CAN BE DONE!!
    Besides who was the one that helped the Dodgers get to where they are at….Y-O-U, Andre, a key player then and a player they can’t do without now. When you are on fire you don’t want anyone to pat you down and let the fire go out, so let’s go out and win some baseball tomorrow!!!


  71. donjuan1222@yahoo.com

    well first off i am a phillies fan, but i’m not here to start fights or talk badly about LA. i dunno if everyone who starts trouble is doing it for fun or what but i just wanna remind all of you that not all philly fans are like this. game 4 was a great game no matter who won, and most philly fans that understand the game do respect LA, especially everytime manny comes to the plate. i know that anytime playoffs come around for any team in any city it gets intense and people start saying stupid stuff and acting dumb, including some philly fans.

    regardless of how the series ends, it is just a game and will be forgotten the next day.

    and ethier, i barely know who you are as a player but i was super pissed when you made that catch, but it was a great catch. whatever happens the rest of the way you should be proud for having a great season, many players don’t even know what its like to get this far.

  72. dodgers16ethier

    Aww Andre, you can’t put yourself down like that. You have to remember that AMAZING catch in right field. And trust me, you weren’t the only one who could have made a difference in the game. There were many opportunities for a few of the players to take advantage of and it didn’t help that there were people on base when the home runs were hit. But you can’t give up now, you still got three more games to play! And I thought you did in amazing job yesterday.

    Today it was so crazy in class. We numbered off and I was number sixteen! Then we are learning about the Civil War right now and my teacher passed out pictures and the first one I received was Jackie Robinson! I thought that was crazy! Hopefully it means something good is going to happen!

    Go out there tomorrow and have fun. It’s a new game. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Your fans are here for you NO MATTER WHAT!


    -You’re # 1 FAN! Michelle

  73. littleizzy3@yahoo.com

    You’ve been clutch all year! Take advantage of those fastballs you get with Manny hitting behind you. ( Haha i know i didnt have to tell you that) I know you guys are going to come through in the last 3 games of this series.

    – Stefan Jarrin

  74. jck8080@yahoo.com

    Pass this to Torre,

    Pierre(Kemp in the 7th inning for defense if needed)
    Nomar (2nd base)(Berroa in the 7th/8th for defense if needed)

    Tell Martin Im sorry but he is trying too hard; he cant carry the team on his back on his own. Tell him to ease up and play the game as a kid. I know he can. We need our experience in the four and five spot. When the moments right, you and Martin will come through. We believe in both of you.
    Go DODGERS!!!!

  75. donjuan1222@yahoo.com

    well i tried to go to the dodgers blog thingy and i saw that some people noticed my comment and were impressed that there is at least one philly fan out there that is respectful of the game. i couldn’t post on there so i figured i’d post here instead because i love to talk sports. i am happy where we are at in the series but it is certainly not over yet and game 5 should be good. if billingsley pitches better it will be a tough matchup with hamels, and it will probably come down to defense and hustle.

    on a side note, i just think manny should just get walked everytime he comes to the plate. i cannot understand how a person can be that good of a hitter. he is simply hitting everything and you can’t blame the phillies for walking him because everytime he comes to the plate i assume he’s gonna hit a double or a homerun.

    on another side note, how about the red sox getting beat up by tampa. i can’t believe how bad boston is playing right now. october baseball is great no matter who is playing, and even if LA gets eliminated i highly doubt any REAL LA fans will feel bad considering how far they have come. the last time LA was in the NLCS was in 1988 so no matter the outcome, LA fans will have nothing to feel bad about if they come up short.

  76. jck8080@yahoo.com

    There is nothing more powerful than faith and love. I believe as a true Dodger fan that my team loves the game they play and has faith in their team mates and their fans. This is the strength that the you and the rest of the Dodger team have and must use to rise to the occasion. WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU 🙂 GO DODGERS!

  77. vl4ecc

    Andre ~ You have nothing to hang your head about. You played a HUGE role in getting the team to where they are today. The faithfull & loyal fans all know this. You’ve come such a long way since joining the team. The way you’ve carried yourself through the lean times, as well as the good shows you to be a first class individual, not to mention one hell of a ball player! Just keep your chin up, and keep on keeping on. This is just another bump in the road. I’m not one of those fair weathered fans. The Dodgers have always, and always will be my favorite team in professional sports. I’ve been there for as long as I can remember, through the good, and not so good years. I hope to see you in Dodger Blue for many years to come.

  78. junkyardjamie

    donjuan ~ I am one of the ITD bloggers, and I post on here quite often too. I wanted to thank you for your awesome post. I, like all true baseball fans, want a good series, and to be one of only 4 teams left playing in October is already an accomplishment in itself. As for Andre, he truly is one of the nice guys, and many of us are very protective of him because he has done so many wonderful things for the team both on and off the field. So, Thanks again for showing what real fans are supposed to do – show good sportsmanship. I am sure tomorrow’s game will be exciting, and may the best team win.
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!!

