A sour start

It was exciting to get this series started. I know, the first game didn’t go too well. But I’ve got to say, there’s a hoopla in this city I wasn’t expecting. I felt it last night, when I went out to dinner with Hong-Chih Kuo and Takashi Saito to a Japanese restaurant in town. Had some pretty good sukiyaki. You could see this city is pumped up for this series. I was taking it all in, while still trying not to get caught up in it all. Joe reiterates through all of this how he never got the chance to play in postseason as a player and you never know how many other opportunities you’ll get, so enjoy it.

The outcome tonight wasn’t so enjoyable. Utley’s home run, that was a pop-up. But that’s the advantage of playing in a field like this. It is what it is. We made a mistake and they capitalized and used the field to their advantage. On Utley’s ball, I thought I had a good bead on it, then I looked at the fence and thought I didn’t have a chance, then it started coming down but was carrying and it snuck in two or three rows deep.

And Manny, he hit a ball to the highest, farthest point you can hit a ball here and it’s a double. That’s the way it goes here. This park is quirky. There are a lot of things about it. There’s Plexiglas that you can’t even see unless you’re right in front of it. There are balls that you don’t even know if they’re in play. Joe just told us everything’s a live ball until you’re told otherwise.

Tonight leaves a sour taste in your mouth. To score two runs in this ballpark, two runs are not enough in this park, not even when the game seems to be in your hands. We’ll have to do better tomorrow. We have to win a game here sometime if we’re going to win the series. It’s best to do it now.


  1. bluecrewgirl

    I think you guys will take the game tomorrow and a split will be great with 3 coming up in LA. It’s probably a good thing the game tomorrow is an early one so there won’t be too much time to dwell on tonight’s game. Keep the faith and get some rest. Before you know it, you’ll be on a plane back to LA and the series will be tied 1-1.

  2. luv4dodger

    Hi Andre,
    What a difference from Chicago to Philadelphia. The Cubs fans were silenced when you guys had the lead, almost as if they gave up on their team. Phillies fans’ energy shined throughout the entire game, and I’m sure that helped the players. Game one is in the past, look forward to game two, and take this one here in Philly, then finish it up in LA. I along with many other Dodger fans out there have faith that you can come home with the series tied 1-1. We are out here cheering for you!!

    I’ve just stepped into the blogging world, and have my first article publish. Check it out when you get a moment.

    Lets fight back!!
    Go Dodgers!!

  3. junkyardjamie

    Andre ~
    Thanks for doing such fabulous write ups. I am sure it’s not easy to do after a tough game like tonight. The only inning that I didn’t actually see was the 6th inning. I was taking my daughter somewhere so I had to listen to it on ESPN radio, which to be honest, their broadcasters weren’t exactly pulling for the Dodgers. Anyhow, when Utley’s ball was hit, they thought like you, it would’ve been caught in any other ball park. You just ran out of room.

    Even though it wasn’t a win, it was still a great game. Everything that happened is just part of the game, and that’s why you play the best out of seven. Get some well deserved rest, and I will be watching from my classroom with my students tomorrow. I got special permission (since it’s Friday) to watch the game until dismissal. I have been using baseball in my curriculum since day one, and they have been dying to see the Dodgers play live. Yes, the Dodgers have quite a following in my first grade classroom this year. You and the Dodgers are the topic of many conversations. They want a Dodger/Rays World Series, according to their predictions.
    Take Care!
    Debbie ~
    Dodger Fan Forever and Ethieraholic!!!

  4. i luv 16

    ~ Andre~ Nice double in the 1st inning. will get them tomorow. Im not worried get some good sleep and spank on them tomorow.LETS GO BLUE!!!

  5. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    thanks for checking in even after a loss.. it’s so great to hear a player perspective on the situation.. it was a tough game.. disappointing outcome.. and like you said, 2 runs just won’t cut it in that ballpark.. so we go out tomorrow and play again.. come back to LA 1-1 and we’re in good shape.. good luck tomorrow.. hope you get some rest.. take care!

    love, SARA

  6. acardona16

    sorry the game didn’t go our way tonight but I have faith that you guys will do better tomorrow!! the phillies are a tough team but we are better! 🙂 its plain and simple! hehe! well get some good rest and come back with a win tomorrow! like a few have said before, it will be nice to tie it up before you guys come home!! wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to have you guys back in LA where we all bleed blue! 🙂

    your fan Amy
    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!

  7. trublu4ever

    Andre ~ It’s only game one and, even though it was a loss, I know you guys will win today. It’s a long series and, you, Matt, Russell, Manny, James, Rafael, Blake, Casey and the pitching staff can get it done. LOVE THE DODGERS FOR LIFE!
    P.S. I thought you had that homerun ball too.

  8. monicav03@hotmail.com

    It’s great how you come in here after the play and write about your thoughts and opinions. It’s just pleasant to see that players care about their fans. Fans out here are cheering for you guys! Go Dodgers!!!

  9. crzblue2

    If Iluv16 is a female, that is 8 consecutive females posting with my post 😦 lol.
    Andre, We love our entire team! Tell the rest of the boys we are all rooting for them to come home with a split and along with 56K will be on the stands rooting our hearts out.
    Like the song says “The Dodgers are the heart of L.A…..”
    Let’s go Dodgers! Let’s Go!!