  79. littleluna02@hotmail.com

    You shouldn’t beat yourself up for what happened last night. You have so many fans Andre, and we all love the team. We still have faith and we all bleed dodger blue no matter what. If so many people didn’t care about you or the team so much, would you have almost a 100 caring comments? Lol. We’ll all be watching tomorrow night. Relax and don’t beat yourself up, no matter what happens, we’ll be here. XOXO to you and the team! Good luck!

  80. colliethec

    donjuan– I echo Nelly’s statements. I also blog on ITD and you can come on over and talk ball anytime.
    Andre is such a good classy guy it annoys some of us the treatment he has received from some of your other fans. We are a little protective of him. We’ve seen him for a few years now and he hasn’t complained when he didn’t play regularly or for any other reasons and he has done much for the community. He is drama free. He is the wrong guy to pick on. Actually most of the guys playing on this team are good guys.
    If I were you I’d also be happy being up 3-1. If I was facing Manny right now I’d put up 4 fingers as well. He is just dialed in. Hopefully the Dodgers win but thanks for talking ball.

  81. dodgerdrei

    Let’s do it Dre !!!! It all starts tonight !!! One game at a time !!!! Keep your head up Dre !!! I’m still keepin’ the faith !!! GO BLUE !!!

  82. heartruss

    Andre…hi it’s me again. Tonight just have fun. That’s how you guys have been winning, with the wonderful comraderie. All of us fans will be there again in this sold out stadium. I still can’t figure out how they can cram 56,800 in a stadium that is sold out at 56,000. Probably I will stand most of the game again so I better wear my comfortable shoes. You will hear us for sure!! All I know is that I have my world series tickets all ready. What a wonderful season it’s been. Thanks for all the fun we’ve had over the last few months. Boy, never a dull moment. We love you Dre!! And good luck in Philadelphia. Love Cat

  83. vicsteele@att.net

    No matter what happens in game 5 the blue gave us a second half of the season to be proud of. Those phi fans are down right weird the whole world knows they boo there mvp T.O. Iverson wanted out of there no wonder. The only thing wrong in game 4 was kuo coming out he was pitching great he might have gave up a run in the 8th I doubt four though.

  84. maximusmalixi@ymail.com


    The problem with you is you talk too much without having proven anything.You said that Utley’s homerun in game 1 is a popout and yet you didn’t say anything about Manny’s homerun in game 2 which landed in almost the same spot as Utley’s.Be man enough to accept losses.You played in the same park in Philly and yet you were not able to hit the ball out of the ballpark.And now you’re saying that you are the better team in this series and yet you are down 3-1.And facing Cole tonight will only prove you that you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG.Yes, coming back from 3-1 hole is possible, with the Cubbies maybe or some second rate team.But you are playing Philly man.PACK YOUR BAG.SEASON IS OVER!!!

  85. maximusmalixi@ymail.com


    There’s no such a thing as Dodger Nation.LOL.Think of something better.That one is for the classy Redsox only.LOL

  86. heartruss

    I’m not sure what’s going on with you Phillies fans because you are posting on Andre’s restaurant blog. And please tell me why you are not posting on the official Phillies blog to support your own team? What you guys are doing is counterproductive. I checked your official Phillies blog and there are only 4 posts counting mine. I only wanted to offer condolences to your manager and Victorino for their losses. I would never post ugly comments to Victorino or to the Phillies. That would not be mature. How about if we offer support to our perspective teams like adults and quit chopping Andre. Act like true fans and not like children. You guys haven’t even posted on your Phillies girls blog whatever that is. Come on guys. Use your energy to offer support to your team and not bother our blog. Thanks.

  87. heartruss

    Good morning Andre!! So today is the day. It’s the most exciting day of this season. You are going to help with this big win tonight as you always do. We support you and love you. Don’t read any of those negative posts from those so called Phillies fans. Don’t waste your energy. Just know that we are behind you and the other Dodgers as we have been the entire season. We are proud of all that you have accomplished. We are proud to be your fans. Thank you for the best season ever. Tommy says that we are the greatest fans in all of baseball. We’re that way because you guys make us that way!! I love LA, I love you. Here we go all the way to the top. GO DODGERS!! Love Cat

  88. mpetruzzelli@comcast.net

    andre andre andre…
    what are we going to do with you?? Yes you did not come up big when you should and for that i understand your frustration. BUT just because you messed up game four doesnt mean the phillies didnt beat you in games ONE AND TWO!!!
    I just dont see how you say that the Phillies arent better than the Dodgers. All you have is Manny. Admit it!! Without him you guys would already be at home!! Im sorry but its true. The Phillies on the other hand… while not consistent do have a power house team. back to back MVP titles and many unrecognized players…. UTLEY and someone you might of heard of…. SHANE VICTORINO!!!

    Im not saying it will be tonight, but you will see just how great these Phillies are. For your sake I hope you lose it tonight bc if you bring it back to Philly… the city will defintely not show you any “brotherly love”!!
    Good luck tonight big guy!

  89. heartruss

    Why don’t you guys grow up and go on your Phillies blog and support your team?? They’ll need it when the Dodgers win big tonight. By the way…why don’t you guys post on the Phillies blog? Nothing to say? : (

  90. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    I am truly sorry for how these Phillies fans are treating you. I guess they are not all like donjuan who did a very nice thing. Have a great game today, and no matter what, we love this Dodger team. Have a great time out there, catch a few fly balls, get a hit or two, eat your sunflower seeds, blow a few bubbles (very fun to watch btw), and just realize there are 26 other teams at home watching. So whatever happens, happens, and we will always be true blue fans and fans of yours.

    xoxrussell, it’s been on ongoing thing with these Phillies fans, and you are right, they are acting like children, but I have to say, that the children I deal with, act a whole lot better than that. They at least have some good manners and kindness in their hearts. Any fan that has true good sportsmanship would be posting on their own teams blog giving them support, and if they insist on visiting another team’s blog, then they should be considerate enough to at least be civil. However, as I tell my students, when you act nasty to someone, just hold up a mirror, and the attitude is of the person looking in the mirror, and if they honestly look in that mirror, they will find a very sad, uncaring individual who probably should think about how they are going to behave the next time. So, to all Phillies fans, may the best team win, and go out an encourage your own team because we’ve got this beloved Dodger team covered – thank you!!!!!


    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!!

  91. trublu4ever

    Best of luck to you and the team tonight. I think you all have done a great job this season. And remember, you are playing a kid’s game……….so, just relax and enjoy the experience. True Dodger fans will still be fans, win or lose!

  92. dodgereric

    To Andre and my fellow Dodger fans, do not waste your time fretting about these pathetic Phillie fans who come on this site to spew their bile. It’s not worth the effort. They are nothing but bitter, angry losers who are only looking for company in their bitter, angry loser world. Jhall over on ITD is right. Real fans – whether they’re in Philadelphia or Boston or New York or Colorado or LA – don’t bother to look around on other teams blogsites for someone to annoy. They’re too busy talking with fans of their own teams.

    They’re no different from those contemptible, drunken idiots who jump onto the field and run around to call attention to themselves. Vin Scully was the first one I know of who knew what to do in that situation – ignore them. Don’t show them on camera. That’s exactly what they want, so don’t give it to them, right? Right.

    Treat these miserable, unfortunate fools the same way. Ignore them. This site isn’t for childish and immature trash-talking. Talk to Andre about the game and food. That’s what this site is all about.

    Andre, win or lose today, you have nothing to hang your head about – either as a team or an individual. You handled the crummy way you were treated earlier in the year with class and style and you’ve earned every true Dodger fans’ respect.

    Now let’s get out there today and take care of business! We have 7 more victories to go!!!

  93. junkyardjamie



  94. trublu4ever

    D O D G E R B L U E !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. junkyardjamie

    Naayeli, Harrison, Angelina, Anthony, Julianne, Isaac, Elaina, Clark, Mariah, Tyler, Matthew, Arianna, Bobby, Chloe, Harley, Kagai, Sharon, Jaden, Emily and Hannah all hope you and the rest of the Dodgers have a fabulous game. Elaina, one of my students, wrote you a song a while back that I posted on ITD, but this is a good time to post it here. You have set a wonderful example of how athletes should handle situations and for that I am truly grateful. You are an amazing ball player and athlete and I wish you the best in all you do. I hope you are a Dodger for a long time, but I know this industry and that is probably not a realistic thought. Even though I am a Dodger fan through and through I will always be a fan of yours. So, like I have said many times on this thread alone, go out there and have fun. You have earned it!!! Mrs. Nelson and her first grade class.

    Song: You Are Our Andre
    Original Song: You Are My Sunshine
    by: Elaina – 1st grader in Merced, California
    You are our Andre
    Our only Andre
    You make us happy
    When you play ball
    You never know ‘Dre
    How much we love you
    Please Don’t take
    Our Andre away

    Have a fabulous day Andre, and you truly are sunshine in many Dodger fan’s eyes.
    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic

  96. dodgersethier16@yahoo.com

    U are 1 of the best outfielders i have ever seen out there, it cant get any better than that.We are so lucky 2 have u on our side……dnt ever doubt yourself…there isnt any room for negatitive thinking on this team.WE ARE THE DODGERS!!! there isnt any other team like us…we are unique…:) And by the way what a FREAKN catch on monday……there are no words 2 discribe it!!! thats baseball BABY!!! am proud 2 be an Andre Ethier fan:) i get talked down for bein a dodger fan @work…but no matter what they say…..i bleed blue:) (they are all angels fans)
    keep up the good work………

    sincerly yours,
    #1 fan:)

  97. monicav03@hotmail.com

    Like i have post before Andre, “Dodger Fans have your back” GO DODGERS!

    Mrs. Nelson that’s a unique song. NICE!

  98. ej2968


    You say the Phillies aren’t better, just check who is leading the NLCS.

    Sorry ‘Dre, but there’s always next year!

  99. Dodger4life

    As Tommy said will the Dodgers make it to the beach? I say they will! Countless numbers of small children are cheering them on from shore. GO ANDRE GO RAFFE GO MANNY GO MARTIN GO JAMES GO BLAKE GO DEWITT GO KEMP GO BILLZ!!!!! GO ALL DODGERS!!!! You are our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers and we all BELIEVE!!!! Go out and GET-R-DONE!!!! GO DODGERS GO!!!!!!!!