    I am so glad Vin Scully gets to do the 1st 3 and the last 3 innings of the games! We Love you Vin! -Emma

  10. crzblue2

    MAke that 9 with Monica? Lol.
    We really do appreciate keeps us informed in here. Keep it going please!

  11. thinkingblue

    You guys did a great job yesterday. The Phillies do have the home advantage…but you guys can play anywhere. ONE MISTAKE…cost the winning run. You guys got what it takes to keep being CHAMPIONS. DODGERS CAN DO IT.
    I will not be able to watch todays game…yeah I have to work, but I will be cheering from my cubicle. I will be reading the INSIDE THE DODGERS posts to see what’s going on in the game! GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND THE REST OF THE BOYS IN BLUE…..THINK BLUE….THINK WIN!
    PS….Now I want want Japanese food….mmm mmm!

  12. heartruss

    Hi Andre.. although the Dodgers did not come out on top, it was a great game. I guess the Phillies are known to win games with their homeruns, so it will be a hard fought battle which I know we will prevail. I have great faith. The Dodgers are a much better team. The defense looked great and you are hitting with so much power. Go Dre!!! We are excited about Sunday when you return and you will see how pumped up we are. We are Dodger fans and we will all be there! Thanks for giving us your thoughts about what is going on. It means a lot to us. Please tell all of the guys that we are 100% behind you. GO DODGERS. WORLD SERIES CHAMPS. By the way I had sukiyaki this week, too. One of my favorite dishes. LOL.

  13. carissalbrooks@yahoo.com

    You’ll be 1-1 this afternoon…and you’ll have a good flight home. Let’s get outta Philly…and not come back! Go Dodgers!!

  14. amyw27

    Great post. Everything you said is true. But from a fan’s viewpoint I saw that the Dodgers were the better team. Like you said this morning on the radio with Ryan Seacrest, for 10 minuets we exposed a weakness and they were able to outscore us. Our team looked stronger and I can see that we will be racking up wins in no time. The Dodgers are going to go far my friend!
    Today’s game is on the westcoast at 1:30pm. I’ll have to sneak peaks from work. Good luck. Go out there and play the way you know how. We love you, support you and Can’t wait til this thing comes home!!!

  15. ilovela


    Your first two at-bats were frickin insane man, and even in the rest, you manage to work the count. I was so glad you got to bat in front of Manny again, even though you are legit in the cleanup spot, I think your ability to work counts and get on base is best utilized at the top of the order. Anyways…keep your chin up, 2 weeks ago everyone was predicting the Cubs as NL Champs, but LA doesn’t give up. I mean, we’re the home of the “Hollywood Ending” so let’s give those %&^*%%ers in Philly hell!

  16. jesse.skraps@yahoo.com

    Good job last night Andre! You guys played a solid solid game against a great pitcher in Hamels. They got some cheap HRs that without, they would’ve been shutout.

    Keep up the hard work Andre! California’s got your back!

    Dodger Fan for Life,

    Jesse S.

  17. littlejoe032@hotmail.com

    It’s nice that you keep the fan’s updated with your blog. It’s nice to have the perspective of a player. You do an excellent job of putting us on the game. I almost feel like on the field. Nice double.

  18. dmcadams@ymail.com

    Thanks so much for keeping us posted. I was surprised
    to see another entry today. To read what is going through
    your mind while playing this series, it’s kindof like being in
    baseball heaven! You had a great double. You did a great
    job as always. That was a tough game. Lowe pitched one
    heck of a game they just got good hold on a couple of
    balls. You guys will get them today! GO DODGERS!!!
    Take Care. Donna

  19. DodgerGirl5516

    Oh and Andre one more thing Congrats to you and Maggie with your New Born!

    How is your baby doing?And is it a boy like u wanted it to be

    Well anyways i wish you guys the BEST! Godd Luck!

    And Good Luck Going to the World Series!You Guys can do it!

    DONT give up…Love you guys!


  20. ethierndme

    hey! i’m soo sorry for today. 😦 you guys will be in LA for sunday, so hopefully you guys can take the win 🙂 🙂 and good job so far in the series! oh yeah are you going to have anymore appearances after the season is over? and one last question. i read in your last entry that your family came and visited.. jw are you the oldest in your family? i heard you’re one of seven! if you could write back thatd be awesome! peace.lovehannah@yahoo.com
    anyways, good luck against PHILLY 🙂 and hopefully you’ll play the Rays because i hate Boston!!!!
    thanks for keeping us posted.
    ps. i saw your picture with the plates on FOX. haha
    -your biggest fan everrrr hannah

  21. phan52

    A popup? That was a major league home run. Just because you play in a stadium that is built strictly for pitchers doesn’t mean that you can’t give credit for a hard hit ball. Lowe left that pitch out on a platter and Chase ate it up.

  22. conniercoble@aol.com

    Dear Andre,
    Your brother Adam told me about some of The restaurants

    Cataurants you have mentioned when I was in rehab at Barrows. You have a dear loving and caring brother. My husband (Hugh) and I plan to go to a Diamond Back and Dodger Game in September. We are looking forward to seeing Adam and yourself! Last year, on August 15, my Birthday, we went to the Dodger game and Manny gave me (called me Mamma) a big hug and kiss! This surprised everyone, including me!! We will be sitting next to the Dodger dugout by first base, the right of you. Continue to have a great season and that your finger heals well! Give my love to Adam.
    Connie Cobles

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