  100. beedubb09

    Better team…my ***…you’re down 3-1! Hamels is going to shut you guys down tonight! Better start packing your bag right now.

    GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. sbbluegal

    Andre, this is reminding me of so many other great Dodger moments. The Dodgers are the cinderella team, we do our best when outsides don’t expect us to. Over 30 years of cheering for the Dodgers two common denominators that I have seen in the winning teams is; belief in themselves, and having fun playing the game. So… we all believe in you guys…now you need to believe in yourselves. Believe in your talent and drive, the work ethic and spirit that brought this team from Spring Training to here…let loose, and have some fun!!! I will be wearing my lucky Dodger shirt, patched together from shirts of the ’81 and ’88 teams…and will be routing, hooting and hollering from my couch up here in SB. Love ya guys, and go win this game!!!

  102. dmcadams@ymail.com

    If it wasn’t for you the team would’ve never made it to
    the playoffs! I hate to see you go so hard on yourself yet
    you take responsibility too rather than just blaming other
    team mates. That’s admirable. Especially for the younger
    children reading your post. 1st grader Elaina got it right
    with her song “You Are Our Andre” GO DODGERS!!!!!!!
    I know you can turn this series around. If, it doesn’t happen, we are all proud you made it this far. Donna
    (A note for you PHILLIE FANS who insist ON leaving nasty comments: YOU HAVE NO CLASS!!!!)

  103. mpetruzzelli@comcast.net

    to xoxrussell: im sorry you deem this childish I just dont get why either needed to insult the Phillies. Look at victorino’s site. NOT ONE did he ever attack the dodgers… in fact he compliments them constantly so I was just defending my team.

    To dodgereric: Nice name by the way… that is what a real fan does. They dont let people talk **** about their team just because they have no other excuse. Either ****** up… thats it. Dont take a hit at the Phillies just to let go of your agression. THAT is childish.

    And debbie! My goodness.. not ONE thing i said wasnt civil. Either made a comment and I corrected it. Thats all. If you are gonna have a blog for everyone to read, at least put factual information in it. There is no evidence to show that the Dodgers are the better team. They had only 84 wins this season! Barely over .500 and you have to admit that with Manny you wouldnt be here. I am just saying… just because the truth hurts, doesnt mean it isnt the truth.

    Just lets be serious about all of this. No one in threatening anyone… this is all out of fun. That is all it is. Baseball is fun! Just like you said! So, relax with all of your maternal lessons and just enjoy the baseball game!

    And lastly, GO FIGHTIN’ PHILS!!!!

  104. tootrueblu


    Keep the faith! Keep playing as you always do, with all your heart and soul! I was at the game on Sunday-wish I could be there tonight (my daughter will be there)… I will be glued to the set! You guys can do it!!!

    Phillies fans….go home, support your team and let us support ours in peace.

    Classy players + classy fans = Dodger Pride!!!!!!

    Think Blue,

  105. vl4ecc

    Andre ~ Don’t let these idiotic silly philly phan posts get to you. The only reason they are doing this is FEAR! They’re trying to kick you while you may be a bit down about last games outcome. They are trying to get in your head to distract you. You’re much better than that. They know how big of a component you are of this team. They are scared because Rollins, and Howard are cold with the bat, so the rest of their team has to try and pick up the slack. So in desperation, the nimrods show up here to try and get in your head with these childish posts out of FEAR! Ignore them!
    I don’t post here much. I’m over on ITD with all the other Ethieraholics. We all have tremendous faith in your ability. With the day off, the team can clear their heads, and start anew on a three game winning streak taking you on to what you’ve waited for your whole baseball life – The World Series! Go out, give it your best, and have fun!

    WE BELIEVE!!!…………….GO DODGERS!!!

  106. beedubb09

    Dodgers fans should be ashamed of themselves for how they’ve treated Phillies fans in the stands. Throwing full water bottles at them, pouring beer on them, throwing hot dogs at them, and shouting obscenities at them. Granted, Philly fans can be tough but I was at both games last week and I didn’t see any of that behavior going on in the stands.

    From what I gathered from reading blogs, watching videos, and read articles from different sources….most, NOT all, Dodger fans are uneducated in the game and heck, they’re notorious for showing up late and leaving early.

    Hamels WILL win this one tonight and it will be time for the Phils to take the next step.

    GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. philadelphiaphillies2008nlchampions

    Dodgers suck you are done Either Sucks Manny Sucks MArtin is a **** and torre is a ***. How did that feel watching stairs home run go over the fence you guys suck and are done Phils owned your ***** all series even davy lopes would have kicked your 1b coach’s ***. Remember this Philadelphia Phillies 2008 National League Champions

    DODGERS SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. sbblondie82@yahoo.com

    Andre My MAN~

    I know that you and the amazing boys in blue are going to kick some Phillies *** tonight! We all had a rough game on Monday, but its all good, as we are going to take this thing ALL THE WAY! Also, that sliding catch that you made on Monday night was AMAZING! I hope that you had a relaxing day off yesterday and are ready to play a fantastic game tonight. I will be rooting for you (as you are my fav!) and the rest of the team tonight, maybe if I am lucky you will hear me screaming all the way from Santa Barbara! GOOD LUCK tonight, although I know you won’t need it.

    Dodger fan all my life
    Ethierholic *Forever*

  109. philadelphiaphillies2008nlchampions

    Instead of I love LA it should be LA is gay.
    Dodgers suck Either your gonna strike 5 times tonite cause you are an overpaid bum

  110. dodgereric

    hey philadelphiaphillies2008nlchampions you should marry that boyfriend of yours so maybe you wont be so angry no more

  111. junkyardjamie

    LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!
    GO MATT KEMP!!!!!
    GO JEFF KENT!!!!!
    GO CORY WADE!!!!!!
    GO JOE BEIMEL!!!!!
    GO CHAN HO PARK!!!!!
    GO CHAD LOWE!!!!!

  112. sammyd253@gmail.com

    In response to someone commenting on us Phillies fans, saying we’re only posting out of fear… Uh, no?

    The fact of the matter is, this is the first time in a long time that we have a team that can win it all. We feel it. There are NO doubts here. We’re excited, we want game 5. Just because you’re in LA doesn’t mean you won’t have the Philly Phaithful chomping at the bit.

    Keep consoling your players LA. Tell them that you’ll come back and win 3 games straight. We know we’re the better team, and we know we’re going to win.

  113. trublu4ever

    Andre ~ isn’t it amaing how the Philly fans? come on your site to “chat” instead of praising their theam on their own blog? And, Dre, aren’t you glad you play in L.A.?!

  114. mpetruzzelli@comcast.net

    tootrublue!!! CLASSY PLAYERS????

    you gotta be kidding me bud! The Dodgers are anything but classy!
    Open your eyes and stop trying to sound cool!

  115. junkyardjamie

    LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!
    GO MATT KEMP!!!!!
    GO JEFF KENT!!!!!
    GO CORY WADE!!!!!!
    GO JOE BEIMEL!!!!!
    GO CHAN HO PARK!!!!!
    GO CHAD LOWE!!!!!

  116. trueblue55

    mpetruzzelli, shove a cheese steak down your mouth and shut the hell up. You Phillie fans are such idiots, it’s sad. Even Rollins, a Phillie player, called you fans ?front-runners.? We’ll make sure to pack, because we’re taking it to game 7.& we ARE the better team. Always have been, will always be.

  117. colliethec

    Hello there Phillie fans. If you read what Dre said he didn’t say that your team stinks. He felt that they didn’t close out the games. Case in point the Dodgers had the lead so far in each game.
    I as a fan of the Dodgers would hope that he had the attitude that they can win. What’s wrong with that? Don’t you want your team to have that attitude. It’s not disrespecting your opposition. Rather having a belief in yourself that you can do it.
    Mostly what he spoke about was the game and the game situation and how he didn’t feel he executed correctly and had a poor at bat.
    I just really hope that when the Dodgers come back and take the series you come back, visit his site and congratulate him!

  118. junkyardjamie

    LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!
    GO MATT KEMP!!!!!
    GO JEFF KENT!!!!!
    GO CORY WADE!!!!!!
    GO JOE BEIMEL!!!!!
    GO CHAN HO PARK!!!!!
    GO CHAD LOWE!!!!!

  119. mpetruzzelli@comcast.net

    okay now you are just being absolutely ridiculous trublue55. Rollins was in a slump and in philly we are gonna tell it like it is. Some call that front runners -they only support you when you are good- Im sorry but who the heck likes a loser!?! nobody!!!! Just so we get something clear here.. I have lashed out ONCE on you guys… I have simply been correcting your flaws, I thought that is something you guys in LA are used to…

    Anyway, some of you are right. The Phillies have been down in every game, but thats why they play all 9 innings. The phillies have more heart then the Dodgers, and yes Howard and Rollins have cold bats. and the rest of the team does pick of the slack. THATS WHY THEY ARE A TEAM!!!! All I am saying is that there was no need for Andre Ethier to attack the phillies. You can’t get any Unclassier then attacking people who can not defend themselves. Take a second a look at victorino’s blog where he CONSTANTLY mentions how good of a team you are. I think you are a decent team, but without Manny you wouldnt be in the NLCS, maybe not even in the playoffs.

    Thats it! Im not being an *** and I dnt need to shove a cheesesteak in my mouth! So calm down.

    Oh by the way.. if the Phillies lose tonight, game 6 is in Philly. So you will have to pack your bags and get there before game 7. Again, just correcting another flaw.

    Thanks for the good times guys.. hopefully all this will lead to a really good game. GO FIGHTIN PHILS!!!!

  120. junkyardjamie

    LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!
    GO MATT KEMP!!!!!
    GO JEFF KENT!!!!!
    GO CORY WADE!!!!!!
    GO JOE BEIMEL!!!!!
    GO CHAN HO PARK!!!!!
    GO DEREK LOWE!!!!!

  121. trueblue55

    Pointing out flaws? I don’t think you know the definition to “flaws”.I was stating the obvious that we are going to win tonight and two more in Philly. There is a difference between “then” and “than”, just in case you didn’t know.Since we’re pointing out flaws n all. Game one was ours and you know it. Phillies stadium is such a crappy one that pop flies are considered home runs. I’m not worried, though. I have enough confidence in my team to know that we are going to win. As mentioned many times before, Andre didn’t imply that Phillies suck, all he said was they’re not better than us. You should brush up on your reading comprehension skills,buddy. Regardless of how many times you say you’re better, we’re still going to win. Stop wasting your time.

  122. trueblue55

    By the way, I don’t care what Victorino has to say. He isn’t my concern. I could give a damn about the Phillies and their players. You come to a DODGER site and talk trash about one of our players, expect it right back. That goes to you and any other front runner Phillie fan=)

  123. mpetruzzelli@comcast.net

    sorry for my editting mistakes. I will try to do better for you. I can own up to my mistakes. But whatever, you are going to be as ignorant and bull headed as you can be about all of this. Yeah philly is a hitters park… but Manny didnt seem to mind when it hit a three run homerun to make it 5-8 in game 2. and again, I am not sure if you are aware of the fact that a baseball game is 9 innings long… so the only way it is yours is if at the end of 9 innings you have more runs THAN the other team. You didn’t, we won! very simple.

    And as for not caring about Victorino but you use Rollins to prove a point. You can’t say you dnt give a damn about the Phillies and then use one of their players to make a point. It doesnt work like that.

    I too have confidence in my team… they may not take care of business tonight for many reasons. The crowd will be ridiculously pumped and the dodgers have their backs against the wall. But rest assured, if they dont finish it tonight, the Phillies will not disappoint their Philly Phaithful!! Enjoy the game trublue55!!


  124. trueblue55

    Oh, but I can, and I did. It was a valid point in a statement in response to your comments. Ignorant? On the contrary, I’m well educated.I don’t need you to teach me about baseball. However, my team will be schooling yours tonight.We lost game two, I have nothing to say about that. Game five was an epic battle, I’ll give you that. The only reason you guys won game one was because of Raffy’s mistake. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not making accuses. Again, I’m just stating the obvious. I will enjoy the game tonight. Thanks.

  125. sweepla

    I think Dodgers fans are idiots. Go play with Paris Hilton and let the real fans enjoy the game. You had your fun, good job. Just remember you were eighth best in the NL. EIGHTH! Not super impressive.

  126. trueblue55

    excuses*. I actually have a life. I’m juggling a few things at once at work. Just like mpetruzzelli, everyone makes mistakes. Now run along and make use of your time.

  127. trueblue55

    Exactly, TrueBlue. I don’t know why these Phillie fans are so concerned with what our players are saying. I guess Philadelphia is just that dull.

  128. trublu4ever

    trueblue55 ~ Andre’s blog will probably set a record number of posts today and 99% of it is pure garbage! I think Dre and the guys think these Phillie fans are comical, crude as they may be!

  129. chantal55

    Hey Andre. You have been doing very well during the whole season and especially in the post season. Don’t get to down on yourself. You are amazing and I enjoy watching your great talent every time there is a game on. I look forward to the game tonight. Good luck!

    In the words of yourself, “We will be loosing to a team that is not better than ours”. thats right. they are not better than you, the dodgers, and you will NOT be loosing.

    so bring the heat tonight! Im rooting for you!

    BTW: I really enjoy your blog, It’s Bookmarked!
    xoxo, Chantal.

  130. mpetruzzelli@comcast.net

    I am concerned because it is just fun to argue! Defending your team and arguing with others is something that makes being a fan all the more fun. It is just FUN!!!! so stop freaking out and calling us crude. Comical yes… if we read this in March when next season gets started we will all laugh. So yeah, its over… game starts soon so go and enjoy!


    PS trublue55 does your boss know you blog all day with a teenager?

  131. monicav03@hotmail.com


    You are our Andre
    Our only Andre
    You make us happy
    When you play ball
    You never know ‘Dre
    How much we love you
    Please Don’t take
    Our Andre away

    GO BLUE!!!

  132. sweepla

    I get it. People do make mistakes, most of these people play/manage for the Dodgers, but everyone does make a mistake every so often. However, don’t tell me you have a life when you are posting a message like every five minutes. And don’t say you are well-educated when you can’t spell excuse.

  133. trueblue55

    Uhh, did you not see my correction? You find one mistake and ride with it. Pathetic!How would you know if I was posting a message every five minutes if you aren’t on here every five minutes yourself? Classic.
    Btw, you can’t “sweep L.A”, smart one.
    I am a Graphic Designer so I work with a computer all day.
    mpetruzzelli, I wasn’t aware of your age. Just as you, I’m defending my team. I’m just passionate about it, that’s it. If you can dish it out, you can take it in

  134. trublu4ever

    trueblue55 ~ I hate to say this but, I think you are fighting a losing battle. I agree with everything you’ve said today however, these jokers will not let up on us. They like to argue and if we just ignore them, just like a pesky insect, they will go fly away. I know it’s hard to do, because I’ve been riled up quite a bit these past few days, but my friends told me not to “engage”. Have a great evening and I really do appreciate the way you spoke up for our Dodgers.

  135. andchanged

    Hey, everybody! This is for you, ‘Dre, though I’m guessing you already know these statistics. But, for me, they clearly show the Phills and Dodgers are apart, offensively, by only a tiny margin. Also, it shows the huge upper hand you guys have had in OBP; difference of .040!

    -You may have seen this already on the comment board for one of the main headlines on the team site –

    These differences in numbers, offensively, seem minute. I do, however, feel it is important for our own well-being and faith in the dodgers – – – – I’d say most of us have not given up, but this is just kind of fun!

    In 134 at bats, the Phils have gotten 7 extra base hits. The Phillies have reached base via BB (walk) 13 times.
    Therefore, the Phillies have an OBP (on-base percentage) 40 points lower than the Dodgers (.340)

    In 133 at bats, the Dodgers have compiled 9 extra base hits.
    The Dodgers have reached via BB 22 times. OBP for the Blue Crew is .380

    – – – – –
    The Phillie’s BAs combine to a .276. Though it is 5 points higher
    (Dodgers are a combined .271), this difference is a result of basically one more RBI, 1 more Home run (from where the RBI most likely originates) and 1 less in the number of Strike-Outs

    – – – –
    *I have not mentioned that these +9 walks over the Phillies do not include intentional walks.
    On Base %, in this series is more important at this point.
    We rock!

    and there is something else important to remember; Brett Myers’s bat is what put the Phillies over us in terms of the RBI (2 or 3? Don’t remember) and the hits.
    Meyers was out of control with his ego. Because the game “protocol’ has been ironed out for the most part, thanks to Kuroda [ : ) ], Meyers will not have the free pass to get wound up. The guy was juiced.
    If we win tonight, we’ll see Meyers tomorrow.
    It is KEY for the Dodgers to recognize that the unruly Meyers made such a huge dent. Keep him in line, and we’ll have some fun! Don’t let him have his way; he tends to lower opposing teams’ senses of self-worth and is distracting. I saw the same thing with C.C. Sabbathia, and felt horrible for him and the Brewers, who are relatively new to this non-forgiving atmosphere we call the play-offs.

  136. junkyardjamie

    monica ~ thank you so much for doing that.. You are absolutely wonderful!!!! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!!!


  137. mpetruzzelli@comcast.net

    Trublue 55 thank you for engaging in this display of fan commitment to a team. I just was making that as a last joke… but really this was a good debate about the teams… got kinda nasty in the middle with other people throwing stupid stuff around making both sides look bad… dodger fans go on the philly website and do the same here. Probably not to the same extent but it is all in good spirits!

    Trueblue 44 grow up and realize that this is all for fun! I am glad you listen to your friends for everything instead of doing what you want! But anyway… if thats the way you roll im happy for you.

    Enjoy the game trueblue 55!! I had a good time today!

  138. 23dodgirl

    Just want to say Thank You to all the true Dodger fans. Stay classy and remember don’t stoop down to level of the Philly fans. It’s pretty sad that they have to come to our website and talk crap. Stay focus and remember tonight will be special. Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kirk Gibson’s homerun. It will be a magical night. We’ve always been there for our “boys in blue”. Don’t Stop Believing!!! GO DODGERS!! BEST OF LUCK ANDRE.

  139. trublu4ever

    I listen to my friends for advice. I am quite capable of doing what I want to do………….I’m under the impression you don’t listen to anyone! And, at least I have friends. I am all for having a good hearted debate but, name calling isn’t what I call fun. All the people who post on the Dodger blog, Inside the Dodgers, have different opinions and we have many disputes. What several of us are trying to get across to you and your Philly fans is that this is not the place to do the arguing…………this is just a personal journal of what it is like for Andre to be in the playoffs. Only one Philly fan had the decency to come to Inside the Dodgers and, he wasn’t burned at the stake!

  140. andchanged

    Hey – you did swing/make contact on the first pitch. That’s passion right there! It’s too bad about the double play, but it’s always a good thing to be in that “I can hit it!” mindset. You didn’t let him get ahead in the count.
    I guess there isn’t really any way to feel good about a double play, but it’s good to have a sense of humor about it.

    *And you caught 3 pop-outs in right field, preventing three phillies (at least) from advancing. I know that’s all routine for you, but you took chances away from them, defensively. That’s always helping your team. And one or two of those looked like huge hustles. You ended up all the way in center field!
    So, anytime you are upset that you didn’t do this or that with the bat; look back at what you did to prevent the other team from doing this or that with the bat : )

  141. princesblm

    oh Ethier! I agree with so many of the others—don’t be so rough on yourself! You rock n did well… You guys are our Dodgers win or lose! But, we’re behind you! go Dodger Blue!
    p.s. I told my 11 year old neice of your blog n your being down; she said aww—no Ethier’s awesome! he needs someone to give him a hug!— so, go get a hug from a loved one… 🙂

  142. ethierndme

    i love you eth! you’re the best no matter what ! 🙂 stay on the dodgers cause i’m buying your jersey next year! woot! (i had to save some money)


  143. beachteen

    You guys had an awesome season and it sucks to see it come to an end. But you and the new boys of summer, are great and awesome. We are going to kick butt this season. I wish we went to the world series, but i still love you and the dodgers. This season was bitter sweet, and i can not believe the season is over. Tell Russell, manny, James, Matt, Billz, and everyone good job!!!!!!!!!, and now we have to cheer on the Montreal Leafs. And we did get it done, not just the way we wanted, and you guys did an awesome job. And as for the dodgers, just wait till next year!!!!!!!!! Love the dodgers!!!! Have a great off-season, and i love you all!! and also you guys will do awesome next season and this season was jammed packed with great memories. Love all the dodgers, even andruw jones. Have a great off season

    & Dodgers,
    beachteen, or dodgerlover4life

  144. diana92la

    To the DODGERS

    i just want to say THANK YOU for the best season of my life.this was the year where i fell in love with you guys.and seriosly no matter what, you guys are the best and will always be the best. look how far u guys came (and ethier please please please dont blame yourself for grounding into a double play please dont blame yourself) cause no matter what LA is very very very proud of you guys. and you have no idea what i fell for this team i feel like you guys are my family (my summer family) i seriosly cant express what i feel for you guys over the internet but let me just say its something really special and hopefully Andre i could meet you one day and tell you this in person. So really excited to see you guys play in the 09 season and cant wait for all the excitement you guys will bring to LA.


    from the botton of my heart thank you

    *your biggest fan

  145. diana92la

    To the DODGERS

    i just want to say THANK YOU for the best season of my life.this was the year where i fell in love with you guys.and seriosly no matter what, you guys are the best and will always be the best. look how far u guys came (and ethier please please please dont blame yourself for grounding into a double play please dont blame yourself) cause no matter what LA is very very very proud of you guys. and you have no idea what i fell for this team i feel like you guys are my family (my summer family) i seriosly cant express what i feel for you guys over the internet but let me just say its something really special and hopefully Andre i could meet you one day and tell you this in person. So really excited to see you guys play in the 09 season and cant wait for all the excitement you guys will bring to LA.


    from the botton of my heart thank you for the great memories at Dodger stadium

    *your biggest fan*

  146. diana92la

    To the DODGERS

    i just want to say THANK YOU for the best season of my life.this was the year where i fell in love with you guys.and seriosly no matter what, you guys are the best and will always be the best. look how far u guys came (and ethier please please please dont blame yourself for grounding into a double play please dont blame yourself) cause no matter what LA is very very very proud of you guys. and you have no idea what i feel for this team i feel like you guys are my family (my summer family) i seriosly cant express what i feel for you guys over the internet but let me just say its something really special and hopefully Andre i could meet you one day and tell you this in person. So really excited to see you guys play in the 09 season and cant wait for all the excitement you guys will bring to LA.


    from the botton of my heart thank you for the great memories at Dodger stadium

    *your biggest fan*

  147. diana92la

    To the DODGERS

    i just want to say THANK YOU for the best season of my life.this was the year where i fell in love with you guys.and seriosly no matter what, you guys are the best and will always be the best. look how far u guys came (and ethier please please please dont blame yourself for grounding into a double play please dont blame yourself) cause no matter what LA is very very very proud of you guys. and you have no idea what i feel for this team i feel like you guys are my family (my summer family) i seriosly cant express what i feel for you guys over the internet but let me just say its something really special and hopefully Andre i could meet you one day and tell you this in person. So really excited to see you guys play in the 09 season and cant wait for all the excitement you guys will bring to LA.


    from the botton of my heart thank you DODGERS!!!!

    *your biggest fan*

  148. Dodger4life

    ANDRE, thankyou for a wonderful season. Please thank the rest of the club for me. It has been a pleasure to call this entire ballclub my ( BELOVED LOS ANGELES DODGERS. ) I BELIEVE that these young ballplayers will get many more chances to not only play in but win the ( FALL-CLASSIC. )I BELIEVE that ( MANNY ) can hit a baseball better than any body on our planet. Andre enjoy your offseason, enjoy your family and friends, and be ready next year to get it done. your dodgerfan4life
    Peace OUT

  149. thinkingblue

    ANDRE – I’m very proud of how well you played this year. You are one of the best players the Dodgers have and you will be one of the greatest players in our time. Thank you for a great season. Now go spend time with he Lil one
    Rose – Ethieraholic

  150. chris@dodgerfan.net

    Hey Andre,

    While a dissapointing end to the series, it was a FANTASTIC season! You and all of the guys provided a great ride for all true Dodger fans. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Spring Training and the future of Dodger baseball!

    Enjoy the off-season, and we’ll see you in Spring Training. If you get a chance, drop us a note at http://www.dodgerfan.net. We’re big Andre Ethier fans over there!


  151. paula_teamblue

    Hi Andre- I hope you know how proud we are to be Dodger Fans! This was still a great year and you guy’s brought us a lot of joy and excitment. We take it all next year.

    Those phillies will get an *** Beating against the Rays and We will enjoy every minute of it!

    Ha-ha! It is hillarius how many Phillies fans are on our site full of curiosity and jealousy. They will never have what you guys have-True fans who stand by their team during the good and bad. 20 years and counting!

    2009 here we come!

    Victorino-“break a leg” (literally- u – idiot)

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